Fallout 2 mod Fallout et tu - Release v1.10

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  1. slayer4mayor

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    Dec 26, 2019
    I’ve just completed my first play-through and this is absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed the added content that I did discover. The motorcycle is an awesome addition. I laughed when I saw the G.E.C.K.s in the Vault 13 storeroom locker.

    I only discovered one issue. Neal's urn wouldn't show up in my inventory when I stole it. I stole his urn during the day while he was sleeping and I'd received the "you swipe the urn hoping nobody noticed" text in the HUD. I know I was successful with stealing it because he wakes up and kicks you out of the bar if you fail. I ended up just using Sherry's testimony to bust the Skullz gang and moved on.

    I want to thank Lexx and all involved in this project. You made my favorite RPG 100x more enjoyable.
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  2. Samira

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    Nov 16, 2009
    He could be replaced with single outdoorsman book hidden somewhere, as it's only item actually worth getting from all that trash he have. Or as you said - removed completely, nobody will cry for him.

    Which version you're using? (can be checked in corner of main menu, or ddraw.ini->[Misc]->VersionString)
  3. slayer4mayor

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    Dec 26, 2019
    Which version you're using? (can be checked in corner of main menu, or ddraw.ini->[Misc]->VersionString)

  4. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    I was thinking about the Shady trader already. Normally I'd put them behind a "if fixt_enabled" condition, but I actually kinda like him. Making him act like any other trader in the game wouldn't be a big problem.

    About the git-issue, we haven't noticed anything.

    Out of curiosity, did you have any party members with you at the time?
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  5. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    this guy is right. The urn is not created in inventory *if* one uses steal skill on the urn, however if one simply grabs the urn (hand icon) the urn get's spawned correctly in inventory. New guy said clearly that he tried to steal the urn, and not simply grab it ( this is the case as well in rev. from today 1657 or if i remember correctly.

    Another issue. I met a guy and mantises in random encounter killed mantises & talked to the guy. He offered to travel to shady sands with me. Unfortuneatly when i arrived there was black screen and Shady sands music playing. I had to kill the game from app manager. Going to Shady Sands by yourself works fine however so it's this NPC's script that is flawed. New coupons for non-food items will help you save more on Publix Ad.
  6. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Bit of a stretch, because "using" the scenery object morally is also stealing.

    Anyways, all issues should be fixed in the next release.
  7. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    New Fixt wasn't released in january, but fear not, for I have come with news.

    We've made a surprising amount of progress last month. So much so that FALLOUT ET TU is now (core-) feature complete!

    All of Fallout 1's primary features have been ported over to the Fallout 2 engine and improved uppon. This task took us roughly 7 months with a bit of a break in-between, and we're pretty happy with that.

    Since the Christmas Release last month, we've fixed a huge amount of bugs (Fixt and vanilla related), and added a couple more goodies and general improvements into the package. See the behemoth of a changelog further below.

    This release also includes some restructuring:
    The Fallout 1 interface, as well as everything related to the worldmap visuals has been split-off and turned into their own mini-mods. This means that players can enable/disable these components easily in the ddraw.ini to either keep the old Fallout 1-flair, or revert back to the stuff from Fallout 2 without having to hack into the files directly.

    IMPORTANT: This release of FALLOUT ET TU uses a custom ddraw.dll file! Using a different ddraw.dll than the one provided in this package will result in certain features to be disabled, or the game simply crashing!

