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  1. Sowell Train

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    Jul 7, 2019
    This is a collection of all known material for the purpose of running a Fallout pen and paper game, as well as a few extras, accumulated with the help of some wonderful members on this forum. A big thanks to them as well as the original creators of the content. If you have anything you wish to see added post it below.



    Core Systems:
    Fallout PnP 4.0
    Fallout Unlimited PnP 3.0
    Fallout PnP 2.0
    The Big Apple Wasteland
    Savaged Fallout
    Fallout for Cyberpunk 2020
    Zen Fallout PnP
    Fallout GURPS

    Campaigns & Adventures:
    Enclave Civil War
    Whispered Shadows
    A Vatful of F.E.V.
    Jackpot Nevada
    The Seventh Circle
    Burning Skies

    Mods & Extensions:
    Vault City Handbook
    Tribal Perks
    The Enclave of the United States of America 2.2
    Brotherhood of Steel
    The Knightly Order
    Great Wastes

    Misc & Utility:
    A folder with a bunch of maps
    Ammo List
    GM Reference Sheet
    Fallout PnP 2.0 Character Sheet
    Fallout PnP 2.0 Character Sheet (Graphical)
    Fallout PnP 4.0 Character Sheet
    Urban Environments 1.0
    Fallout and How to Survive in the Wasteland When Your GM is a Total Dick (Savage Worlds)
    Perk Chart
    Random Encounters
    Revised Skills
    The Hand to Hand Bible
    Supplemental Rules (3 books: Character Creation, Equipment and Gear, and Misc Rules)
    Russian Weapons List
    Modified Perks
    New Perks
    New Traits
    New Gear

    Video Game & Lore Books:
    Fallout WWIII Europe
    Fallout 1&2 Sourcebook
    The Complete Fallout Bible
    Vault Dwellers Survival Guide


    Other online resources:
    Fallout Fandom Wiki:
    The Vault Fallout Wiki:
    Fallout Lore Reddit:

    I did not make anything in this collection. It's just that, a collection of useful materials for anyone who wants to run a Fallout pen and paper game. All credit goes to the creators of each piece of content and a sincere thank you as well. To my knowledge, no copyrighted content is included. If I am mistaken, inform me and immediate action will be taken on any necessary corrections. There's a lot included here and I've sought permission where possible, but if you find that your work has been included against your wishes, inform me and again immediate action will be taken on any necessary corrections.

    New Vegas DLC Satellite Maps - primaryinsomnia
    New Vegas Satellite Map - primaryinsomnia
    FO4 Satellite Map - FloorBelow
    Nuka-World Satellite Map - sakura9
    Far Harbor Satellite Map - sakura9

    All of the wonderful content creators.
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  2. Sowell Train

    Sowell Train First time out of the vault

    Jul 7, 2019
    Some stuff I forgot to include this time, will do so in the future:

    Vaults and Vertibirds, as discovered by @Atomic_Spawned here.
    Bestiary by @Skyeris , creator of PnP 4.0. There is a hyperlink to it in the pdf for 4.0.
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    Feb 16, 2021
    Many thanks for this, I hope I will get good use out of this
  4. Goris

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    Sep 18, 2022
    What an incredible resource. I making my own system for a Table Top because I haven't been satisfied with any of the systems I've tried but the maps and scenarios are great for inspiration and testing.