Fallen Earth

I played it for a month. It's interesting, but the road to max level is sort of the same thing over and over. Lots of grinding. I quit around level 25. (50 was max when I played)

The quests are well written, other than that, I can't reccomend it.
Wasn't a fan of it. I got bored during the quest where you had to kill a bunch of raider but you had to do it in certain ways and i just said "fuck it".

Then again the only MMO I enjoyed was Runescape, and that was years ago. I just can't get into the fetch quest/grind anymore
It is a huge pile of grind. If you are into grind-games, yay. If not, then nay.
It didn't stay long on my computer. At first i thought it could be decent but it was not a game for me.
I was sorta turned off it when my character fell through the map halfway through the tutorial and died.
That was back when it was really buggy though, not really bothered giving it another look see due to the grind.