Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness - An Isometric Party based Fantasy RPG

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    Jun 14, 2014
    I was aimlessly browsing the internet when I came upon this project:

    I know it is a fantasy game and so it might turn off some people but it actually looks nice for the little I have read.

    I will quote some parts of their site, but if you want to read more just use the link and look around for yourself.

    I like some of the features (they call it Novelties for some reason) the game will have, like:

    Thief skill: Plant item:
    (It is basically reverse pickpocket, but it seems like the game will allow for some interesting consequences of using it)
    Make powders:
    (I guess it is like making a a dry potion that acts on touch instead of ingested)
    Dreams of the Green Mother:
    They have more "Novelties, but those are the more interesting ones for me.

    Other (I once again chose the more interesting ones for me) game features:
    • Party with up to five characters
    • Real-time gameplay and combat (with pause feature)
    • Characters earn XP, and level-up at certain XP levels
    • Free-roaming exploration of wilderness areas (sandbox style features)
    • Deep, rich storyline with hundreds of subquests and dozens of key battles
    • Engaging character driven dialogue with branching outcomes
    • Encounter interactions influenced by level of greed
    • Unique skills for each character class
    • Special (magical) abilities for all classes
    Classes available
    (I will include a small part of each class description, there is further lore and background in the actual site for those interested)

    Warrior Classes
    • Fighter "Some fight for glory and fame, some fight for fortune, others fight for vengeance, while some fight merely to survive. Whatever their cause, the fighters of Yerengal are a force to be reckoned with. Alone, some of the most powerful fighters in history have changed the fates of nations, together, armies of fighters have changed the fate of the world."
    • Templar "Unlike fighters of Yerengal who vary in skill, technique and style, templars go through years of vigorous training, learning the martial arts to an impeccable degree. Each warrior’s martial ability, feats and accomplishments are carefully tracked and recorded, earning the disciple a very specific rank and place within the order. Anytime a templar breaks the order’s code of conduct he puts his membership in the group and perhaps his very life in the hands of his fellow templars. A strict, honor-bound bunch, they do not always choose kindly, even for the dearest among them."
    • Highlander "Highlanders live in the wildest places in Yerengal. As such they have adapted these areas with great resilience. Highlanders have natural immunities and defenses to many natural phenomena. Residing in less civilized areas they are more skillful in areas and abilities that rely on the outdoors and nature.
      While highlanders are not restricted to any weapon sets, they almost never take up formal training in the martial arts. Instead they rely on brute strength and instinct in their combat tactics… which serves them quite well. Highlanders employ devastating techniques with blunt weapons and other simple weapons. Their simple appearances disguise the true deadly effectiveness—a misjudgment few repeat more than once.
    • Ranger No description available yet
    Outlaw Classes
    • Thief "These men and women come from all walks of life, bringing to bear skills of deception, trickery, misdirection and feats of slight of hand. These thieves spend a lifetime mastering techniques allowing them to reap the gains others have sewn. Their skill sets vary as widely as the terrains and locations throughout Yerengal itself, but are commonly known for their devious surprise martial tactics, complete disregard for the law, deadly accuracy with precision weapons, complicated plotting both in both device and effort and their ability to hide in plain sight and vanish without a trace."
    • Swindler "These rogues have a smaller repertoire than ordinary thieves, concentrating their skillsets on techniques and abilities directly involving other people. In short they are master con men. Swindlers come in a variety of appearances but in general they are fast talkers, sharp minded people always ready to take advantage of the unsuspecting or uninitiated."
    Priest Classes
    • Cleric "These holy men fill a variety of roles in society, but all of them rely on spreading the gospel of their god and bringing new members into their flock. While some clerics are devout pacifists, many clerics have no problem raising arms against an evil that insults their deity or threatens their congregation. In fact, some clerics are even obligated to take up such feats. These holy warriors and fighting monks are often found in the company of larger military forces where they fulfill religious duties to the soldiers, blessing them before battles and giving last rights to the fallen."
    • Druid "First and foremost all druid’s are beings of the natural world. That is to say, they derive their power from nature--worshiping Tilindia or one of new gods directly responsible or holding dominion over a natural phenomenon. Druids worship their deities not in manmade churches of stone, or halls of timber, but among nature, in secret groves, deep mountain caves, or small islands far from shore. Their power affords them control and manipulation over all natural experiences including the elements themselves. Generally speaking, most druids share Tilindia’s concern for Yerengal and believe that the mortal races are not living up to their duties as stewards of the planet."
    • Shaman "Because most civilized and educated cultures in Yerengal rely on clerics, druids and other holy men, shaman are typically associated with less civilized cultures of the land. This is also reinforced by the fact that shaman’s typically wear little or no armor and wield more primitive weapons… weapons which they are more than effective with in personal combat. Shamans rely on ancient, natural magics, potions, herbology and spells that even most druids have no knowledge of. Shaman magic while appearing simplistic in preparation and execution can be extremely potent. While most holy men and wizards are confined to a single dimension in their pursuits, shaman have a freedom to let their non-physical selves roam the multidimensional realms and god-planes. The insights, abilities and power derived here have been known to counter the most powerful magic cast from other spell weaving beings."
    Wizard Classes
    • Necromancer "These mages of the dark arts pray to a number of gods associated with death, the afterlife and even the void itself. Unlike other spell casters, much of their magic is based around ritual magic, charms and idolatry. Having a close affinity to the afterlife and the shadow world, necromancers often reside near cemeteries and environments that are in the dwindling twilight of their existence. It is commonly believed that practitioners of necromancy can converse with the dead and some rumors even speak to their ability to control them."
    • Wintermage "Regardless of their true origins, it is known fact that wintermages inhabit the coldest places imaginable, seemingly with no adverse effect on their physiology. As their name implies, these mages hold a magical mastery over ice and snow--but beyond that, they seem to have a natural kinship for it, unlike any other creatures in all of Yerengal. It is said that wintermages can sense the harshness in a winter storm before it appears or judge the depth of frozen lakes with but a glance. When encountered in temperate lands, wintermages’s never sleep to replenish their physical faculties. Their bodies are in fact adapted to what they refer to as Cold Sleep, a type of deep hibernation. Wintermages undergo this Cold Sleep at irregular intervals for a few days at a time. When not in Cold Sleep, wintermages remain fully alert and active at all times. "
    • Spellweaver "As the pursuits of spellweavers vary, so do their approach to actually casting or weaving spells. Some focus on the verbal component, some focus on the gesticulation, some on the verbal, yet others the written, all greatly influenced by personal style, artistry, intelligence and skill. What is shared among all spellweavers is their thirst for knowledge and generally inquisitive nature. Because spellweavers spend most of their time studying and analyzing, they generally tend to be smaller and frailer in stature. Unlike most other professions in the world, spellweavers get more powerful with age, making their outward appearance very deceptive in nature."
    I think this is enough to make people know if they are interested or not in this project, I will be adding it to my list of Future Game Projects to keep following :postviper:.
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    This looks pretty interesting. I can deal with some more fantasy. I'm also very interested to see the mechanics you've mentioned come into practice.

