Sfall Script Editor v4.1.7.RC

A script editor for classic game Fallout 2

  1. Sfall Script Editor v4.1.5

    • Improved the AutoComplete list call function, now displays a list with keywords relative to the cursor position.
    • The system of highlighting procedures in the text of the script has been redesigned.
    • Added highlighting of the current procedure in the right panel of procedures.
    • Added renaming procedures by links to them.
    • Improved logic of path selection when extracting a script from .dat archive.
    • Slightly increased window size and font size for Headers files and increased window size for script registration.
    • Added saving folded script procedures into a separate configuration file.
    • For the built-in preprocessor sfall compiler added an argument that allows you to make conditional compilation of the script.
    • Added option to enable script backward compatibility mode for compiler and parser.
    • Improved compilation mode via custom cmd file.
    • Added tool to customize custom dialog macros (beta).
    • Increased the font size pop-up dialog box text for block diagrams.
    • Improvement in the construction of the dialog flowchart, and bug fixes.
    Fixed bugs:
    • The braces have been removed from the options on the pair of input characters.
    • Fixed the display of the text encoding when using paths to files with Cyrillic characters.
    • Fixed updating the procedure list for the right panel.
    • Fixed insertion of procedure Declaration when no procedure was previously declared in the script.
    • Fixed selection of a special region with text for function arguments when double-clicking on it.
    • Fixed the search order of Include files, now the root folder of the application has the lowest priority when searching.
    • Fixed RoundTrip menu feature, now does not overwrite .int file in source folder.
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