    • Added: Fo1-styled red travel marker dots and terrain info when traveling on the worldmap.
    • Added: Mod - Resized Super Mutant flameboy death animations, originally by @.Pixote.
    • Added: Mod - Fallout 1 interface mod. Replaces the Fallout 2 interface with the graphics from Fallout 1. This was originally a part of the fo1_base package, but is now its own thing for easier handling.
    • Added: Mod - First iteration of the german translation. All vanilla Fo1 core-dialogues are finished. Some of the new sentences aren't translated yet, and added dialog files from the old TeamX restoration mod, etc aren't translated yet either. Any help with finishing the translation is welcome!
    • Added: Mod - Classic Worldmap mod will now uncover and show locations the same way as in Fo1.
    • Added: Mod - Classic Worldmap special encounter blinking icon is now the same as in Fo1.
    • Added: Animations - Missing "exploded to nothing" / "Chunks of Flesh"-animations for rad scorpions (big and small).
    • Added: Animations - Missing running animation for female tribal NPC.
    • Added: Animations - Missing SMG idle animation for black metal armor dude.
    • Added: Animations - "Black" Combat Armor animations for the Brotherhood Armor. Works for players and party members. The style can be toggled on/off for Brotherhood NPCs in the fo1_settings.ini file.
    • Added: Animations - SMG and Pistol animations for "Yellow-Pants" metal armor woman.
    • Added: Animations - Rifle animations for Black Metal Armor Dude, because why not.
    • Added: Animations - Tycho-critter can now also use SMGs.
    • Added: Animations - Loser with black shirt animations (Unused for now).
    • Added: Animations - Black Man with black shirt animations (Unused for now).
    • Added: Fallout 2 dialog interface graphic with "Tell Me About"-button.
    • Added: Fo1-styled interface graphics for Sfall's "ActionPointsBar"-mode (increases visible action points on the interface from 10 to 16).
    • Added: German translated interface graphics for Sfall's "ActionPointsBar"-mode.
    • Added: Zones around the Glow read "Rad. Mountains" / "Rad. Desert" (can't show full text length right now).
    • Added: Being in encounter maps in the zones around the Glow will radiate the player a bit, not just the traveling on the worldmap.
    • Added: "Out of Business"-sign will appear outside of Darkwater's store after Killian has been assassinated.
    • Added: Except for the squad leader, all generic Brotherhood paladins in random encounters will wear helmets (makes it possible to identify the leader without having to click on everyone).
    • Added: If the player has more than 1 radscorpion tail, Razlo in Shady Sands can craft antidote from all of them at once.
    • Added: Razlo's kids will return correctly to their home after dark. Also tweaked their dialog so they won't say they don't know where their parents are if they are right next to them.
    • Added: Michael at the Brotherhood of Steel also gives out 7.62mm ammunition.
    • Added: TMA check runs through all typed words and returns a reply for the first valid keyword it finds.
    • Added: Using the punching bags will give a one-time +5% unarmed bonus (lifted from Fo2).
    • Added: Force Fields in the Master's Lair can be disabled by explosives.
    • Added: Vincent in the Cathedral will react to force fields being destroyed.
    • Added: The Cathedral prisoners will flee once the player has destroyed their force field(s).
    • Added: Morpheus in the Cathedral will attack the player if he sees him fiddling with his computer terminal.
    • Added: Wanted signs will show up in some locations if the player has been a bad boy.
    • Added: A fail-safe to the Vault 13 door, so that it is always closed before the endgame sequence starts.
    • Added: The locker used by the Water Thief in V13 will open and close on use.
    • Added: After joining, party members will face the player in dialog.
    • Added: The merchant in Shady Sands now gets his items from an off-screen container. Also changed his inventory a bit to make it less shitty.
    • Added: Lorri, the Brotherhood of Steel Doctor, is now watching her locker.
    • Added: Exploded traps in the Glow will leave a visible graphic.
    • Fixed: Sfall addition - The barter and combat control buttons in dialog would not have a clicking animation the first time they are pressed. This was a vanilla Fo2 bug.
    • Fixed: Sfall addition - Ocean tiles would not uncover fully to the map border.
    • Fixed: Missing "/" and "?" in english TMA keymap.
    • Fixed: Typing " " into the TMA input box would lock up the game.
    • Fixed: Can't use TMA anymore when talking to the Overseer in the endgame sequence.
    • Fixed: Dogmeat party member dialog ("use best weapon" and "use best armor") would print human replies.
    • Fixed: Broken worldmap mask tiles 18 and 19.
    • Fixed: Can't trade with gambling games related NPCs anymore.
    • Fixed: Dice girls won't float text anymore if the table has been closed due to tampering.
    • Fixed: Main title music now starts with the outro videos, not the credits screen.
    • Fixed: Missing Vault Suit armor type entry in party_armor.ini file.
    • Fixed: More Junktown NPCs won't respawn their caps on every map enter.
    • Fixed: Party member "abandon party" debug-spam.
    • Fixed: In the Master's Lair, the elevator door leading to the bomb can now be opened with an electronic lockpick.
    • Fixed: Regular Nightkins in the Master's Lair will not be deleted anymore together with the variable staff in the quarters when changing shifts.
    • Fixed: The Master now instantly gets moved to his correct position in the map and the player won't see the "teleport transition" anymore.
