Sfall Script Editor v4.1.5

A script editor for classic game Fallout 2

  1. Fallout sFall Script Editor v4.1.0rc

    Additions and improvements:
    • Added a system for building flowcharts for visualizing dialog nodes, as well as editing them.
    • Improved preview and testing of the script dialogue.
    • Some features of the editor have been revised and improved.
    • Some define constants have been added to the syntax highlighting.
    • Added the ability to select a monospaced font for a text editor.
    • Added the ability to use an external mcpp preprocessor, which allows conditional compilation of the script.
    • Added the ability to check the open .MSG message file for errors in the structure.
    • Added the ability to open (decompile) a script packed into the .dat archive of the game in the script registration window.
    • Added options for displaying tabs and spaces characters, as well as functions for their conversion, and removed.
    Fixed bug:
    • Fixed a lot of minor errors in the editor.
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