Last Hope Mod v1.078

A Fallout 2 Total Conversion mod

  1. Last Hope mod v1.078

    Forgotten Knight
    List of "important" changes:
    -Added Pixote's missing tribal animations fix
    -Added Mr.Stalin's inventory filter mod (not fully implemented)
    -Small fix for NPC's hp not showing correctly (npc hp-boost/game-difficulty should work better)
    -Random encounter rate, loot, variety changed (minimizes available amount of random encounter loot and adds more random encounter types, may still have some balance issues-everlasting work in progress )

    Please note, this is the original mod version which has...
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  2. Last Hope v1.077

    Forgotten Knight
    A new version of Last Hope mod, brings some new gameplay improvements and bug fixes. Please check LHinfo for installation instructions and list of changes.

    Note: older version installation is not needed for this to work.
    Some older save game files may work, however, it's not recommended to use them.


    Some changes were made recently, an update v1.078 will be available soon