Fallout - Proto Manager v.

Items and critters prototype file editor for Fallout 1/2

  1. Fallout - Proto Manager v.

    • Fixed the launch of the editor for Fallout 1.
  2. Fallout - Proto Manager v1.3.0

    Changes v1.3.0:
    • Added search for required files from custom mod folders and DAT-files.
    • Added reading of settings parameters from the game configuration file.
    • Fixes bugs.
  3. Fallout - Proto Manager v1.2.1

    Changes v1.2.1:
    • Added a button to play attack sound effects for weapons.
    • Fixed the Weapon SoundID control that doesn't allow you to specify a custom parameter value.
    • Added an indicator of the current keyboard language on the toolbar.
    • Added support for reading non-original. dat files in Fallout 1 format.
    • Fixed the appearance of a white border on the edges of the sprite when zooming the sprite image.
    • Some cosmetic changes to the editor interface.
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  4. Fallout 2 - Proto Manager v1.1.6

    • Added support for the new "Energy Weapon" flag for weapon prototypes.
    • Saving the set column width for parameters in the list of Items and Critters of the right panel.
    • Fixed a critical bug where the graphic FRM file was corrupted.
    • Fixed positioning of GUI elements in the item editing window for HDPI mode.
  5. Fallout 2 - Proto Manager v1.1.5

    • Fixed a bug incorrect display of the names of the perks, when the row order was broken in perks.msg.
    • Improved the interaction of the search function with the user.
    • The Better Critical stats parameter in the critter interface is available for editing.
    • Refinement of the Show PID/FID options to display the parameters without the need to update the prototypes listing.
    • Changed the position of Melee and Unarmed skill parameters in the critter editing interface.
    • Other minor...
  6. Fallout 2 - Proto Manager v1.1.4

    • Added options showing the FID/PID column in the list of critters/items.
    • Fixed bugs.
  7. Fallout 2 - Proto Manager v1.1.3

    • Added the ability for items and critters to show in the listing their frm-sprites.
    • Fixed some bugs.
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  8. Fallout 2 - Proto Manager v1.1.1

    v.1.1.1 (04.09.2017)
    Fixed some bugs.
  9. Fallout 2 - Proto Manager v1.1.0

    v.1.1.0 (26.08.2017)
    Added a tool for mass file creation for prototypes Tiles and Walls.
    Added the ability to edit the Prototypes files of the Critter from Falout 1.
    The error of saving the pro-file of the object when its subtype is changed has been fixed.
    Optimized launch of the editor.