Sfall Script Editor v4.1.7.RC1

A script editor for classic game Fallout 2

  1. Sfall Script Editor v4.1.6

    Changes: (machine translation)
    • Added descriptions to the new sfall functions and their syntax highlighting in the script code.
    • Added an option in the context menu to convert a number from decimal to hexadecimal and back.
    • Added automatic addition of the keyword "variable" to procedure arguments when creating a procedure.
    • Improved user interaction with the advanced search form.
    • The advanced search options "Match Case" and "Whole Word" retain their set state in the editor settings.
    • Added an option to switch the graphic mode of the carriage cursor.
    • Added conversion of CRLF control characters to LF for Unix-system when saving the script.
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed updating icons on tabs when clicking the "SaveAll" button.
    • Fixed overlay underline each other's errors in the script code.
    • Fixed removal of the '\' symbol in tooltips for local macros.
    • Fixing incorrect control characters for line feed when opening a script file.
    • Fixed program hang when compiling scripts in Windows 10.
    • Fixed slow rendering of the table interface in Windows 7 for the script registration window and message editor.
    • Fixed displaying the carriage cursor for a dark theme in software mode (for Unix-system).
    • Other minor fixes in the editor.
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