Inventory Filter v1.6.2

Plugin for Fallout 2 games.

  1. Mr.Stalin
    • Quickly find ammos for weapons from a ton of garbage in inventory - if you press the middle mouse button on the "Cartridges" and "Weapons" menu button, these items will be displayed simultaneously in the inventory.
    • Money is always shown from above when bartering, or if the "All" filter is selected (the option does not work when you open the inventory)
    • Click the middle mouse button on the button "Misc" - allowing you to display useful items from this category.

    The plugin is fully functional with the new version of Sfall 4.0+ or sFall2 by Crafty.
    If you use the original sFall (no lower than 3.6), some features of the filter will not be available.

    * In addition to working with the original sFall in the ddraw.ini configuration file in the Debugging section, it is necessary to set the AllowUnsaveScripting option and set the Enable option to 1. (the installer does it automatically).

    Plugin version 1.5.8 to working requires sfall 4.1.9+

    Resolution in the game is recommended to set at least 720x480.

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  1. fallout[12]enthusiast
    Version: v1.5.8
    I fuckin love this