Falling for Fallout?

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    Hearing the perspective of a non-RPG-lover on a role-playing game has become increasingly common lately - and quite infuriating when it comes in the form of a review - but it's still interesting to read this piece from Gaming Lives titled "Falling for Fallout?". In the article the writer describes her experience with Fallout: New Vegas as a role-playing newbie, and how she ended up considering the title one of her "favourite game experiences" and decided to play Fallout 3 thanks to it.<blockquote>I struggled with the combat side of things for quite a while and was regularly fleeing from feral ghouls or a lone Radscorpion. It was only in my panicked state one time that I hit a random button and ended up in VATS mode. It truly was a lightbulb moment. Where I was trying to empty dozens of bullets into a creature while running away, suddenly I could freeze time and BOOM, headshot. I’m sure this must have been covered in the tutorial somewhere and I’d missed it, or perhaps it’s simply karma for me being a moron and not reading the manual. Either way, that and Veronica – my arse-kicking first companion – made my travels across the Mojave much easier.

    Slowly, I found myself starting to care about some of the characters I met. I ditched Veronica for Cass as I felt bad for her, stuck drinking all alone everyday. She’d be running in and picking off enemies before I even saw them and that’s always a good way of winning my affections. I also loved Lily the mutant and felt genuine concern over her storyline; I hoped none of the choices I was making would be detrimental to her already… ‘fragile’ state. Local gang The Kings were also a highlight. Maybe for the humour involved with such a group or because they reminded me a little of the Elvis impersonators in Grand Theft Auto 2. Either way it’s fueling my new imaginary campaign to get a bunch of Elvis-a-likes into all games, let’s make it the new ‘zombies’! However, one character I never warmed to was the friendly cowboy robot. He creeped me out and even at the very start of the game I didn’t trust him one iota.

    As the hours I was pouring into the game quickly melted away I found myself getting more and more into it. Instead of turning on the Xbox and spamming friends to come and play Halo with me, I was burying myself in Fallout: New Vegas. Most things came to me quickly, I realised the error of my ways regarding clipboards and I sold my collection of burnt books. I focused on levelling up in lockpick, speech and science, which I found most enjoyable. Once I figured out how hacking a computer terminal worked I couldn’t get enough and I found speech to be one of the most useful skills when progressing through the storyline dialogue options. For once in a game I wasn’t focused on simply shooting the crap out of things and other acts of sadistic violence; I preferred the satisfaction gained from sneaking through a previously locked door or diffusing a tricky situation using words alone. I was in love with the game. What made it such a joy to play was the open world nature. I could roam virtually anywhere and discover little shacks or caves that could have been so easy to miss. Most hours were spent ignoring the main story and, instead, wandering away from the roads and investigating a lone farm to piece together what happened there, thanks to notes scattered about or a grave in the back yard. As I neared the end I could use my skills to enter buildings that were full of raiders or booby-trapped with turrets and be rewarded at the end with a fantastic weapon.</blockquote> One can hope she'll play Fallout 1 and 2 too and enjoy them in the future.
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    I appreciate her fresh perspective.

    But she'll never play Fallout 1/2. It's like putting a modern teenager into a 1950's car. "WHERE'S MY POWER STEERING??"
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    I hope she writes another one after playing FO3 I'd like to see what she makes of it in relation to NV...
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    She did write her first impressions in the linked article:

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    Eh. Fixed, etc, etc. :roll:

    What a strange thing though, really. Most of us were introduced to the series via the first two games and then played 3 and ugh'ed ourselves to death. I wonder if recognizing the shallow banality of FO3 will be as obvious to her as it was to us?
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    yep, I meant after she has finished it/played for a good while. I would like to see if newcomers notice any big difference (besides the brown filter!)
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    This is not the first time I read something like this, A LOT of Fallout fans who started the series by F3 actually prefer NV in terms of story and gameplay.
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    Hi all!

    My friend just gave me a heads up on FB that my article ended up on here. Thanks for not ripping it to bits as I'm not a journalist or pro writer in any shape or form. I just like games and waffling on about them :)

    I haven't got far in Fallout 3 at all yet and it's on my to-play list. Currently dealing with a Tropico 3 addiction.

    "But she'll never play Fallout 1/2. It's like putting a modern teenager into a 1950's car. "WHERE'S MY POWER STEERING??""

    Well, I'm 30 years old and grew up with a Commodore, Atari etc so I think I'd be okay with it ^_^ I recently got a laptop that's able to run PC games so I'm certainly tempted to go all the way back to see what I missed. Games don't have to be brand new with shiny graphics to please me!

    Anyway, I shan't ramble on any further and thanks to any of you who took the time to read it.

    Kat x
  10. Is it windows 7?
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    I've never really been big on impression pieces. From a quick read, this one does highlight nicely a few of the good things about FONV.

    I sometimes wonder if people who actually read game manuals and/or go through in-game tutorials are a dying breed.
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    Please do play it! There are a ton of people here that would be more than happy to help you get it to run if you have trouble.
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    * and not because you are a girl

    there, fixt
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    Bewb power doesn't get me extra help here? Oh *sulks*

    I do indeed have Windows 7. I've read about people having trouble playing Fallout 3 with it. Are there also issues with previous Fallout titles too then?

    I think it's impatience! I've never read manuals myself (or instructions for DIY furniture etc) but have friends who devour them as part of their gaming "ritual". Or perhaps it's not impatience but stems from growing up with a joystick and couple of buttons which didn't require booklets of info. Enclosed leaflets were ignored and disgarded as mostly health and safety precautions. I risk going off topic there but as far as I knew I was merrily plodding through the in-game tutorial quite nicely, the VATS just never appeared, maybe I wandered off from a section that would have explained it without realising or it was just manual-only info. Either way, I didn't blame the game, am aware it was my error :)
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    Yeah, any OS from after the 90's is going to have trouble running the first two. You've got to download the hi-res patches to fix it I think.
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    you mean after xp... i have xp 64 and never had a problem running them other than sometimes during the opening intro movie it will black out periodically sometimes, but thats a video driver issue.

    its reportedly worse if you use a radeon gpu altho those supposedly have been fixed.
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    30 huh? In that case you might be okay. :)

    Be sure to check out Fallout 1 and 2. There's a reason you can walk into retail stores and still find them on the shelves after all this time.

    I applaud you for coming to NMA to brave the fire.
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    The name made me double take... it's darn close to me blog.
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    I have a strange felling that she won't like FO1 and FO2,it would be cool if she would try out the first 2 games also