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    Jul 14, 2017
    I don't think I'll never get enough of New Vegas. Having poured over 600 hours into it, I have been wanting to tell out just about my experiences of it and viewpoints about different subjects. So I would think the best way to do it is with playthrough w/ commentary. The point of this thread has been to get talk about New Vegas, as for some reason it is easier to talk it in text form, rather than in video commentary. Another point, with the whole playthrough, has been to show off how much you can do in New Vegas before the final battle at Hoover Dam is the only thing left to do.

    -Automatic Weapons Fix - Minigun-Gatling-Chainsaw and more (Fixes the silence of using automatic weapons)
    -Better Pickup Prompt (Better notifications of weight/value upon items and increases bandwidth for Living Anatomy Perk's stats)
    -Caravan and Casino FNV themed playing cards ("Collector's Edition" playing cards replacer)
    -Clarity - An Orange Tint Remover (Removes Orange tint without extra imagespace modifiers)
    -Collision Meshes (Better collision meshes, so you can shoot between the gap of blanks ect)
    -Economy Overhaul (Better prices, reduced repair cost and less money to spend in general)
    -Equipment Restoration Project (WMX - WME Compatible) (Uncut items restored)
    -EXE - Effect teXtures Enhanced (Laser/Explosion/Blood effect texture replacer)
    -FNV Classic Worldmap (Worldmap texture replacer)
    -Follower Tweaks (Modifier of Boone's, ED-E's & Rex's companion perks)
    -Gifted (Classic Fallout perk mod)
    -Harvestable Cave Fungus (Adds non static cave fungus into base game caves)
    -Immersive Minigames (Replaces lockpicking minigame with RNG system)
    -Improved Automatic Ironsight animations (Less shaky shooting with automatic weapons)
    -Improved LOD Noise Texture (Improved LOD Noise Texture, duh)
    -Interior Lighting Overhaul (Reduces ambient lighting, repositions light sources...)
    -Ironsights Camera Recoil Removal (Removes Camera recoil from aiming down of sights)
    -JIP Companions Command and Control (Overhaul of companion system)
    -JSawyer Ultimate Edition (Jsawyer's mod with cleaner edits and additional features)
    -Life Giver Restored (3 ranks instead 1 rank of Life Giver)
    -Lonesome Road True Faction Allegiance (More consistent LR faction)
    -Mccarran Escalator Glass (Visual texture replacer of glass)
    -Minigun long wind-up (spin-up) restoration and aiming fix (Restoration of Fallout 3 minigun wind-up)
    -Music Recovery (Additional music pieces to locations)
    -New Vegas Character Expansions (Revamp of character faces)
    -New Vegas Uncut - Freeside Open (Freeside in one open cell)
    -New Vegas Uncut - Outside Bets (Restored content)
    -New Vegas Uncut 6 - If It Wasn't For Betsy Remastered (Restored pack brahmin companion)
    -No weapon wobble (Removes weapon swaying yet doesn't touch the accurary)
    -Pip-Boy 2500A - The Arm Mounted Pipboy 2500 (Pip-Boy replacer)
    -Ragdolls (Overhaul of ragdolls)
    -Rewarding Exploring - Unique Places for Unique Weapons (Unique GRA weapon spreadment into Wasteland)
    -Semi-transparent Door Glass (Door glass replacer)
    -Simple DLC Delay (DLC delayer)
    -Simple Reputation and Disguises (Does not remove reputation when using faction armor, disguise only if low reputation)
    -SPECIAL Fixes (STR affects melee damage, PRC affects accurary, AGL affects moving speed)
    -The Mod Configuration Menu (On the name)
    -The Strip Open (Strip put upon one cell)
    -The Weapon Mod Menu (On the name)
    -Throwable Weapon Fixes (Fixes of throwable weapons, like wild spinning of knives)
    -Tops Casino Neon Restored (Neon lights spinning above Tops restored)
    -UIO - User Interface Organizer (User Interface controller)
    -Uncut Wasteland (Restoration mod of many small things)
    -Unlimited Traits Remade (Trait limit unlocker)
    -Unnecessary Physics (Adds more physics upon objects with mesh editing)
    -Unofficial Patch Plus (Additional NVSE - bug fix mod)
    -Vanilla UI Plus (UI that aims to fix probelms with vanilla UI)
    -Worn-Out Scope Crosshair Replacers (Scope texture replacer)
    -Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP (Bugfix mod)

    (The naming of the came upon those song names that were used as quest titles, so I only saw it fitting to add the name of a quest I'm accomplishing upon the current part. Either way, let's get on with this.)

    The FMV intro begins and it's always appealing with it's visuals. I like the extremely dark and black night that is showcased upon Strip and the Securitrons rolling off into somewhere, courtesy of some trouble being there. Quite sad they don't actually use sirens in game, or that in vanilla game, the Strip is not as open as showcased right here. Heck, even the NCR Ranger on top of the sign of New Vegas is not even in game, but I suppose that would had made it too easy to get the great medium armor in the game too early.
    Ron Perlman's speech on the start is really nice to hear, even with static images explaining the current backstory of what has happened. When I first played it, I was always thinking of NCR as some sort of military group that you wouldn't want to screw up with at all, and they seemed to enforce some sort of cowboy theme the game has upon there. The desert setting of Mojave only enforces it more.
    Cutting the chases, Benny has the Courier tied upon the spot, ready to kill me only because I was carrying the Chip. I got the impression that he was doing what was necessary for the power and control and would not have possibly held any hard grudges either way. Too bad, as I get killed off, left for dead, until Victor manages to dig me up and ditch to doctor's bed.

    And that is where the game begins. I apply some of my own settings for the game to keep gameplay interesting, and I don't think it would break off the balance at all. I mainly increased base carry weight into 100 units, so that I would carry 150 units worth of stuff, lower than vanilla but higher than default settings. The health was also lowered downwards, so that only few shots as unarmored would put me off. Likewise, enemies die off as fast, so the combat is rather risky and requires of knowing where the enemy is before he knows where I am. The Tagged skills has been revamped so that they increase the skill twice as fast rather than give out flat out bonus, as I do like, having played classic Fallouts, to make it worthwhile to have the skill tagged and worth to invest in. The last kind of change was put upon XP modifiers, the real meat of XP comes out of the quests and challenges you can complete and as such I aim to complete as much as challenges early in the game to get the XP bonuses out of the way while they benefit well.

    So the Doc Mitchell asks for name and I go with Courier. I was not really keen upon naming into anything personal right here, and I do say, I flat out like the default name, leaves it ambitious and shrouded in mystery rather than be personalized. When it came to creating a character though, it was obvious it was going to be female with black hair; every single Fallout I have played; I have always created a female with black hair, mainly because Fallout 1's pre created character, Natalia Dubrovhsky, was the kind of preface I would go with.

    Doc Mitchell helps me up and asks me to go and test out Vigor Tester, which applies SPECIAL stats. Due to me being heavily into critical classes, I went with 8 LCK and 7 END. the high luck is good for criticals and dealing with casinos later, but endurance has been my favorite spot to put stuff on, because it adds resistance to poison and radiation. The practical reasoning has been that I want to be able to take a few shots so that I wouldn't instantly die, as I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    Then, I follow up Doc Mitchell into the couch and do as he says.
    • He says Dog, so I follow it with Cat. I was hesitating to put dinner upon it, as I know dogs are rather greedy bastards like that, but when I think of dogs, I think of cats and how they are more comfortable than dogs.
    • He says house, which is clearly a shelter for anything envorimental hazards.
    • He says night, which usually is for the time to sleep.
    • He says bandit, which is a threatening fellow but can be talked down by convincing. Of course, New Vegas lacks typical bandits and fills it with Jackals and Vipers, so reasonable might not be good thing for them.
    • He says light, which usually has been in these games a bright flash.
    • He says mother, which is raising up the most important thing about childhood; they are known from making childs to regret of their wrongdoings.

