An introduction and question concering rpg elements in NV

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    Jul 28, 2011
    Hey guys before presenting my question concerning New Vegas I'd like to introduce myself, ever so briefly, and my experience with Fallout. My name is Ivan and I'm more of a person who reads posts and reflects rather than posting whatever comes to mind at any given moment. That being said I haven't read too much about Fallout 3 and its reception here, though I'm pretty sure it's negative. I just want to say I started playing Fallout when I switched over from the console (PS2) to the pc. It was during that initial switch that I started to play older games since my rig was shit and couldn't run any of the modern games. It was then that I played Fallout, Planescape, System Shock 2 etc. I consider both Fallout 1 and 2 as among the greatest experiences I've had, but to a greater degree Fallout 1. I don't really think about it as the best game, just simply one of the best works of art I've ever experienced, much like watching a PTA movie or reading Dostoevsky. I can still think back to the characters and the wonderful, yet simplistic music. Moving on, I have been playing Fallout 3 like crazy. First and foremost, I should say that I like open world games. Actually, it would be more correct to say that I enjoy exploring. A sandbox is only good if it has areas that are worth exploring. I can give a shit about loot, my main interest is dialogue and atmosphere. I am someone who reads quite a lot and watches a lot of movies. Those two art forms are among my favorite ways of expressing myself.

    Anyway, back to Fallout 3, I found that the primary reason why I kept playing the game was because of the sense of improvement through the exp system. And though I found the dialogue and characters to be atrocious, the greatest sin I found with the game was that it doesn't react in any meaningful way. I felt this most strongly when you solve that stupid vampire quest and I returned to the boy's sister in Megaton only to have her say something along the lines of "Oh thanks for delivering my letter! You're quest is complete. Goodbye!" So to finish this rant, I want to say that though I did enjoy exploring the wasteland I got really bored with once I saw 70% of it. The places felt empty, not only physically, but most of the optional locations were poorly explained and grounded within this post apocalyptic setting. I don't know, maybe it's because I've been reading McCarthy but the capital wasteland doesn't seem bleak enough. Sure, there's violence, but I don't like violence when it's supposed to be "hilarious." I like it when it is treated as a vehicle for horror, something more akin to the world seen in McCarthy's novel "Blood Meridian." As a side note, I interpret the western setting as being very much the other cheek of the post apocalyptic setting.

    So now to my actual question concerning New Vegas. Although I am happy knowing that Obsidian is behind this I want to know a few things about the game as well as propose some ideas that could possibly make the game a little more like its predecessors. First, the issue of difficulty. As I'm sure most of you had the same experience, ammo, health, etc, are far too plentiful in Falllout 3. And despite the fact that hardcore mode takes into account the weight of said items, would it not be a good idea if the game's difficulty (does the game still ONLY measure difficulty in combat?) applied to the amount of resources present in the wasteland? I don't recall too clearly, but I don't remember my character in Fallout 1 or 2 swimming in caps and stimpacks. Secondly, the issue of experience. I bought Fallout 3 when the GOTY edition came out and was 75% off on steam (I'm both a patient and cheap person, and yes I am waiting for the inevitable Fallout NV Complete or whatever they end up calling it before buying) and so I had the luxury of having 30 levels to play with. The problem is that I reached that level BEFORE the end of the main campaign (Take it Back!) It was at that point that I stopped playing the game like I did in Fallout 1 and 2. I stopped looking for resources because I realized that I didn't NEED them. I was already swimming in stimpacks, I was dumping 20 some skill points into skills I NEVER used in the game, and choosing Perks that made my Godly character that much more Godlier (And I was playing the game in what was called "very hard" mode!) THIS IS NOT FALLOUT. I understand that one of the reasons why it's easier to reach the level cap in 3 than in the originals is because the game is open world and thus you have far more opportunities to encounter hostile creatures. But to reach the game's max level before the end of the campaign ends is just ridiculous. As previously mentioned, it was because of this rpg system that I kept playing the game and it became ever more evident once I reached it because the game IMMEDIATELY lost its appeal to me. I could care less about the story, and I fear I may not even go on to the DLC's. I ran through OP Anchorage last night and it was meh. I hear the other two are pretty decent but what's to hope for if Fallout 3 doesn't have a story it just knows how to meander and misdirect the player. I don't know how long this is but I think I'm done. Mainly I wanted to propose those two questions about how exp and loot are handled in New Vegas and whether or not it would be a good idea to rein back the exp earned and loot found in the world. I apologize for the long post but these elements infuriated me in Fallout 3, perhaps it's b/c I've invested some 65 hours in it but I am never replaying this game, though I may go through the remaining 3 DLC's (Lookout, Pitt, Zeta). I'm out.
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    Woah there Charles Dickens. Could you ask us what you're trying to ask with way, way, way less words? I mean, I read your novel there, but I don't quite understand what you're trying to ask.
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    Could you try to paragraph at least??
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    hope that's easier on your eyes handsome
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    No need to get sarcastic Sahib. He was just giving advice
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    Sounds like he's just laying out his NMA cred, knowingly or not-- started with FO1 and 2, loved them as art pieces (something he's apparently known to do, as a passionate media appreciator), and he's been playing the hell out of some F3 but is finding it a pointless Monty-Haul sandbox with no story or depth that hands out levels and EXP more readily than beads at a Mardis Gras parade.

