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  1. Paladin Ratibor

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    Mar 22, 2016
    Forgotten Knight
    Hi. I'm - Pyran (waiting authorization on this forum for over a week :wall:). I asked Paladin Ratibor to send my message (I thank him for it):
    We (I and companion/volunteers) translated mod (Russian lang) and some mini-upgrades.

    In work of the translation, we are allowed to make some changes.
    -Created the installer
    -Lexx method applied (installation in a subfolder)
    -Knife Trible fix (fixing the problem in the first location)
    -Added HRP 4.1.8 (Edited by Mr.Stalin)
    -added sFall Configurator (Create by Mr.Stalin)
    -added Inventory Filter mod (Create by Mr.Stalin)
    -sFall 3.8.1 by Timeslip / Crafty's sFall mod 1.7.31 (default if choosing modification)
    -Appearance mod (Blonde, Redhead, Balde dude etc)
    -Introduced 3 initial character and edited the biography for each
    -Edited pictures of the city-entrance and splash loading screen
    -...and also some logical changes on the maps-locations (fixed buildings which were without doors & windows) & a variety of decor (rocks, trees) and equipment NPC (most of the NPCs look like clones of one)
    -...and unification of addressing someone by gender (Rus.lang only)
    - The scripts have not changed. Except for two - the price of the machines - they are too cheap.
    -was also fixed the meeting with the prison patrols - they were very frequent and the player gets a lot of weapons in the starting game.

    Thank for mod.
    Hope you don't mind constructive criticism & some upgrade...
    With respect to all of you, & Fallout-Uniwerse Pyran

    installer FO2 Last Hope HD 1.076


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  2. Forgotten Knight

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    May 24, 2006
    Thanks for showing interest in my mod, and also taking time to implement some of your own ideas into it. I would like to take some time, see what you guys did, merge as much of these changes as possible with the ones i already did for v1.077. Let's get busy now :)
  3. Paladin Ratibor

    Paladin Ratibor First time out of the vault

    Mar 22, 2016
    Hello (I'm Pyran). Thanks for reply.
    Link did not see / therefore could not download
    Version 1.077 will try to watch soon.

    Version of Fallout 2 to work: Original US / GOG / Steam / 1C(Rus) / i think, other vers. too...
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  4. Camapheus

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    Feb 20, 2016
    I´m loving the game so far, and buy the way congratulations for the excellent way that you or your team ( I don´t know how many people are involved in this project ) criate the mod, challenging puzzles? bright idea! It's a pity they did not implement this idea in the original ones.

    Moving on, i have a small problem.
    I don´t know if i'm supposed to find the Pib-boy or win it in a quest. I already went to the mining town without it ,and i don´t know any other way to track my quests, except in the old days when i used to use a notebook and pen ,don´t judge me i learned from the best.
    Now, my question is, do i have do go back to the beginning and talk to someone i forgot or look better for the damn thing?

    Never mind i find it:deal:
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  5. jarxale

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    Dec 11, 2016
    Hi all, I have having problem leaving the prison after talking to the prison guard beside the forcefield emitter.
    After selecting the dialog option "Yes", the screen flashes but my character remains on the same side of the forcefield. :wall:

    I have uploaded my savegame, any assistance is appreciated. :)

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  6. Forgotten Knight

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    May 24, 2006

    Force field can get "stuck" sometimes or in this case not stay off long enough for you to pass through. You are supposed to walk through the gate. There are several solutions for this problem, but the easiest one i came up with is to go back, down the stairs to previous level. Repeat the same door lock combination and talk to gate guard again. This time, force field should stay down for a few seconds more.
    Be sure to use current mod version. Ty. GL.


    You can also save game and reload at the same spot, this is probably faster than going back.
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  7. jarxale

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    Dec 11, 2016
    Thank you, issue resolved !
  8. Marieka

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    Apr 27, 2009
    I installed the Last Hope 1.077 and when I enter the green field in farmers community in north to enter next area, game crash and pop out error: "The instruction at 004a2151 referenced memory at 0000000c The memory could not be read from". Previously I had Last Hope 1.076 and everything was ok, maybe reinstall (?)
    Next thing is that Last Hope have a lot of bugs, I wish that last Hope Have no errors, like in mod called Resurrection which I recently have finished, not big, but very good.
    And the last, it's too bad that Last Hope have no pl version (like Resurrection), it's strange that such big and interesting mod like Last Hope have no pl version, nobody is interested in this (?)

    Reinstall does'nt help, I'm using Fallout 2 pl version, then exe us 1.02d, I'm doing everything exactly as in instruction of installing LH. For comparison I install LH 1.076, and it works, so I think I will decide to back to LH 1.076.
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  9. Forgotten Knight

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    May 24, 2006
    First of all, thanks for giving this mod a chance. Error description you provided looks like most generic error messages you get when Fo2 game .exe encounters a problem. I don't have much to go on here, maybe if you can provide a savegame prior to that error, by uploading the same save game slot folder, so i could in theory, reverse engineer it and find a working solution. Or you can see some of the previous posts if you're having the same problems as some people reported. Lots of things can go wrong if something isn't installed properly, there's always a possibility i overlooked something when writing a mod installation guide. Anyhow, be sure to shed some more light on the problems you're having with this mod.