    Then comes up the statements, with nice icons behind Doc Mitchell's head to reflect what he said in image forms. One picture contains thousand words of worth material, so we might go simple with this:
    • "Conflict just ain't in my nature" -Agree
    • "I ain't given to relying on others support." -Disagree
    • "I'm always fixing to be center of the attention." -No opinion
    • "I'm slow to embrace new ideas." -Agree
    • "I charge in to deal with my problems head-on." -Stronlgy Agree
    Then he starts to show up some ink spots and ask me to say what they look alike. The first one looks like an oozing wound, the second one is actually hard to describe, so I rather put up it being just some worthless art, and as we all know, the last one is either Two-Bears-High-Fiving or Lucky 38 tower, but no, the only closest thing you can say is that it is mushroom cloud. That lets me to finally assing tag skills and I was surprised how close it actually got to what I aimed for. Speech & Unarmed were essentials for the build, but for the third one, it was always hard, since I mainly could handle with only those 2. I decided with guns, as it would be more preferable to get it high enough quickly to take up all related guns skill that are necessary for the build I am creating up.
    Upon traits menu, I went with Good Natured and Gifted. The former is to make it clear Courier kills for pragmatic reasons and benefits from other skills, while Gifted means she has talents upon all kinds of things with her body, yet is unable to learn as efficiently. After that was over, Doc Mitchell says to follow up next to the door so he can give out all the items that I was carrying and as well the Pip-Boy. Guiding us for Sunny Smiles for more tutorial of basics of the game, he remarks that I should not try to get killed anymore. Pretty funny, as I had no choice upon the part of getting ambushed and shot in head twice.

    Either way, first things first I don't use hardcore mode for personal reasons, that tends to be for unnecessary micromanagement and that sadly, the only real thing I was looking from it was ammo weight, which cannot be had as separate thing. Either way, I save and check that options are correct, before looting Doc Mitchell's house, because for poor reason he allows me to do so. Maybe from the pity of getting almost killed there.
    After done with it, I question some things about him to get his personal opinions out of him. I don't go and pick all options, as I seek to only take up what I consider valid questions for Courier to ask and not come out as stupid from not knowing something that would be common knowledge, and as I have learned, you get to learn multiple times about different things, even without needing to talk to people.
    Doc Mitchell has been a fairly good fellow and the country moustache sells him to be a cool old guy. Learning about him of his journey from Vault 21 to Goodsprings was good enough to give out backstory and remind that this is the kind of thing I would except from Fallout game; the NPCs has some backstory upon them and it is no matter if they are quest relevant or not, because in the end, Doc Mitchell has little action besides being a doctor to fix up addictions and broken limbs and radiation.

    So I step outside of the house and get greeted by vision of Goodsprings, with Victor passing by. I never had any appeal for Fallout's robots, due to somewhat generic model they have, but a TV screen with a wheel is what I wanted in the end to be a companion to have.
    So he doesn't have really much information about the attackers, and seemingly doesn't have any sort of information about his past life. Ending the chatting with it, I took a look at the ravens that were upon the ground. It was also at this moment I wanted to showcase a bug to have upon the game, regarding those ravens. They don't actually fly off from the position they are in, they keep upon their place, until they just disappear, so giving a smack upon the place where they were makes them drop dead on mid fly. Stopping toying around, I decide to go into general store and chat up with Ched to sell stuff I looted from Doc Mitchell's house. If there is one negative to say about Goodsprings, it is that it feels like being self aware tutorial town. You can ask about the game's features from there, Ched providing info about weaponry, while Trudy explains the whole faction system in this game, but more upon that later.

    I visit to talk to Easy Pete and see if he has anything to say about the attackers. The old man is quite good giving advice and considering that he was a prospector, it would only be logical he has some experience upon the field.
    Going inside Prospector Saloon, I am greeted by Sunny and her dog, Cheyenne. I feel it being quite necessary to do the tutorial quest not only for the XP, but for the sake of getting varmint rifle free early on. So following the tutorial, I go behind the saloon and shoot up some bottles. This is the part that introduced me into weapon swaying and spread in the game that was not implemented in Fallout 3 and as first time playing it, made me question how gunplay feels like in both games. In 3, it felt more akin of point and clicking where the target is, with overbuffed health for the enemies in later levels. In New Vegas, it felt that putting necessary points to handle weapon and keeping the accurary was all enough and crucial to kill faster or be killed.
    Either way, I go off into Goodsprings Source and realize upon that moment about being naked from not having equipped clothing, thanks to selling what I had on. Quickly correcting that and heading to the place where Geckos were, I can't like the varmint rifle enough with Jsawyer's mod. It uses 22LR ammunition instead of 5.56mm, which makes the transfer from using piss poor rifle into semi-automatic much difficult. That said, it is a powerful tool to have as it makes mince meat out of the geckos. Clearing out more of those Geckos, and encountering a settler in distress, I used the advantage to get sneak criticals upon the critters before they could waste her off. It felt rather good to pull off the save of the woman and be earned rather early some good reputation and some free water. Being rewarded from such thing thanks to Sunny, I go along with making up something in camp fire. This crafting system is sharp contrast to Fallout 3's crafting system: In Fallout 3, you need schematics of the items you want to craft and unfortunately, there is only few things you can craft. Worst of all, there is more than one schematic of the same weapon which boosts the weapon and just gives out the feeling that you have to go and scournge all the schematics before doing the weapon and never bothering again with the crafting system.
    In here, it has been widely expanded. You can create food, you can create ammunition, you can create out bombs, all needing just ingredients that are fairly common to find with a good eye. I don't know how Bethesda didn't manage to take a note from New Vegas and implement same crafting system for 4, but I think I'm being too naive at them.

    The harvesting of flowers and plants is done, but after having visited the fridge with skeleton, clear reference to Indiana Jones, went into every house of Goodsprings, even the titular schoolhouse, to take all the valuable sort of stuff with me and then robbing graves as well. Kleptomaniac is another trait to have, but I see Courier just taking what she thinks she needs out there, especially when she doesn't want to spend a dime on it. Well, received a Caravan Shotgun from it and sneak skill book for the efforts and it beats up Single Shotgun by having 2 rounds to shoot with. Also finding out the BB Gun and testing it upon Bark Scorpion shows up that you need to bypass Damage Treshold, otherwise the shots won't make any major progress on killing what you are aiming at. Cutting the crap, I go for the boxing gloves and punch it to death, with side effect of dealing fatigue damage and managing to knock off enemies. It would be a good weapon to have in the end game when having much faster hit rate, but for now, I don't bother with unarmed unless it's really needed or seems to be good idea. For early game animals however, it does prove to be rather useful and ammo gets spared that way.
    At the Goodsprings Graveyard, There's notable things like the snowglobe, that can be sold for caps, and the cigarette butts. These come in handy in the future of convincing Swank about Benny being no-good-at-all-guy, though I don't know why he would be convinced by just some cigarettes. Maybe it's the only one of it's brand.

