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  1. Crni Vuk
    Crni Vuk
    That means it's still a 10/10, possibly 11/10 even. Depends if the flaws are funny or not. To be more serious, just write what was positive and what is negative. If you like the gemaplay and story, say it and then say that you encountered a lot of flaws as well. Let people decide if it's worth it or not.
    Dec 29, 2016
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  2. SarcasticGoodGuy
    7/10 for me. Main story was a rehash of DLC with enough new shit to not feel totally copy paste. Poor optimization and a lot of bugs, but excelled in gameplay. A few (minor) nitpicks as well.

    The first was 9.5/10 for me. There was one glitch throughout 300 hours that was graphical, and my only complaint was the length of the game, which was helped by DLC.
    Dec 29, 2016
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  3. lolpop109
    MIght give it ago however there so many other games that are worth my time. Frist game was good but really worth a Squel ? I mean I don't really think so. I have heard from those hear that its not as good and to be fair I trust that view
    Dec 29, 2016
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  4. CT Phipps
    CT Phipps
    Well it's no Fallout 4 or Dragon Age: Inquisition in that I don't think it's a slog but it is very much a repeat. My early thoughts are in the Dishonored thread.
    Dec 29, 2016
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