A character build to get the 'most' out of FO2?

Discussion in 'Fallout RPG Gameplay & Tech' started by Alixen, May 9, 2013.

  1. Alixen

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    Jun 13, 2012
    Following on for my request for Legacy help, i finished Fallout 1.

    Now i want to move onto FO2, or at least have the character ready for when I finish FO:T.

    The thing is, while I want to give the character room to grow and evolve on their own, I want to be able to get the closest thing to cannon endings, and to see most of the game.

    My first build is as follows...

    Str: 6
    End: 5
    Cha: 7
    In: 8
    Ag: 8
    Lk: 8

    I feel these stats might be a little too 'powerful' to be honest. I may want to be able to 'do everything' but i also want to roleplay, and when you factor in companions I can't see much in the game giving this character trouble past a certain point.

    Gifted; to represent being the best of the tribe, and the blood of the 'legendary' Vault Dweller.
    Sex Appeal; as the concept of the character I had was to have a somewhat naive character, who ends up on Jet, and has to do thing like 'bargain' with the Slaver to free Vic, and so on rather than always going the minmaxing option.

    Melee, Speech, and Outdoorsman; the Chosen One is a tribal, but the Elder is the daughter of the VD and would likely have taught her how to deal with people properly as her mission is going to rely on it, and the other two just go well with being a tribal and don't give me any paticular advantages that might tempt me away from reacting realistically to a situation or going the 'easy' route.

    Any advice?

    I want to really just make a naive tribal girl who gets some major culture shock, not too unlike the Vault Dweller had, but in time grows from it, rises above, and triumphs.

    But since i'm trying to make it a family-legacy playthrough, I have to get endings that will fit with New Vegas. I have a list of the 'requirements' from the wiki's ending list, and with the bugged/impossible ones I can bull my way around them.
  2. fallout_fan

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    Sep 11, 2008
    What I used to was make a female character and have her sleep with as many people as possible for whatever I needed. Like the slavers that are holding Vic. Paying with sex is cheaper than 1,500 chips. That's a little absurd for the beginning of the game.
  3. lujo

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    Jun 14, 2013
    It's even more absurd when you can later sleep for infinite energy cells.

    As for a "do everything build", depends on your mods. If you have the "control NPC's mod" to help with giving you a more organized combat, you can do most of the non-combat stuff with:

    Tagging Speech, Barter and Lockpick

    Small Frame and Gifted for traits

    STR 5
    PER 7
    END 3
    CHA 8
    INT 8
    AGI 9
    LK 8

    And using drugs when you know you need stat boosts. I did a pretty much complete walkthrough (with a guide) of the previous RP with that build (no slavery quests, though).

    Sex appeal you don't really need - there's an easy way to get it's benefits simply by sleeping around.