Dogmeat Armor Mods

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  1. DwayneGAnd

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    Oct 12, 2016
    I just downloaded the Dogmeat Armor off of the moddb. According to what it does, it marks Dogmeat as essential, meaning he cannot be killed as long as he is a hired follower. Due to the fact that he suddenly died so easily when I first played with the Unofficial Fallout 3 patch, this appeals to me. Now I no longer need to reload whenever he dies.

    I have also downloaded something called Dogmeat Leather Armor which is supposed to give him armor that you can put on him, get a whistle to summon him, set him to a non-aggressive sneak mode, and gives him an inventory to store your excess loot.

    I was wondering if these perks are compatible with each other. Does anybody else have experience with these mods?
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    Jan 24, 2018
    Do you know why hes called DOGMEAT? Cause hes suppose to be able to die.. besides there is a perk that when he dies you get a puppy.. so this is useless..
    My friend
    Pinoy tambayan gave his reaction as, "What? Dogmeat is actually in the game? Where? I've read he (she?) wasn't in the game and I've never found him/her.."
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    Feb 16, 2018