Sfall Script Editor v4.1.4.253

A script editor for classic game Fallout 2

  1. Sfall Script Editor v4.1.4.253

    • Fixed navigation bug for the right panel of the procedures list.
  2. Sfall Script Editor v4.1.4.214

    Changes: (machine translation from Russian)
    • Added all new functions of sfall 4.1.7 and descriptions.
    • Added insertion of the name of the procedure or variable into the script when clicking their names in the right pane of the editor.
    • Added a limit on the number of entries for the search history when saving them to a file.
    • Added underlining of the error line when the error is localized in the header file.
    • Improved form windows for advanced search.
    • Improved the call to...
  3. Fallout sFall Script Editor v4.1.3

    Major added features and improvements:
    • Added a pop-up picture informing about the successful compilation of the script.
    • Added a dark scheme for highlighting the syntax functions of scripts.
    • Added highlighting for all available script procedures.
    • Added a menu for the left panel that allows you to quickly add a custom function to the function tree or edit an existing one.
    • Retrieving all definitions from all available * .h files in the header folder after opening the...
  4. Fallout sFall Script Editor v4.1.2

    Added new features:
    • Added the ability to open script file or a dialog file in an external editor.
    • The function of fast paste of the Include file into the script code is added.
    • Added an increase in the number in the procedure name when creating a new procedure.
    Fixed many bugs.
  5. Fallout sFall Script Editor v4.1.1

    Additions and improvements:
    • Added hotkey for the menu function to find References.
    Fixed bug:
    • Fixed bug for navigation positions in the script when using command hotkeys.
    • Fixed bugs when using the hot keys of the menu commands Declaration/Definition and Open Include.
    • Fixed the appearance of a warning message when creating a new flowchart.
    • Fixed hiding AutoCompletion list and tooltips.
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  6. Fallout sFall Script Editor v4.1.0rc

    Additions and improvements:
    • Added a system for building flowcharts for visualizing dialog nodes, as well as editing them.
    • Improved preview and testing of the script dialogue.
    • Some features of the editor have been revised and improved.
    • Some define constants have been added to the syntax highlighting.
    • Added the ability to select a monospaced font for a text editor.
    • Added the ability to use an external mcpp preprocessor, which allows conditional compilation of the...
  7. Sfall Script Editor v4.0.8

    • In the message editor, the ability to change the font size, and the highlight of the comment line is added.
    • The "Errors" tab added parser errors, for a quick jump to them in the script.
    • Improved drag and drop between the tabs of open scripts.
    Fixed major bug:
    • Fixed bug of removing the previously compiled script in the destination folder if the current compilation failed.
    • Fixed a bug in formatting the script code for negative numbers, and...