Falling Damage in PNP 2.0

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    Jan 13, 2023
    I noticed that it doesn't say what damage is inflicted by falling. There is the rule that for each 10KPH (rounded down) in a vehicle crash you take a d10.

    using https://www.omnicalculator.com/physics/free-fall

    I get the following for each 10 feet

    10 27.8Kph 2d10
    20 39.3Kph 3d10
    30 48.2Kph 4d10
    40 55.7Kph 5d10
    50 62.2Kph 6d10
    60 68.2Kph 6d10
    70 73.6Kph 7d10
    80 78.7Kph 7d10
    90 83.5Kph 8d10
    100 88.0Kph 8d10

    so starting with 2d10 @ 10ft and adding 1d10 per additional 10 feet
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