    • Fixed: The Master wouldn't talk to the player after Morpheus delivered him to the Lair.
    • Fixed: Talking to the Super Mutant Vats-Teams would crash the game because of missing / wrong dialog file.
    • Fixed: Painfield on elevation 1 in MBVATS12 map wasn't working.
    • Fixed: Mariposa Super Mutants now use the same disguise check as Cathedral Super Mutants (but they don't check for CoC badges unlike the Cathedral guards).
    • Fixed: Vincent and the mad scientists in the Cathedral will now correctly go about their daily work/sleep schedule.
    • Fixed: EXP exploit with doors in the Cathedral and Mariposa (locking/unlocking them).
    • Fixed: Using lockpick items on certain doors would crash the game.
    • Fixed: Tandi kidnapping timer works for real this time.
    • Fixed: If the player is armed, Shady Sands guards need to have sight on him before engaging in combat.
    • Fixed: Transparent egg issues with certain wall protos in Shady Sands buildings (E/W facing).
    • Fixed: The post-endgame hintbook now correctly sets all skills to maximum, all SPECIAL stats to 10, and hitpoints to 999/999 as it was originally intended.
    • Fixed: Razor will give the task to get weapons from the Gunrunners only once.
    • Fixed: Adytowner will only join the player against the Regulators AFTER showing the holodisk to Zimmerman or if the Blades are attacking.
    • Fixed: Regulators in Adytum have a maximum travel distance now.
    • Fixed: Tiny in Adytum won't mix his personal money into the trade inventory anymore.
    • Fixed: Guards in random encounters now have a maximum travel distance and won't run off into the sunset anymore.
    • Fixed: "Yellow-Pants" metal armor woman would spawn with weapons she can't use. Fixed in classic Rotators-style: Creating the missing animations instead of doing a simple script change. \o/
    • Fixed: Wrong dialog node in Lance dialog. He will now offer traveling to Shady Sands with the player.
    • Fixed: Vehicle potentially spawning inside the ocean.
    • Fixed: Traveling merchants will now remember their target destination after loading a savegame inside the encounter.
    • Fixed: Traveling from encounters to towns by NPCs could lock up the game.
    • Fixed: Traveling to Shady Sands or Raiders with Lance would end up in a black screen.
    • Fixed: Sometimes critters were spawning inside caravan scenery objects.
    • Fixed: Random mountain encounter would spawn pot container instead of gold items.
    • Fixed: Quack-encounter was spawning on hex 0.
    • Fixed: Ranger Perk encounter re-rolling was fucked up and inconsistent. Should now work correctly.
    • Fixed: Missing encounter table for northern city zones.
    • Fixed: Armor Destroy mod will correctly remove the armors from killed Bounty Hunters.
    • Fixed: Using the stealing-skill on Neal's urn would not check for players skill.
    • Fixed: Skum Pitt bar counter description text now changes after the player has stolen Neal's urn.
    • Fixed: Radiation distribution in The Glow is based on timer events now, which is not as fragile as the shitty map_update code.
    • Fixed: Exploit to use the Blue elevator in the Glow even without enabling the primary power first.
    • Fixed: Taking the Water Chip from Necropolis will not give negative karma if the water pump has been fixed before.
    • Fixed: Can't repeat Razor's dialog anymore after agreeing to get weapons from the Gunrunners. Might need some dialog tweaks in the future, so it won't look this lame.
    • Fixed: Sheriff Greene in the Hub will rotate back to his original direction after teleporting from Decker's hideout.
    • Fixed: Rhombus day/night schedule wasn't working correctly.
    • Fixed: It was possible to steal from Rhombus' locker without him reacting to it.
    • Fixed: Special Encounters will correctly disappear after leaving the map.
    • Fixed: Katja will correctly mark the Cathedral on the worldmap when talking about the Boneyard.
    • Fixed: Player wasn't looking in the right direction after switching maps in Vault 15.
    • Fixed: Killing the Hub Deathclaw on the worldmap would not remove it from its lair.
    • Tweaked: Doubled the karma penality for killing "good" critters.
    • Tweaked: Player stops moving when Kalnor denies entry into Junktown at night (prevents a possible graphic glitch).
    • Tweaked: Changed behavior of Neal at daytime (reacting to sound and spotting the player).
    • Tweaked: City raiders with desert eagles now have a slight chance to spawn with .44 revolver instead.
    • Tweaked: Encounter city map 2 and 3 slightly modified so the player won't spawn into a wall anymore.
    • Tweaked: Gizmo's corpse removal timer is now based on ddraw.ini setting "CorpseDeleteTime".
    • Tweaked: Position of the Deathclaw Lair has been moved a tad.
    • Tweaked: Reverted proto changes to 10mm AP, 10mm JHP, .44 Magnum JHP, 14mm AP, and .223 FMJ.
    • Tweaked: Slightly increased the scroll edges of the Cathedral tower maps.
    • Tweaked: Reduced general encounter chance.
    • Tweaked: The Gunrunners moat guard will now only return to his home position if the player enters the map (prevents the guard from blocking the bridge after reloading).
    • Tweaked: Wandering Blades are a lot less antsy now.
    • Tweaked: Gunrunners are a tad less antsy after the player took the weapons reward for himself.
    • Tweaked: Vehicle energy refill rate has been doubled.
    • Removed: Item proto files that either haven't been changed or still include deprecated Fo1 Fixt changes.
    • Removed: Vault 13 water flask and pump part items from Necropolis encounters.