    Returning to the Source and crafting what is necessary finally completes the whole tutorial the game has to offer, in terms of gameplay, and that concludes the first part of the game. More upon the next part, that would be about meeting Trudy.
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    Great work. I see that complex analysis of the game while playing it might be helpful to understand why this game is so great and how it stood out of its predecessors and other RPGs. And personally for me it's always interesting to see how someone else's playing the game compared to me.
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    Jul 14, 2017

    And as such, having completed the tutorial quests, Barton Thorn spawns into next campfire, having the first unmarked quest for me. First time playing New Vegas on PS3, I was confused why no quest markers or anything, but he did gave me directions to the radio tower, so I assumed there was no need for it. Not every big quest needs to be marked up with title or everything. Quite funnily, after ending the conversation, he seemed to bug out, which seems to happen if an enemy is in cautious mode.
    Leaving him behind, I went the road up north here and I like to bring up the melee of New Vegas. I think the timing of the hits and avoiding blows is what sets it off and Geckos are a good practice for it. Crippling a limb opens up a stagger and moment to push forward, or a moment to relief and heal up. When in higher levels, with perks and combat moves that stagger or knock out enemies, I see unarmed as a good crowd control system. Though I wouldn't go against Deathclaws in Quarry Junction without Turbo at least.
    So I get into the stash and discover the joy of a man who is there (Unfortunately don't know the popculture reference of him) and also the carry weight limit. Alcohol is the key to carry stuff, although I did get addicted, and at the low level, I think I can afford to drop 1 weight/value items. Barton Thorn sneaks up and attempts to kill me, too bad Caravan Shotgun proves to be rather powerful against some leather clothing. Upon death, he drops hardened 10mm Pistol, that is basically uncut weapon, having same model like Fallout 3's 10mm Pistol. The difference is that this one is wider than NV model. Dropping from the cliff there is Merc Adventurer Suit just for the takings.

    Walking towards Jean Sky Diving hut, there is Wasteland Hunter, uncut NPC, that seemed to be cut because he has small relevance. Just telling up what is on north, describing what he does and just trading some small stuff. I think he adds life to mostly lifeless Goodsprings Source, imo. Not much to say about Jean's Sky Diving hut, I just loot the place from valuables and use the key rather than try my luck with lockpicking.

    Back at Goodsprings, I go and grab all the useful stuff from Victor's Shack, that I missed, before heading to Prospector Saloon. Trudy is being threatened by Cobb, but I don't want to cause any trouble, so I wait until they have done their dealings. Talking to Trudy to get whereabouts the attackers, her opinion about Victor, her request to repair the radio, the reason why Cobb was talking rudely to her, and mostly news about Wasteland. Also getting that special discount from her drinks only because I saved the Goodsprings Settler is warming my imaginary wallet.

    And with that, the first level up is gained. Considering that I like to talk usually my way as I want, I decided to go and take Black Widow, and upon level 4, Cherchez La Femme. Also a matter of fact is that upon the areas before Nipton, I can handle with around 30 speech, as the game is rather slow upon that part. Not easy, but nothing of sort that you wouldn't get out of.

    Of course I would go and meet Ringo and comfort him to see if he really has any trouble at all, but the real reason was Caravan. Now, I was not at first fan of Caravan at all, cause I had no idea what each card did. Later, I did realize you have to get between 25-26 and not over to beat other player. However, as for now playing the game, I know what each card does and made sure to give him a fairly good beating at the cards. Of course, he is a push over, there is much worse players in the game later on.

    Lastly, before heading away from Goodsprings, I wanted to talk about Cobb and wonder why he is even in here, only to realize this is Powder Ganger territory for some reason. And as far as I know, completing Ghost Town Gunfight before I Fought The Law makes the latter quest impossible to do because of vilified status with Powder Gangers, so I decided to aim for it. But before that, I wanted to take a trip at few other locations and scavenge them out.

    If there's something I like about New Vegas enemies, is that they are placed well and not randomly in game. North of Goodsprings are warnings for dangerous monsters ahead and fairly reasonable, so that players wouldn't get easily into New Vegas, although there are numerous options to still go through it. However, not in any instance did there were a random encounter like in Fallout 3, where Albino Scorpion or Deathclaw would spawn right in front of the town's entrance or in wilderness, instead, the enemies had designated places and most of the time you could see them from a distance before engaging.
    And well, that's what I did with coyotes. They were easy prey for sledgehammer, the cave was just quick runthrough to grab loot from dead people and their sack, before moving out. I was greeted by Malcom Holmes, the fellow who tells what Blue Star caps are for. Neat quest, but there's more than enough blue star caps in Mojave so that you don't need to save scum chugging every sunset sasparilla bottle you get. After the encounter, I go on to the abandoned Shack and loot it. From there, the nearby graves at memorial usually results the game giving out plasma rifle, incarnetor or laser RCW, I got the first one and it sells for good money.
    Going beyond that but avoiding the radscorpions at left (except one that liked to spawn where I was going to head), I found out a neat sight; a skeleton, clunging at medical supply kit, with knife and ammo on top of it. Who knows what he had encountered.
    Moving on the road towards Sloan, I paid a visit at the sight of a twisted Brahmin. Ragdolls mod was bugging out a little, but giving it a small smack made it back straight. When arriving at Sloan, I not only to got informed by Deathclaw infestation at Quarry, but also about the 2 skill books in there, mainly repair and explosives one. Nobody bothered about the loss of them, so I decided to get out and head towards NCRCF. Wild Dogs were upon few areas where half eaten bodies were and only response to them was sledgehammer to the face. Of course, I couldn't avoid it without getting bruises on the body.

    Moving forward and deactivating charges that upon there, I seek out the questions about the place to get true picture of what happened in this place. Supposedly someone managed to slip dynamite into bed, blow up the cell wall and cause riot. Some of the convicts moved north and some stood here. Cannot blame them, as the place is like a fort. Not the best kind of one but still effective for incoming NCR troops.
    It was rather funny to find most of the NPCs willing to talk about their burdens and such, but when it came to Eddie and Scrambler, the former was casual about killing and tossing Courier's body outside, while the latter goes and tries to sound threatening. Either way, I Fought The Law was started, and quite frustratingly, it means that I have to make few tasks for Eddie before I get to tell NCR to just attack upon the place. Well no worries, because thanks to Speech skill book at the place, along with some alcohol, I managed to convince both Chavez and water mercenary to stop and be at the place that is Powder Ganger territory. It was then Eddie asked me to investigate why NCR has not attacked in the place, so they asked me to go into Primm. And as such, I decided best course was to explore a bit along the road.

    Geckos mainly being a nuisance, but it is fun to smack them and their hides sell pretty penny. Lonewolf Radio was only nearby worthy location to explore, containing items that are crucial if you want ED-E early on without high skills. So when I got to Primm, being greeted by NCR telling about Convicts, the sole option was to push through of them and get to inside Vikki & Vance Casino. It was also at there the true potential of Shotguns has been realized thanks to a glitch in VATS: using the vats somehow causes the shot to turn into slug round, causing far more total damage than it would outside of VATS. Not a good day to be a Convict.
    Exploring the sheriff's hut, I take his outfit due to it not only being cool and having more defense, but the charisma and guns boost is also neat for starters. Getting outside to see one of the convicts getting behind walls due to bad collision made me frustrated, as despite with bugfix mods and lack of additional stuff mods to overly extent, the game can still surprise with bugs (although this whole clipping bug seems to be rather common, mostly seen by radscorpions). Either way, getting inside the V&V casino to talk with Johnston Nash to get the situation about Primm and the delivery is interesting to listen because the VA of J. Nash is really good. I also like how he foreshadows the Lonesome Road with the Courier who canceled the delivery.

