Am I the only one that has to listen to like GNR on youtube while playing the classic fallouts?

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    It was because of the rumors of mutants sighting increasing as of late in the desert to the north, but there was nothing like lockdown at the time.

    Except Fallout 1&2 used the songs in the intro before you even start a new playthrough. If I'm allowed to guess the reasons why, it's because they simply want to set up the tone, mood, and atmosphere of what's to come, instead of implying it having anything to do with the *actual* setting. That's why the TV playing Maybe abruptly died, and why A Kiss to Build a Dream On only played on the video showcasing GECK as if it was included some time before the vault closes for the first time, instead of being something somehow known by the denizens of the waste 300 years after its initial release.

    Yeah, allowing radio-playing on pip-boy was a mistake. Would rather walk through the waste to the ambient soundtracks, then stumble upon one of the songs playing on the radio in a bar in town, and better yet in casinos and the streets of the Strip.
    And yeah, as much as I disliked Inon Zur's pieces in Fallout 3, which sounded more like some epic fantasy ambience like you said, I actually liked his pieces in New Vegas. He's actually talented, just needed some right direction from the right lead/developers.

    I actually think it depends. Have you paid attention to the song selections included in New Vegas? As far as I could tell, literally ZERO are about post-apocalypse and wastelands. Instead, they rightly fit like a glove to the wild west-esque nature of the setting. I actually love to let a playlist of New Vegas Radio songs play on Youtube while I do whatever these days.

    Meanwhile, Fallout 3?
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    Classical Music was the Pop music of its day. There is nothing inherently timeless about it, it has stuck around simply because it is music of quality, and the same can be said about the "oldies". Its even more conceivable that a culture that maintained some semblance of 50's american would see these songs sticking around well into the future.