Fallout Nevada 1.02 HD Russian Version 2018-03-07

Fallout 2 Mod

  1. 25_year_old_None
    Version: 2018-03-07
    This mod is by far the best I ever played, and almost better than Fallout 2!
    There is a lot added stuff, and the metal detector makes a great use of your outdoorsman skill, allowing you to discover rare items and even location!
    Car and power armor are difficult to get, car can be customized and improved a lot. Quest are well designed and gameplay really not focused on combat.

    The world is huge and I am in awe considering the titanesque work that has been done.

    Towards the end it gets a bit buggy so unfortunately I couldn't reach the end but as many people say the main quest is not this mod's strongest point.
  2. Forgotten Knight
    Forgotten Knight
    Version: 2018-03-07
    Simply excellent. All aspects of it were made with great care for details. Lots of interesting quests and locations. So much depends on player skills and stats so that made me play a lot longer to complete as much as i possibly could. Great backstory with many connections to Fallout2 story line. Spent great amount of time exploring every map corner with metal detector, amazing how you can find interesting loot, even weapons. Starting my own Nuka-Cola distribution business, priceless. There are some interesting special encounters, "Forgotten Office" would be my favorite, while "Big Hole" location... um nice to see you Janus. Bloom Brothers, another really hard random encounter, keeps bugging you more than rodents on the road. They may as well have nine lives, i'm half way there btw. Morton Brothers are a joke for these guys. Another great thing is everyone gets fair amount of critical hits, i mean everyone. In power armor with dodger perk, bunch of rednecks can beat you up with sledge hammers and get this... crowbars... seemingly plausible in my game play. Karma achievements, more than you could ever possibly want, i got twelve of them, from "Hero of the slums" to "Death Gambler" gives that special flavor to this mod. Playing as "Evil" character is always tempting as the dark side takes over when you think there's nothing left to do. New Reno has more than enough crime, solving and doing, business to keep you occupied for days. Prices are "reasonably" high so you'll need a lot of stuff to carry around to sell. Things get little easier when you get your own car, with all possible upgrades, even a paint job. Apart from finding hidden loot and active mines with metal detector, i also got two more cool tools. Ammo reloading (making) tool, CL-3000 for making basic and advanced medicine. As a part of fallout universe, some classic fallout 2 weapons and armors have upgrades, same applies here. You can make some tasty meals as well by using campfire. Interesting "Cut scenes" are well made whenever they appear, "Outdoor Cinema" is one such quest related location.
    There's a lot more to tell but it's better when you experience this world and decide for yourself. I also recommend the latest English patch. If after all this you still have doubts, what if i told you... you can be anything you want! But there's a catch, what happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas!
  3. Penitenziagite
    Version: 2018-03-07
    I recently played through this mod and afterwards fallout 1.5 resurrection. I much preferred nevada in terms of writing, quest progression, and realism. If you want power armour be prepared to work for it, which is how I would image such a valuable resource to be treated. Quests may require you to think outside the box, or travel to other areas but the solutions are logical and satisfying to immersion freaks like myself. One piece of advice for the author, make it so that the leader of the bikers and the wind of war comment on your nice newly reconditioned set of power armour (which was a bastard to construct!) you know, cuz immersion. And work on some of the dialogue in new reno (I'd be happy to help if you like).

    Oh and there's a unique upgradable vehicle - nice touch
  4. CarryTrainer.Editor
    Version: 2018-03-07
    I started playing last night after doing a Fallout 2 MegaMod playthrough... Nevada with the current English translation is really well done. Very good story and writing so far...