Sfall Script Editor v4.1.7.RC

A script editor for classic game Fallout 2

  1. Sfall Script Editor v4.1.4.214

    • Added all new functions of sfall 4.1.7 and descriptions.
    • Added insertion of the name of the procedure or variable into the script when clicking their names in the right pane of the editor.
    • Added a limit on the number of entries for the search history when saving them to a file.
    • Added underlining of the error line when the error is localized in the header file.
    • Improved form windows for advanced search.
    • Improved the call to the AutoComplete list and added commands to call the AutoComplete list on a hot key.
    • Improved functions for automatic insertion of script code fragments, and pair quotes in script code.
    • Modification of the button to change the font size.
    • Improvement of the MSG editor, improved control of the Home and End cursor keys when editing text in a cell.
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed creation of a closing tag for procedures if the required keyword 'end' was not found.
    • Fixed automatic insertion of the 'end' keyword for the procedure.
    • Fixed of the AutoComplete list, when, when opening the list, the cursor pointer was over the element and did not allow to select an element using the cursor keys.
    • Carriage positioning fix when closing the AutoComplete list.
    • Fixed of the bug of saving the file scrname.msg when registering the script in Scripts.lst.
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