1. Risewild

    Fallout Tactics Editors & Patch (v1.27) 1.27

    The primary purpose of this patch is to support custom missions and campaigns made with version 1.26 of the BOS editor. Additionally, there are some high priority bug fixes and support for the most recent Miles Sounds System. Details for changes made in the first patch can be found in the...
  2. Risewild

    Polish Fallout Tactics 1.27 Patch + Addon 2022-05-07

    This archive contains the Polish version of the official 1.27 FOT Patch, made by some fans and a Patch+ for it. First install FTPatch127PL. Then install FT_pl_patch_01. PL: Najpierw zainstaluj FTPatch127PL. Następnie zainstaluj FT_pl_patch_01.