Last Hope Mod v1.082

A Fallout 2 Total Conversion mod

  1. Last Hope mod V1.081

    Forgotten Knight
    New update which includes the following fixes:

    -Miners town missing wall blockers, corrected**
    -Eric's unarmed fight job, reduced difficulty
    -Corrected some mapping errors, Golden Valley**
    -Fixed scripting error which allowed player to sneak in Basil's basement**
    -Added an additional solution for Jim's "situation"
    -Minor script and map tweaks, MRC
    -UMB location, level 2, corrected roof tiles glitch. Changed yellow pass key location**
    -Playing with less intelligent <4 character is no longer...
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  2. Last Hope mod V1.08

    Forgotten Knight
    After a while, here's a small unexpected update, trying to fix some errors introduced with the previous version. List of changes is located inside LHinfo file but you can always expect more since it's up to us to fix the whole world. Note there are minor map updates which work with new game or if you didn't visit those locations in your existing game. More info will be available soon...
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  3. Last Hope mod V1.079

    Forgotten Knight
    Mostly map changes* in order to add new content and fix existing errors. Not compatible with older savegame files. Re-Uploaded archive which should solve game crashing errors when trying to change game resolution to other than 1280x720.
  4. Last Hope v1.077

    Forgotten Knight
    A new version of Last Hope mod, brings some new gameplay improvements and bug fixes. Please check LHinfo for installation instructions and list of changes.

    Note: older version installation is not needed for this to work.
    Some older save game files may work, however, it's not recommended to use them.


    Some changes were made recently, an update v1.078 will be available soon