Album: Shell-Pit

A Polish cyberpunk/post-nuclear project..


Updated Oct 7, 2004
Unfinished robot 1 v1.0  
Cyborg, view 1  
Am I Cyborg? Yes I am.  
Alien # 2  
Front of an unfinished robot  
Cyborg, view 2  
Alien from Shell-Pit  
A mechanic from Shell-Pit shelter pic#3  
Cyborg, view 3  
First promo wallpaper  
A mechanic from Shell-Pit shelter pic#2  
Unfinished robot, version 1.1  
Cyborg, view 4  
A mechanic from Shell-Pit shelter pic#1  
Cyborg in action # 1  
Cyborg and a girl  
Cyborg in action # 2  
Cyborg, view 5  
Mech Pilot  
Cyborg and his blade  
Mech v1.0  
Mech Pilot from different view  
Cyborg is attacking!  
Another Mech  
And another view  
Yeah, don't play with me!  
A nice looking cyborg  
Mech with different guns  
Mech Pilot once again  
My blade is dangerous. Don't piss me of!  
Alien # 1  
A girl looking for parts on scarp yard  
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A Polish cyberpunk/post-nuclear project..