    Having gone the talk, the first thing was to go and fix ED-E to get a companion to carry some more stuff for me. The tweaked companion perk also reduces weapon spread, making him good for aimed shots. That would conclude this part, and upon next, Primm shall see law back in town.
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    Valdetiosi It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 14, 2017

    And off to Bison Steve Hotel. To describe it as best: It was rather short. Convicts upon lower floor and upper floor, three rooms worth of loot to go and grab and the convicts were more of a nuisance than actual challenge. Then again using VATS + Shotgun made the fights fairly fast.
    It was also here that I encountered Deputy Beagle that I was tasked to free, and oh boy, I do hate that bastard. He is one big coward, selfish most of the way and all in all, I was in urges to just steal the tape containing infromation to Novac and leave him to die. But then I realized I could just take all his stuff and give him out clothing worth of his title.

    Getting out of the place, the new task was to get a sheriff for the town, and it was quite obvious Meyers would do the job well, as he had experience upon the law enforcement. But before I could do that, I had to get pardon from NCR, so it was a road towards Mojave Outpost I went towards to.

    At this point I want to describe about how I feel about the whole walking into places in New Vegas. I like the vast emptiness there was on the road, but also having on sight the next location. Nevada Highway Police Station, Invapah Dry Lake and some small other spots were not a long distance away, and just felt good, in a sense that the game was not overly saturated with places tied into each other, or being too far away.

    One thing I was also curious about thee police station here was the relationship between Jackals and mantises that inhabit the places. For all I see, Jackals didn't go after them, so maybe there is more to it than that. Couldn't give it a bigger thought, as I found brass knuckles. It's not far off you can find spiked knuckles and it's then the unarmed can finally shine.
    Overconfident with brass knuckles, Nipton Road Reststop was infested with radscorpions and good test for punching up. The worst thing about Radscorpions here is that making them use anything but their stingers is a coin toss, as I was accounting them using their claws instead. Thanks to high END, not much of a poison damage taken. I looted the place, got Pulgrim Illustrated for it and headed off to Outpost.

    Outpost is really the only place I can think having best repairing offers. It also hosts caravan player and a bar, so it's not that bad. Getting the pardon for Meyers, I looked up work from Ranger Jackson, who asked to clear out some ants at the same place where the reststop was. Again, the test for the brass knuckles. After it was done, I saw it worth of going into the bar to celebrate.

    Now here's the deal: Varmint Rifle uses 22LR ammo thanks to Jsawyer's Ultimate Edition mod. The transition into 5.56m is going to be harder because of that, and as one could see, I only had 8 rounds for the service rifle, excluding the Armor Piercing one given.
    Inside the bar, tasks were filling the stock and getting explosives skill book, play up some caravan, talk to Cass to trigger out her companion quest and then just fill up some opinions from one of the best companions one could have. Rose of Sharon Cassidy has to be second best company in this game, not only for boosting alcohol, but also due to her unique outfit and appearance.
    So she said to me to look up Ghost, a sniper on top of the roof, and in turn, she asked me to check out Nipton. More walking for me.

    Road to Nipton was filled with more raiders, but Caravan Shotgun was still a viable weapon to use against them. After them, an encounter with two people fighting each other happened. The other one was wearing a raider armor, so I saw it fitting to shoot her instead. The other one came up to me, thanked for the help, talked about how he met her and mentioned his lucky charm necklackle. I really didn't want to kill him off, and seeing that I couldn't talk him out of them, I just stole them out of him. Not really being goody-two-shoes, but one innocent life saved.

    Nipton was in flames when getting there. Greeter to the Nipton was a Powder Ganger who seems to have a sunstroke with all that hammy voice acting. Yuri Lowenthal surely knows how to act up.
    Letting him go, I was greeted and introduced to Caesar's Legion. A bunch of slavers taking up Roman theme for themselves. I could have propably taken them, but for all the purposes, I had no real reason to against them. So I just asked from Vulpes what Legion is about and then moved on without shedding any blood.
    And as such, considering how I had build up quests, eventually I would just complete them as I backtrack to places. Going to Mojave Outpost to spread about what happened in Nipton, returing to Primm with news that Meyers is pardoned (along with having a cutscene of him giving a speech before moving on) and upon there, asking from Nash if NCR has planned to do anything for NCRCF. Appealing to me having done everything that I could in Primm to restore law, I got the information out of it and decided it was good to go against Powder Gangers because they have been troublesome folks and as far as I'm concerned, they don't show any signs of trying to convert back to NCR. The assault on the Facility went well and as such, I avoid the ending where the place is abandoned and have been now converted into the hold of NCR instead.

    Returning to Goodsprings, preparations of the incoming fight between Joe Cobb and Ringo were executed and I'll be honest, they didn't need my interference when I convinced everybody to lend their help out. Of course, I did try to ask Victor into it, but some sort of override came up upon him and denied his part of the battle. Really sad, but nice foreshadowing that there is someone bigger man having a control over him.

    And as such, this part is concluded. The aim towards Novac was clear, but there has been few locations not explored fully, but those are covered later.
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    Valdetiosi It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 14, 2017

    Now this part is going to be little shorter and loose, due to it not focusing upon any quests, but rather, locations that I'm off to explore before I head to Novac. You know, to ensure I have some XP, caps and whatnot out of the field before going into new stage.

    So first off, having finished off every organized group of Powder Gangers at South of Mojave, I decided to finish outposts too. It's also here that one realizes that Powder Gangers are amazing pushover now, as they are scattered. They are more like mincemeat you want to whack upon, catharsis factor and in general just to fill up and satisfy the overpowered status you have in late game. Best thing is, they respawn, so you have all the time to test it out on them in these outposts. There is however one left, the Cooke's group, that has settled upon north, but we are not going to get there yet.

    After having done with Powder Gangers, I follow the train tracks to a station of sort, finding out some loot and a locked box. This feels like one of those places that where added, but not finished yet, as one would imagine to getting inside of this place or something.
    Following the tracks and punching some scorpions, there's a road to the side taking into a lair of some Jackals in it, having killed off some prospectors in it. I will say it right here to not repeat in the future, but this dungeon is prime example of how I usually felt about random encounter interiors in Fallout 2. The only downside is that some of these does not respawn, but I won't complain about that.
    Notable loot lied upon the dead corpses and the lockpick skill book, along with some containers to practice that skill already. Emptying the place I decided to continue on the path and make it to the Dry Lake. At there, there is some ants to punch at more, but also a rather nice wild wasteland reference. See, the mod I use that distriputes GRA unique weapons in wasteland same way as Jsawyer's mod does for the Courier's Stash? It added this subtle reference and a weapon to surpass ants. But I rather go with punching than using nippon steel at them.

    Now, I did have options. I could have gone to Hidden Valley, tried to sneak past Deathclaws at Quarry or Cazadores North of Goodsprings, or went to souther area of dry lake to fight against Radscorpions, but they were too dangerous for now. I also am heavily nervous fighting against bugs, cause they tend to cause most of the bugs (no pun intended) in game. And just because they are disturbing at such big size.
    So instead, I went to cave that had Nightstalkers. Half coyote, half rattlesnake creature. The child ran off as I didn't hit it with my shotgun and called up the mother, and oh boy, it hit half of my health off. You don't screw around with these either. However, buffing myself with some drugs, I decided to go fists shaking rather than guns blazing and surprisingly, it worked well off. The reward was whatever the dead prospector had upon his shack and on himself and sold it at Mojave Outpost.

