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Look, Ma! Two Heads!

I was looking at the random encounter caravan boss scripts and noticed a significant number of originally intended (i.e. from BIS) dialogue options based on the Chosen One's reputation and deeds that aren't used due to bugs. These bugs are the typical thing I've mentioned before, errors obscured due to complacency with header files (which is why I don't care for that writing method).

In any case, I addressed all these problems and added some new material for various traders the Chosen One may meet in random encounters. These files continue the theme I've recently been exploring of "mini-mods" that are easy for anyone to use because they avoid modification of major game files. Some of the changes are:

--Caravan leaders now have reactive dialogue based on the Chosen One's reputation, and their prices are affected by the Chosen One's reputation in their hometown.
--Caravan leaders now offer world map information about the location of their hometown and their destination.
--Traders have new minor items to trade. The only weapons added were grenades, since a player who wants to play a bomb-tosser has grave difficulties finding enough grenades to use in the game world.
--Killing some traders was not affecting the Chosen One's karma or was not correctly calculating karma; these problems are now fixed.
--Nomad shamans now trade healing powder, and a bug was fixed so they no longer combine broc and xander for free. :grin:

Files Available Here.

This mod is for killap's FO2 Restoration Project (version 2.2 or greater). I did basic testing during gameplay on these scripts, but if any bugs are found please report them here. All the scripts are simple replacements, and starting a new game is not required (though if your current saved game is actually on a random encounter map with a trader, you'll have to leave that map and wait until you meet another trader for the changes to properly take effect).

To use this mod:

1) After unzipping the download, look at the files included in the download and make a backup of any same-named existing files in your Fallout 2 directory. That way if you don't like the mod you can change back to what you had before.

2) Copy all msg dialogue text files to the directory Fallout2\data\text\english\dialog where ever you have your RP game installed, overwriting any existing files.

2) Copy all int script files to the directory Fallout2\data\scripts where ever you have your RP game installed, overwriting any existing files.

3) The ssl files in the download are simply decompiled scripts if you'd like to look at them, and are not necessary to play the game.

4) The caravan leader scripts use an extra local variable, so you'll have to increase the variable allocation for each one in scripts.lst. This is easy to do. Find the text file called scripts.lst you already have in your Fallout2\data\scripts folder. Open this file with a plain-text editor like Windows Notepad. Find the lines (use the search function) for the caravan leader scripts and change them so they look like this:

Code:    ; Random Encounter Den Caravan Master           # local_vars=9    ; Random Encounter New Reno Caravan Master      # local_vars=9    ; Random Encounter Redding Caravan Master       # local_vars=9    ; Random Encounter Broken Hills Caravan Master  # local_vars=9    ; Random Encounter Gecko Caravan Master         # local_vars=9    ; Random Encounter San Fran Caravan Master      # local_vars=9    ; Random Encounter NCR Caravan Master           # local_vars=9    ; Random Encounter Vault 15 Caravan Master      # local_vars=9     ; Random Encounter Vault City Caravan Master    # local_vars=9

In other words, on the line for each caravan leader script change the '8' at the end to a '9' and then save the file.


Q: Are these scripts compatible with the Megamod?
A: You'll need to look closely at the item pids of items in the traders' inventory to make sure they're compatible with the Megamod item list. As always, global variable usage should also be inspected to confirm compatibility. There may also be a problem with Den and New Reno caravan leaders in regard to slaves in their caravans.

Q: I can hardly ever trade with the caravan leaders in "Caravan fighting Bandits" encounters because they're knuckleheads who always charge into battle and get killed!
A: MIB88 made a modest harm-reduction procedure in the Megamod that helps address this issue. I didn't include it in this download because the theme of these projects is "no change to major game files." As always, editing core files like AI.txt may require restarting an entirely new game afterward. However, if you'd like to do this yourself for your own game open the text file called AI.txt in the folder Fallout2\data\data where your game is installed. Find the two entries called "Store Owner" and "Tough Merchant." Make them prefer ranged weapons over hand-to-hand combat by adding a line in between "attack_who" and "body_type" that says "best_weapon=ranged_over_melee" (so they won't charge the enemy). In other words with the change the line in question of the entries would look like:

body_type=Tough Person

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You should pass this along to killap. This a fix more than a mod and thus should be included in the RP by default IMHO. :)
Cool. I'll definitely check this out. You didn't say we had to start a new game, so at least I don't have to worry about that since I'm at least half way through my game, and would like to actually finish one without starting over like I have a tendency to do because I'm constantly messing with stuff. I don't think I've finished a game in almost a year. I haven't seen any of the new RP implements yet, as far as the last few missions and towns you go to. I usually like to work my way top to bottom as much as possible.
I updated the link in the first post to Version 2 of the files. Only a few minor tweaks were made (most noticeably, if you help the caravan in a "Caravan fighting Enemies" encounter they may give you a slight price break on trade goods). If you've already downloaded the original version it's the same deal-- you can just drop the new files into your game directory and keep playing, as there's no need to restart a new game.

Since the first of the year I've changed my approach, and I'm more into gutting existing scripts entirely and starting from scratch rather than inserting or changing here or there. That's what I did in these cases, but I think if you take a look at the original scripts (which no one would ever report as a bug, since if something was unknown no one will notice it missing), particularly in the talk node, what's wrong should be readily apparent.

Added 4 March 2014

Files link in first post updated to version 3. I found a bug-- caravan leaders would correctly report their destination city, but the destination would not be revealed on the world map. The problem was fixed.
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The scripts should still be compatible, but I added some additional functions that will be included in an update. That may take some time :look:, though, as I'll need to study killap's new material first.
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