    The world so far looks pretty bland, but I suppose graphics aren't everything, right?

    Definitely interested in playing this game as a greedy swindler.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    From the images and that really short video on their site, it does look a bit bland, I expect them to do something about it later (with luck).

    But the lore seems quite extensive and rich, if the ingame dialogue and text is half that rich it will be a breath of fresh air after so many games with insipid writing released recently.

    And to be honest I am just happy to see another isometric game appearing, even if by any chance I won't like it after playing it, at least it proves that the genre is still popular enough for studios to bet on it (specially by making their first game in that genre).

    If isometric games fade away it will be the saddest moment in gaming history after the death of real RTS games >_>.
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    Apr 10, 2018

    My name is Rothgor, and I see you've been talking about our game in the above topic. We made huge improvements (including graphics quality as you guys pointed out above).

    The game's Kickstarter launches next week! Those who want to get notified about it, please subscribe with your email address e.g. on the top right of this page.

    In the meantime, here is a new gameplay video, hope you will enjoy it (it's basic intro to game controls, so don't expect much heat/battle in it):

    Our Kickstarter campaign is now live!

    If we raise the necessary money (as stretch goals), the game will offer advanced modding tools as well. More information here.

    Let's make this project a reality.

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  5. Proletären

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    Backed it of course! Just to see how it turns out

    So this actually got funded and it's time for stretch goals:

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    Apr 10, 2018
    @TorontRayne There are other threads about it on RPGCodex as well. The thread you linked is intended to be ironic. :) Black Geyser received a huge amount of individual pledges from RPGCodex members (just not through a common fundraiser).

    For those who missed the campaign, Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness still offers late pledging via PayPal and BackerKit:

    Let's reach the last stretch goal, the Garden of Delights!