    Now, back to Nipton. We remember what Vulpes said about the whole town. Wicked place, that's for sure. Also seems to be a passing town for some prospectors. Due to addiction, I tried to steal Whiskey out of her, but it didin't seem to work. Oh well, she's dead now.
    Now, I punched all of the crucified persons, because I'll be honest; while they did deserve punishment, they didn't deserve something harsh like this. And once it was done, the time was to explore the houses.

    Nipton had only few interesting places, which I'm going to talk about. One crazy lunatic who had his house armed with mines, gun wires and even bark scorpions, only because he wanted to protect his vital essence, a house with crazy Mister Gutsy and the town hall, which was filled with Legion dogs. I'll be honest, I was rather nervous seeing one of those dogs calmly walking towards me from the room that had light source coming out, the Interior Lighting Overhaul was messing up with my mind there and really just sold out the ambient lighting the place had. Rather funny, that those dogs as well stepped upon mines and hence cleared out the rooms for me, but unfortunately no notable loot upon wastelanders. Only at the third floor, there was the mayor's room with Science skill book and a room with guns to sell out. Having cleared it out, I took a quick visit back to Goodsprings to heal my addiction of alcohol before deciding that now we move towards Novac.

    The highway with the Jackals was nothing sort of trouble, other than the aiming skill that I didn't have. Past those came out some Deranged Blight Followers, something that I didn't want to rush head long because lasers/plasma weapons they had hurts, a lot. Even more with critical strike.
    So I decided to use the best command you can ever have for a companion overhaul mod, that lets you give out additional commands; one of them ordering to attack somebody. Sending ED-E there, I tried to create out distraction, but seeing how easily they fell down, I decided to rush in. For some reason, I took a hit in karma, propably due to an oversight but no less, rather confusing in self defence.

    Visiting at the shack near the whole fighting ground, there was one noticeable thing to take out, and it was unique cleaver called Chopper. I don't dare to sell unique items, I rather get myself a house to store them in instead.
    Once getting out of the place, a scripted sequcence played out where traveling merchants would encounter Legion ambush. It was easy to see what to do; wait for fight to go over and pick up the dead's items. However, this lead to some really funny situation, where Legion Recruiter threw his spear upon a merchant so hard that it not only his head got decapitated, it went flying into the distance even. Still, merchants won and Legion scored zero, but in the end, I won the caps.

    The road to the Novac was filled only with one obstacle, that being more raiders behind one of the wallboards. Nothing sort of special that AP rounds wouldn't hurt. After the encounter, Ranger Station Charlie came out and questioning the one who lead the place, I got to learn about the rangers. NCR Rangers are some of the best characters that show off cowboy theme in this game. Cowboy repeaters, cowboy hats, some light outfits and not your typical NCR armor, the only thing that lacked was some horses they could ride with. Too bad that was not a chance here.

    There was not much to say about what the road had ahead, other than some radioactive dump with few boxes. It was then I reached Novac, and upon here, I would start focus again upon the quests. Exploring as well is going to happen, but mainly questing.
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    Valdetiosi It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 14, 2017

    Novac, AKA the town with the dinosaur. I would call this Goodsprings version two, as instead of having now some handholding and tutorials, here's where your skills come in play and have to use your brain in some of the quests right here and talk to many people around here.
    And the first one to talk is Victor. It already raised suspicious thoughts that the cowboy robot would just happen to go towards New Vegas and that Mr.House is involved with him. However, I can't help but chuckle at him saying "Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit."

    Well, I don't bother with that long, as I head towards Mcbride's house. It just happened that off in the distance the dead corpse of a ghoul was....."bugging out" a little bit, thanks to the ragdolls mod, but thankfully good fix of some bouncers upon the corpses will do some good to loosen up the pressure.
    Inside the house were mrs. and mr. Mcbride, owners of the brahmin around here. They seemed to have some problems with someone killing their herd at midnight with guns, so knowing that rewards come out of such task, I agreed to help out. Going outside and waiting for a while something to happen, I noticed the glimpse of my vision going little off. Stealth boy using Super Mutant, AKA Nightkin, was upon there, and seemingly headed towards the brahmin pen. I put two and two together and capped it off before the damage to the brahmin would come at all. The reward for such thing was free reputation boost and brahmin meat at the fridge, yeehaw.

    Of course, I wanted to get out a house as well, for good purposes: To store all the unique weapons I gather up and get them when I have viable stats for them, as well as have owned bes for rest bonus. Jeannie May Crawford was my lady here to ask for it. Unfortunately due to it being night she was little bugged with the introductions and everything, but either way, I got a room free thanks to doing some good deeds.

    So now that I stored Chopper and Katana inside, I wondered if the traders would be nearby. But of course, it was night time, and it was not really worth of it trying to even steal up items, as my sneak skill was not at it's strongest, so I headed off and decided that I must explore area around Novac.

    Gibson's Scrapyard was first place to visit, and it was nice to meet somebody who knew how to fix things, not in same effect as Knight at Mojave Outpost, but still decent. However, talking with her triggered ED-E's companion quest, and as buggy as it is, it liked to skip all the dialogue in get go and had to listen it again to get voices back in.

    I also like to mention now how, for my opinion, I don't like ED-E much. Sure, he comes up with some music when you initiate combat, he has laser gun, in vanilla New Vegas, can spot enemies at good distance, but, it's just a hovering robot that I don't particularly feel at all to my likings. Also, yes, he comes up with workbench and ammo crafting bench integrated on him, but you can find those things in right places at Mojave, so it's not that big of deal.

    Either way, exploration began. After punching some molerats in a small valley, I went towards a Wind Farm that was swarming with some cazadores. Cazadores are one of the only enemies in game that makes me hugely nervous and afraid of them, despite how easy it is to dispatch them. To quote:

    The mere sight of them in the distance is even unsettling, especially for those more sensitive to insects, as they move like actual flies darting back and forth across the desert; well, like flies the size of a motorcycle. The one benefit is that having a bright blue-gray exoskeleton will make it much easier for you to spot them, and then turn the other direction and get away from there ASAP.

    Well, they were dealt with easily however. Level up and Sierra Madre Broadcast came up and I decided to listen it while at it. For this level, I decided to go for Rapid Reload perk, as it will come in handy when using Hunting Shotgun. And what a surprise this Wind Farm was, another box-loot-location that contains crafting items, some supplies and skill book. From this point on, box-loot-location is what I'll use to describe places that hosts some supplies/items, but nothing sense of being hugely detailed place, like Vaults or some more creative dungeons.

    Deciding to go to east of Novac, through bridge with one raider, there was toxic dumpsite. Apparently just a place to dump toxic waste and one stupid wastelander who died there. On the right from it, was a Clark Field, having Mr.RADical's corpse in it, and the place looming with Gold Geckos. Even with the current weapons, I didn't dare to go in, as two hits from those geckos would be instakill.
    Instead, I went around of the place, looking up the Viper Encampement and deciding to ambush it. It went surprisingly well with no damage dealt much.

