Fallout Nevada 1.02 HD Russian Version 2018-03-07

Fallout 2 Mod

  1. Dionis
    Russian version only, translation comes in separate file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TTuUQgf8MlGNCvRjBD2KJznLzAbLtgZm/view?usp=sharing

    The mod started in 2008 by an old school fallout fan Alexander Poshelyuzin, it was a short add-on about events that happened before Fallout 1, after some time the mod started becoming more popular and the ambition grew along with the number of the developers working on it. The project went through some difficulties and was even abandoned few times, but in the year 2015 the Russian version of the standalone mod was finally released and finished.

    Some info about the mod.

    Just when the echoes of war went silent humanity started spilling blood on burned earth again, ready to compete in survival and adaptability with any biological species that lived through nuclear holocaust. You were lucky, your ancestors took shelter from the disaster inside one of the Vaults of the state Nevada, and now you and your fellow citizens are ready to step outside and conquer the land once more... But were you really that lucky?! This world doesn't welcome a creature that have burned it to ashes with a hellish fire in the past. The only option that your supervisors think they have is to separate themselves from the outside world with security perimeters, the devise for its functionality is up to you to find out.
    But perhaps the isolation made you weak and unprepared for the dangers of the wasteland. And when you meet a few places of civilization that are left standing, can you make your own decisions in a conflict... which side is right or wrong?
    Even one man can change the course of history.
    Will you do good? Will you be a villain? Or maybe you will walk by, minding your own business and home Vault, the walls of which can hide some dark secrets too.
    No one can give answers except you. Anarchy, deceit, destruction and violence will be your companions, but most importantly remember, YOU decide your own fate in the wasteland.

    Most important.

    Fallout Nevada is not just a clone of the original, its not a assembly of ideas or mods, it is not an expansion of the original story. It is a full conversion mod that borrows the original game engine. 90% of all content, scripts, dialog, characters and locations are build from the ground up for this project. You will see a completely new story, more than 100 quests, a new world map, 12 big locations, 12 new special encounters and much much more.

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