    To answer your questions, pimpollo: New Vegas is still kind of generous with the levels and loot, but it's not even close to being in the same league as F3 in that regard. First of all, the level cap in NV is 30 from the start, and each DLC you purchase raises it by 5. Perks only come half as often as in F3 and the formula for determining skill points per level has been reworked so that you don't feel like you're advancing quite so fast. In addition, Hardcore Mode adds an element of difficulty and really ups your awareness of resource management, and upping the game's difficulty in the options menu is a very real way to check your meteoric rise to Demigod status, as it no longer affects the amount of EXP gained in combat.

    If you find the tweaks the devs have made to the formula still aren't enough to satisfy, there are a number of mods freely available that're custom-tailored to making the F:NV wasteland more deprived and challenging and the game experience more rewarding to people with your tastes. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of mods that would really go a long way towards salvaging your time spent with F3, too-- check out some of the stickies in the F3/FNV modding forum here for a good idea of where to start.

    A couple of asides:

    1. Each and every F:NV DLC has been worth it, but when it comes to F3's you're mostly better off not wasting your time. The Pitt and Point Lookout were vaguely interesting, but the others were all more of the same: infuriating lootfests set against mildly interesting (if nonsensical and setting-inconsistent) backdrops. If you decide you need to play through these, do it before you play New Vegas, because the new features and fixes NV introduces (as well as the overall increase in quality) will completely ruin you for 3.

    2. I'm kind of surprised that you don't remember having the same problem in the original Fallouts. The entire franchise is kind of famous for letting the difficulty curve bottom out towards the endgame and (in FO2 especially) it's a rare playthrough where you don't find yourself making change with some of the most advanced weapons and armor in the wasteland by the time you're within spotting distance of Level 15.

    Anyway, welcome to NMA. There's an "Introductions" thread in General Discussion if you felt like being all procedural about things, FYI :)
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    Jul 28, 2011
    I wonder if Obsidian concluded that with hardcore mode they would be fixing both the issue of the practically unlimited inventory and the overabundance of resources. But since from what I've heard and seen of the game, there don't seem to be that many tunnels/dungeons for players to loot. Instead having most of the action occur out in the wasteland. Either way I think that the difficulty should impact the way the game reacts to you, not only in combat but in how many resources it holds. Again, perhaps by the time I get around to buying the game (fingers crossed for steam christmas sale) there will be some mods that implement some of these things. Oh and also, to the previous person, I didn't mean to tease, well I did, but I apologize. I'm just not a Dickens fan.
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    I for one, like this guy, eh makes his first post educated and doesn't afraid of anything :lol:, anyway, pretty much everything Yamu said is true, NV is alot less of a lootfest than FO3 was, well, until you play OWB at least. And welcome to NMA from me aswell.
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    Thomi ?
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    Paragraphs are your friend, amigo.
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    I've been infected by Kafka's one page paragraphs *SPAZES OUT* Thanks for the welcome guys. I shall post again when I get the complete ed and hope there will be some good mods. Thanks!