    Then continuing the road, a glimpse of a car upon some mud was a sight to behold. And coming up closer, it was even more better sight. The back trunk contained Armored Vault Jumpsuit 13 and 10mm Pistol, Weathered one and huge amounts of energy cells. There was also locked container and considering what I have known about Fallout 1 & 2 and the gamestyle people usually go with, I was having a smug smirk upon face just to imagine with it would contain.

    But either way, Armored Jumpsuit and unique 10m pistol, this is sort of thing that lasts even when I get to the Strip, if not for the all, but end game stage. Just to demonstrate, I looked up some bighorners and used my pistol on them, showing off the power that is a humble pistol. Now all that is needed is for a high sneak to get it as holdout weapon for weapon restricted places.

    Continuing my way to small campsite, there was a nice handwritten note tied into that Highwayman. Apparently somebody had it shut down just right there and decided to try and use caravan to get into the Strip. Interesting, maybe the person would have the key with him.

    However, it was upon that time that carry weight was on limits and I decided to meet Cliff Briscoe, the trader at Dinky Dinosaur Gift Shop. After selling all the loot, I decided to go for game of Caravan, because it is short enough and rewarding enough to play, at least with fellows who have money to cough up something above few hundred caps. And well, considering my skills, I won.

    I decided now that it was day time to visit Ranger Andy, just so that he would be up and off the bed to steal Medicine Skill Book. Talking to Andy and lifting his mood up by saying that he was not at all unimportant despite breaking his leg, I got myself Ranger Takedown move. Now combined with a decent unarmed weapon and this sweep kick is enough to make every single thing ragdoll and deserve some pain. Before I got to go all the way, he wanted me to check out Ranger Station Charlie for his fellow Rangers, a place I passed by and seemed to have everything fine.

    Well, the place was dead when I got in. Legion attacked inside, having killed everyone, and set off some traps for it as well. A rather sudden moodswing that tells that Legionaries have some power to take down even rangers, although they were in disguise considering the logs here.

    Either way, I was off, and decided to go to check out other places. Broc Flower Cave was destination, unfortunately before I even got there, I was jumped to realize that a pack of nightstalkers was there. Now this was scary, as by the name alone, I thought they would be night animals. Well, Caravan Shotgun has not failed me even now and they were dead.

    Inside the cave, there was a one prospector seemingly heading ahead of me. That was not going to happen, as it was I who was going to get the unique varmint rifle, called Ratslayer. Few shots and the girl stood down.
    Going forward, and meeting up those rats, or, Rodents of Unusual Size, I was incredibly frustrated. Especially since one shot didn't kill them. So now I triggered all of them below the road to the room with Ratslayer and had to prepare myself for the horde. Getting up 10m SMG, I took up every drug possible to maximize defence and offense, I was ready to inflict pain. Was, until I dropped off the place down in the cave and had unfortunate of having Rodent drop on top of me. Well it was rather narmy that I was scared of the rodents, when I realized the damage they did, but still, I was not excepting to survive the encounter the way I did there.

    South of the campsite, one molerat detected. I decided to test out Ranger Takedown, and seeing the molerat dying from 1 hit showed off that I have improved, a lot. Well Brass Knuckles helps as well, but still.
    Coyote Mines, not much to say about that place. The only notable loot in this box-loot-location was the dynamite and frag grenades at the cave section. That, and the buggy Prospector. I decided to off her because she seemed to be suffering from endless loop.

    It also bothered about seeing that radio tower/signal tower, because it meant Ranger Station was nearby. Indeed, Echo was it's name, and it was having some ghouls, propably due to radiating craters next to it. Apparently the whole place was in stalemate as both Rangers and Legions were aware of their location, but nobody seemed to make the first move. Not bothering much, I pushed forward to it, behind the mountains that were upon other side where I came from. Here, the place was littered with some Legion scouts and Fire Geckos, though not liberally, thank goodness. There was another camp with a skeleton and unique hunting rifle called Paniencia however, that stroke my interest to it. Apparently some love stroke wanted to get into Colorado to meet his love, but died before getting there.
    Paniencia is good in a sense that it's one of those critical weapons you can load AP ammo with it, but has only 3 shots, so you better make it count. A good weapon to deal up with Deathclaws from a distance, but at the current skill level at guns, it was rather useless.

    Moving on, there was Lucky Jim Mine, another loot-box-location, with Speech Skill Book, as well as Broad Machete and Tribal Armor. Neat stuff, but rather worthless for my build.
    And again, carry weight stroke the camel's back and I head back to Novac, especially to cure alcohol addiction. As well as talking to Jeannie again to properly get all the dialogue trees and get that word out of her that I should say to Cliff that Jeannie sent me, just for the good discount.

    But wasn't really up to it yet, had to push forward on the road, towards the New Vegas. An ambush by Vipers was set in, but my 10m pistol was good enough to deal damage on them, enough to send one of those Vipers spinning. It was not far that I got into El Dorado Gas & Service, loot-box-location to loot and then head back to the Novac because I forgot to dispose my unique weapons/armor to box and sell the stuff to Cliff.
    Moving on the Gas Station, a rather unpleasant sight of Fire Ants feasting on Brahmins indicated that they were going to push towards attacking humans. Searching up the place, I discovered a rusty key upon there, and the light bulb on my head lit up, but I decided to save it for later. Moving on the road, there was a man next to campfire, called The Lonesome Drifter. It was not really so hard to figure out that from his story, his dad was loosely having resemblance to Mysterious Stranger.

    Saying goodbyes, I continued upon road, and was stopped by the billboard showing off Boulder City and Hoover Dam. I think a visit there wouldn't hurt at all. But it did a little, seeing NCR memorial of those who sacrficied themselves to bomb Boulder City with Legionaries at Hoover Dam Battle. Of course, thanks to my buggy mouse, it just happened to fire off a shot at the memorial. If it weren't for my high speech check, I would have propably gotten a smack down.
    Talking about the Speech skill, having it now big enough means that I don't have to trouble about it for a good amount and can waste points into other skills. The idea is not to get them into 100, but to a good decent 50 level. Only with the most important stats, Tagged ones and lockpick/hacking skills and medicine/survival, I should aim for the big.

    Boulder City was having a showdown between some Great Khans and NCR. Khans took some guys as hostages and seeing that those were same guys at the Goodsprings who were watching me "die", it was better to go talk directly at them. And at there, I realized up that Benny backstabbed Khans for some reason, I can't really think why, unless it's a big paranoia or that he seems to have the thing for ruling alone. Either way, I talk the Khans down so that NCR could take them back to Red Rock Canyon, handle situation peacefully and make sure the NCR commander honors the deal. Victor shows up again for some reason, before heading off to New Vegas.

    For the next part, I at first had no clue what to do, but I think I figured it out. I go around the New Vegas area, not directly going to Freeside, but to get the quests that can be done before setting any footsteps upon Freeside/Strip. Because at the moment, I know that there's Boone's companion quest to do, Veronica's, ED-E's and even Arcade Gannon's. So my idea has been to stroll around the upper north of Mojave to look out for stuff/quests, before going then to do those quests, and then companion quests. I am aware that companion quests has triggers and I try my best to delay them as much as possible.
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    Valdetiosi It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 14, 2017

    So we continue on, and I see Victor heading up to New Vegas. Why not to join the trail while at it. Stopping quickly at 188 Stop to get a look of people. Run down folks who tried to win big in Strip but got stripped out of caps, along with blackface NPC. Well, there is the trader who set up shop upon the road, Gun Runners seller underneath the bridge whom I bought silencer, random NCR ranger giving me NCR Emergency Radio due to having good standing with NCR and the child with headache medicine. Buying out his thoughts just outright foreshadowed this whole game in nutshell. It's all too easy to understand, especially how much I have played it, but neverless, it was neat moment to foresee future achievements Courier does. Along with those, there is Veronica, a companion that is the most easiest to aquire in game. A Brotherhood of Steel member who loves to punch things, that is my kind of girl.

