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If you know polish than you can head on to the Wasteland Rangers site where you`ll find an interview with lead designer of Fallout Tycoon John Bilek.
If you don`t Kaczor posted a translation of a brief section of it on Vault Dweller´s Home...
The guys over at Fallout 2: Mutants Rising (a Fallout 2 mod in progress) have updated their web site with some new screenshots and also posted two modding tutorials, so remember to pay them a visit and keep a tab on their progress.
Link: Fallout 2: Mutants Rising
Cheers Navyguy445!
I got word that the Wasteland 2042 site had been updated again with some new items/vehicles, this time they reveal the Trike and the Cannon, remember to check out those!
Kaczor informed me that the guys over at Post-Nuclear have opened their own forum, so remember to go there for some more info about this game.
Thanks Kaczor!
For you lovers of Pencil&Paper gaming there´s a Fallout P&P site that takes care of your needs.
It has recently moved to a new host at DAC, therefore i`ll leave the link here for the ones that missed the move, or are simply interested in finding out all about P&P on the Fallout setting.
Interplay has a new contest that might be entertaining, here`s what the lovely Krazikatt has to say about it:
Okay, per suggestion on the message boards I'm going to hold a little caption contest. Simply pick out one of the pictures of either the Expo or...
There are a few threads on the Interplay boards about how Fallout3 should be made, with views from Black Isle Studios developers.
In one of those threads, called "Fallout3: AI controlled CNPCs (yeah,...
Gamespy have posted some new screenshots of Fbos, not much to see but for those of you who would like to grab a look:Click me.
We received word from Slasher that there`s a new place for Fallout modders called Fallout`s Mod Center.
Here`s a quote from him:
<blockquote>This is a database website where Fallout's fans can download Mods created with the Fallout 2 Map Editor released by Black Isle.
So if you have made a Mod, just send me an...
Mr. Chris Avellone (MCA) posted some of his thoughts on Fallout and what he'd like to see in a future Fallout title:<blockquote>I think there are many things that make Fallout what it is:

The SPECIAL system.
The choices in solving quests.
The non-linearity.
The ambiance.
Hard moral choices.
Role-playing, including stupid dialogue and Karma-based responses.
A world where...