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This level was the most impressive to look at. All the buildings, streets, etc were built with our tile and prop sets. When you walked into the buildings or peeked through the windows, the roofs faded off super clean to reveal the interior (the interiors of buildings didn't render while you were walking around outside, thus dropping lots of polygons to draw). Outside you also got into some shoot outs which looked fantastic. We had a flamethrower, minigun, cattleprod, knive, and pistol. We had a ton more made, but we only needed a few for the demo so we really wanted to show off the more flashy ones and have a good variety as well. The glass on the windows would blow out when hit with stray bullets and the flaming barrels would blow up as well (you have to have exploding barrels in game, it's an unwritten rule). There was a car similar to the one you see in the pic on fire which looked fantastic. The most impressive thing to the Fallout fans was when you got to the end of this level, you stood at a huge vault enterance. To the right of the door was a terminal w/ a flickering lamp which you clicked and you guessed it. The vault door opened in real time. It looked so beautiful! After we did our prototype, we showed the demo to a few people around the company who were Fallout fans and I heard no less than 3 people gasp for air as it opened. It was a great moment.