    Continuing the trail, it leads into the camping site with Prospector near, with shotgun on back. Shotgun equals ammunition, so it didn't take than well placed shot with 10mm pistol I put a silencer upon. Upon the off beaten road were some Wild Bighorners and shooting them as well gave me level up. Now, I picked up Strong Back for the reasons being that you cannot all the time access companions, even on DLCs, so the weight carry will come in use.
    Continuing the road lead into Follower Outpost, Grub n Gulb and Aerotech Office Park. I decided to give a stay at there, to see what place it was, but it seemed to be like 188 Stop, without any sort of traders around however. It was surprising to get out quests even from this place, mainly to find lost people and find Weather's family, with unmarked thing being to find how Keith cheats in Caravan.

    So, it was a trek into the West side. Now here comes the part that I hate about northern area of New Vegas. It's very empty. Like for sure, there are locations, but there is not such kind of wasteland life activity with animals or anything, not even in farmside. This is the biggest offense I give to the game, solely because with this space filled up with stuff to do, I would have honestly put this as a perfect game, all fanboyism aside.

    West Side played good tunes of Fallout 2 ambience soundtrack. Considering I was for one quest, I decided to rush it out for now. Dermot & Saint James, two black men who claimed to salvage stuff. They say don't judge book from the cover, but when one intentionally says that they don't know about lost persons at Aerotech Park without me having even muttered about it, I can't do nothing but hit the alarms right there. Considering there was nothing to convince them, I decided to check out their rooms. Here, I was confused a lot, due to the quest marker, but eventually just realized I could just go inside the room, due to it being open, and lockpick the another one (although I could have asked one of the NPCs inside the place to get a key for me.).

    This quest was short and ended up with me showing up the evidence right at those two mens faces, resulting into a rather quick fight, before reporting situation back to Parker. Despite that, this shows darkest implications game can give out without presenting it visually. The teddy bear was enough to cause high disturbing thoughts. Well, at least Pretty Sarah didn't care I wasted them when I told her about it quickly before leaving.

    I would say Keith was pretty easy cake as well. Just checking his room showed off the faked cards, but also speaking to him revealed him using ink to mark some of the cards. Now, cheating is not something to be admired at, but not so either for Parker's reaction to it, although Keith's unnecessary bullying was enough to trigger a violent behavior. Either way, win win for me, and in the end, I did a right thing.

    Weathers family was found upon Cottonwood Cove, after having tried my best to slowly descend the mountains into the cove and bypass legion recruit by pretending to be trader. Apparently Frank was less good meaning person, having heard the sob stories of the slaves. It's unfortunate that when family is lost, do the abusive persons realize how important each member was.
    Well, convincing Canyon Runner to sell them all cheaper by saying that the girl has chronic pain caused by zits was all worth of it, especially because it was bullshitting the people who apparently were knowing Latin. Other stuff to do there was to just talk to the commanding officer and take the Melee Weapons Skill Book. I had my eyes upon that trunk above the whole cove, and wanted to get it open, as it was begging for it, but I didn't met the skills just yet. Just my luck to not have even any skill boosting magazines.

    Oh yeah, I want to say out here that Legion feels really onesided right here. As in, the whole faction is not fleshed out like NCR, Mr.House or Wild Card and is not as open as those are. I am really excited to see mods that could expand their territories across the Colorado River.

    Returning back to Frank and telling off the story, he seemed to realize his mistakes and tries to be a better man. Good end, with no deaths obtained.

    Considering I had not yet achieved enough lockpick skill, the next part will focus upon working for Crimson Caravan Company, just like Cass said.
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    Valdetiosi It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 14, 2017
    I also want to say that I'm sorry, if I haven't covered every detail that videos have. I do try to find things that are appealing to talk about, even if most of the part would consist walking.
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    Valdetiosi It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 14, 2017

    So, it would be now good point to do what Cass said and work for Crimson Caravan Company. Ringo is the first person to greet me and pay back a little more from whatever I did upon the Goodsprings, nice thing, even though 100 caps is too little at the current moment.

    Alice McLafferty gives the exposition for the Company and after it has been done, I'll ask for work. This sends me out at first to McCarran, the base of NCR and a one way to get into the Strip via monorail. Here, delivering what required to Thomas Hildern, I'll question him about what he does here. Apparently it's his job to keep the Dam running up well as well as look out for the food production, which is a quest he's going to offer. However, I am not going to accept it just yet.
    This place triggers 2 points for Veronica to talk about Broterhood. BOS just holds upon old beliefs and is not willing to look for change, before it would be their doom.

    Either way, decided to see if there was a quick quest to do for now, and hearing about Legion Officer being captured, I volunteered to interrogate him. It was rather funny to use intelligence way to explain I was Legion spy, even though I was woman. He still ate the bait.
    Afterwards, returning to McLafferty, I got 3 tasks; buy Cass' caravan, tell Jamisons to quit and steal manufacture plans from Gun Runners. First, I went to Freeside to look out for Jamisons, but decided to stop by at Mormon Fort to meet Julie Farkas. This was the 3rd trigger for Veronica to start her companion quest. Then, getting a quest from her, I decided to look upon her quest while at it. I also like the touch that Weathers family is at Mormon Fort.

    This is one thing about morality what I like more than in Fallout 3 in comparison. Fallout 3 has beggars who asks for water whole time and you get good karma from it, and they keep asking more.
    Here, there are two fellows, who are actual workers, having actual and different poisons upon their system, poisoned by Dixon. They are useful after getting cured out of their status and its reflected once you have completed the quest, unlike in Fallout 3, where the beggars just keep asking for water. Well, buckshot at Dixon because he is a big jerk and few convincing words for the two men to get back up to work. It's better to convince them to do the hard work for their own good rather than help them out by simply doing errand tasks.
    And with that, I went also to talk to Jamisons. Just implying that I would tell to Omertas about his bills made him possibly crap his pants, gives out a good feeling that Omertas are very brutal people.

    Then, it was the Gun Runners place. I went easy way with stealth boy and multiple bobby bins and thanks to it, I was unnoticed, so no blood shed. After that was done, all that was left was Cass at Mojave Outpost. I saw to convince her that the caravan was keeping her upon the outpost, since I wouldn't dare to blame her from getting her caravan killed. She is really my favorite companion out of everyone else. Talking some wise out of my ass to her opened her up to travel with me as well, allowing me to get her companion perk, which was going to mean constant drinking from that point on.

    Coming back to McLafferty to complete the quest gave me level up and another task to shut down a Sunset Sasparilla manufactoring machine. The level up is really good for now, as I can finally go back to Cottonwood Cove and open that trunk. Also, Finesse perk is good for critical chances, which are ensured to deal lots of damage for end game.

    For the next part, I'll seek out to back track now. We missed out the companion most people would get and stick with to the end game.
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    Jul 14, 2017

    After getting out of Crimson Caravan, the destination was upon Novac. At there, I disposed all of my companions, as it was going to be just between me and this particular new friend. Cass noticed that I wasn't goody-two-shoes however, and seemed to be little pissed at it. This came out really surprising, and made me decide that next thing would be to do her companion quest before she would get mad permamently.

