Last Hope Mod V1.079

A Fallout 2 Total Conversion mod

  1. Forgotten Knight
    A Fallout 2 "total" conversion mod. An independent story line about survival in another post apocalyptic world. Lots of locations to explore, quests to do, loot to find. Take a look at some of the new things you can expect:

    - changed world map
    - different encounters, adjusted difficulty
    - locations with variety of NPC's
    - some weapons look different now, added some new ones
    - vehicles, not directly drivable but used to store items
    - added quest items
    - quests
    - steal skill check when trying to view NPCs inventory with your steal skill
    - increased overall combat difficulty and barter prices (new)
    - food and hydration system (beta)

    Dialogs may not be the best thing this mod has to offer but we all have different expectations, quantity over quality?
    Installation instructions are described inside the LHinfo file.

    A fix for "Small Village" map enter/exit error is available in forum section:
    This small update will be added to main mod files later.

    Please note, this mod changes a lot of ingame content and should not be used with any other major mod. List of required or included mods is described inside info file.

    If you want to tell the world what you think, start here.
    Enjoy, have fun, lets hope those bugs don't bite too hard...

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  1. Last Hope mod V1.079
  2. Last Hope v1.077

Recent Reviews

  1. Vetojot
    Version: V1.079
  2. graemelinton
    Version: v1.078
    Game breaking bugs. puzzles were decent, not enough speech options though. after you exit the trials and are forced to find who attacked the prison all you can do is talk to 1 fellow, and after you pay him to tell you about the jail break you can't talk to the warden/ questgiver to complete the task. unless that's not how you complete it, i dont know. The creator should provide a list of how to complete the main quests because i don't know if my game is bugged or if there is something i'm missing. when i can play the game i'll review that.
    1. Forgotten Knight
      Author's Response
  3. Biladier
    Version: 1.076
    Need To Fix Some Bugs :/
    1. Forgotten Knight
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your short review. Let me know in the mod forum section how can i improve this mod and help me make a better one.