    As before, find the new release on GitHub / check the first post of this thread or just go here.

    So what's up next you're asking?
    Well, same as always. Fixing bugs when we find them, tweaking stuff when something annoys us, adding content when we like it. We still got some more small-scale projects in the pipeline. It's not 100% clear when we're done with that, though. I'll try not to stress myself out about it right now.

    If someone wants to help with wrapping up the german translation, most of the files are already done. Some sentences are still in english .. but then there's also a couple files that weren't translated yet at all. This is primarily stuff from the old TeamX patch and various Fixt additions. It's very unlikely that I am going to finish this on my own, because I just don't play the game in german (anymore), so... any help is appreciated.
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  8. Silver-Lambda

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    Feb 2, 2020
    is that a final version or what?

    do you have a plan for future add-ons on it? {i love your mod!}
  9. ghost2238

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    Dec 13, 2019
    We still have a few issues to fix (see https://github.com/rotators/Fo1in2/issues) and I'm sure that more will be discovered once more people become aware that et tu exists.
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  10. Matt Drax

    Matt Drax Smart Ass

    Sep 4, 2010
    Nice, finally feature complete, gratz @Lexx & co. \o/
    I also did now play in german for the longest time, bust I just forked the repo and will look at the missing translations when I find some time. Or is directly forking a bad idea because the encoding of the files?

    Also: Do you rather want it strict vanilla as is was in the german version, or a bit better written? ^^
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  11. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Well, as long as there aren't more typing errors, I don't really care too much about how it's written. I know that some other folks fixed up stuff some years ago, but all download links were dead, so I wasn't able to merge this stuff directly into the game.

    What's important is that all .msg files are converted to ANSI. Otherwise the game will not correctly read the umlauts.
  12. agris

    agris Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jul 8, 2004
    What was the 'foundation' upon which this conversion was made? TeamX 1.3.5?
  13. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    Fixt2 from 2015 or something like that. Pretty sure it included the last TeamX patch. We touched almost every script since we started, though, so it's really not the same anymore.
  14. agris

    agris Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jul 8, 2004
    For me, the key part is the map fixes in the TeamX patches.
  15. MurkyShadow

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    Feb 15, 2004
    Congratulations! It's been a while I've been around this parts. Just got whiff of this project on the Codex. :salute:
  16. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    Any examples? Making map fixes is like the easiest thing now.
  17. hexer

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    Dec 7, 2013
    Did you by any chances bring back the SM invasion?
  18. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    The invasions are in the game, and I even fixed bugs related to them. You can set all timers in the /config/fo1_settings.ini file.
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  19. hexer

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    Dec 7, 2013
    Awesome news, thank you!
  20. 25_year_old_None

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    Jan 27, 2020
    I am running Fallout mods on my mac using crossover (loved Nevada by the way!). Unfortunately I can't get past the installation step where I have to extract undat.exe (Command return 255 - no idea what this means....)

    Anyone would have an idea how to run this from a mac? Sorry being a mac user for work