    So I went off to Dino's watching spot. Boone was the name of a fellow. Here's an unpopular opinion about the guy; I don't like him. He's the least enjoyable companion upon New Vegas, and it has to do with his attidute, which reeks upon being angsty, cold and brutal, unable to make up his own decisions. I can understand the motives and what justifies what he is, but it's not my cup of tea.
    Either way, One for My Baby started out. I decided to talk for every suspects to get everyone's point of view from the persons to get the full backstory. Apparently Carla was a little bitch who didn't really like living in Novac, yet Boone liked her a lot. So Jeannie selling her and the unborn fetus for Legion was rather petty and really extreme case of retribution. It would be like starting mass shooting over someone calling kindergarden picture as a turd. Truly, one of the enjoyable things was to get her shot upon face (and to show off glitchy AI with Boone asking his beret back on). Afterwards, it was time to make sure to get the companion quest done as soon as possible.

    So here's what I did; I went back upon Cottonwood Cove and decided to quickly dump radioactive waste upon the place, as I find it most optimal for now. Then, I went upon Nipton, to talk first time upon Boxcars, the most sweariest person in whole game. Giving him some Med-X let him to explain how Nipton got runsacked down by Legion. He told about few Powder Gangers being held as captive and this task advanced my relationship goals with Boone. Nothing brings people together than killing people you dislike.
    Next was the trickiest part, upon Nelson quest. Greeted by NCR ranger to tell to mercy kill NCR hostages, Boone delivers his line to make the thing as rescue mission. Unfortunately, friendly fire happened and one reload later, the place was easily dealt with thanks to high power of Paciencia and Power Fist/Steel knuckles. Cowboy Repeater got some usage as well here.
    So I rescued all the captives and let Boone monologue again, talking about his past. Before I went back to talk to Ranger, I shot one of the NCR hostages dead and finally got everything out of Boone to make him advance upon his personal quest, once we got inside one of the huts of Nelson, as I looked for that unique machete there, owned by Dead Sea.

    So the travel to Bitter Springs endured. Cazadors were surrounding the off roads, making sure not to derail the player. But as I was determined to get into the loot-box-locations and gather up skill books. I did like the interior design there, what's with sunset sasparilla and nuka cola bottles, along with counterfeit work bench and such.
    Bitter Springs ended with Boone telling what happened; NCR soldiers kept shooting women, youngs and elderly who were fleeing from main road, while the men were fighting against others who were doing the ambush. No wonder Khans like to say NCRs as murderers, when ordered to shoot on sight people who would be considered as civilians.
    A night later, Legion raiding squads appeared, calling for tower defense minigame with shooting Legionaries before they would kill refugees. First act of meeting Legionarie who had cowboy repeater ended up by him getting lucky shot, taking 90% of my health with one shot. Further emphasis not only on armor, but low health you and enemies have with Jsawyer's Ultimate mod. Fights are quick, not dragging out. The rest of the enemies fell like paper though, and thanks to Legionaries sporting hunting rifles, ammo for Paciencia was refilled.
    At the end, Boone's quest was fulfilled, and I was glad to make sure he would get over his self-slashing dependencies. A good character developement for sure. Next time, we'll make sure to complete Cass' now, before she gets mad for us doing little harms here and there.
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    Valdetiosi It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 14, 2017

    So now having done with Boone, I dispatched him quickly as away. I'm going to piss off NCR in the end, so it's not wise to have him stick around. Good men shouldn't die for blind rage.
    Back to recruiting the members, I decided I give in for Cass's request to pay respect to where her caravan got wrecked. Getting back the trio felt refreshing, as so far I think this is the best combination of party members to have, though at the end going to replace some of them. I wouldn't replace Cass though, she's my most favorite companion of all time.

    And it just happened going to the caravan site there were some legionaries to come. Thanks to the brilliant design of them first declaring me as enemy, then deciding to attack, I decided to shoot first and oh boy, it was fun. I even survived the Legion assasin squad first time, which is surprising considering how Bitter Springs went first try. Either way, as we got on the site, at the distance there was for some odd reason NCR Ranger shooting Fiends. Poor guy didn't last long.
    Back upon the topic of Cass, she started to get suspicious about the whole site. So we checked out the thing, me looting just about anything, until she came up with realization there was another place caravan got wrecked. So, destination was to go there. During that trip, I went off to Northern farmstead to meet up Jackal group in campfire. Cowboy Repeater being cheap knock off of Sniper Rifle, I managed to stay stealthy and shot them to death. The reward was loot-box-location with glitchy physics and hunting shotgun. Most loved shotgun ever, I cannot have enough of Sarah Connor - style reload pump Courier does in third person. Little off the road, there was one of the wild wasteland encounters, now involving aliens. Apparently Alien commander was not designed to use Alien Blaster, as it would 1hit kill me, so instead he was resorting to laser pistol......which he was not programmed for. The other two were more competent enough to get at least party knocked up, but I responded for laser with plasma. The result was spazzing, to say at least. Oh well, now with the power of God literally being in my hands, this tool of destruction known as crit blaster was sure way to make hardest spots in the game easier. I'm going to resort using it to the places where I have legitimately challenge that cannot be beaten with alternatives.

    So going back to road, another farm house with Cazadores. I hate those buggers, as when they sting once, companions knock out, no exceptions. Even if it's not the damage of the sting, it's the poison, and I cannot quarantee poison to every single character.
    Either way, we got into this site, and found a map to another place. So it was a fast travel to Gun Runners to sell stuff I received and passing up by New Vegas Medical Clinic. This place is really unique for the doctor in, because she sells implants, raising SPECIAL stats and giving 2 passive abilities. Of course, one of the first things to max out was luck to perfect. No other SPECIAL mattered upon that moment. Luck was the one to rule them all and as long as I get crits, it was bound to work, right?
    Either way, exiting the clinic immediately brought up a fiend, leaving for questions why and when. Oh well, rather easy to dispatch. Following to the site, it was pretty clear who were behind this whole thing; Van Graffs and Crimson Caravan, seeking to destroy smaller guys and buy them out.
    Cass encouraged violence, and if not for the reasons to finish up quests what I would have for them, I chose the peaceful resort. Sneaking inside CC was easy enough, as everybody went to sleep. Getting into Van Graffs was little trickier, but still easy. It was also good introduction what kind of family Van Graffs were, just more than energy weapons providers. Fallout 1/2 ambience music playing on the background helped there.

    When the evidence was brought up, Ranger Jackson was the guy to give out the evidence. It was finished by giving an oath not to take revenge upon them, or else it would fail. Afterwards, I was given emotional talk by Cass, who was obscured then by Veronica's hood. Goddamit, that was so funny, yet so awful at same time, as it broke the whole mood.

    Either way, I decided to exhaust everything about Cass that I could get out of. She was just like her father, the one from Fallout 2. For me, she's the biggest pandering to Fallout 2 fans, next to Marcus the supermutant, but I could be proven wrong. From all the explanations given, she likes to use gun, fists and dynamite, make moonshine, likes NCR but wants it to get it's dick straight and also doesn't care whom she sleeps with. Add to that her default outfit is really cool, she was the companion I would not replace by anyone.

    For the next part, it's time to rev up back a little and visit places we have visited, but not completely.