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    Oct 28, 2009
    I don't mean the BoS bunker at Lost Hills, i actually ment the random encounters with palladins.. my memory is hazy bout this, but i remember picking a PA from such an encounter, though it might have been my from my dead companion who got owned by one of the palladins "friendly" fire :p
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    Apr 24, 2005
    Encounter paladins do not spawn power armor.
  3. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    so it was probably my dead companion...

    i literally hate those encounters when you are placed between raiders and BoS execution squad to be instant colaterall damage..

    Returning to primary part if my initial question...
    Has anything been tweaked regarding how party npc stats are treated?

    after equipping my team in PA they all of a sudden quickly dropped their stats, armor threshold and resistances, and some dropped strength as well. katja dropped down to 1 ST by simply de- and re-equipping the power armor. Plus somehow HPA resistances and thresholds on party npcs changes to combat armor values when wearing HPA.. something's not right and i don't know what. using latest versions of fo2tweaks,F2MechanicsMiniRework, and Nirran's rapidperks ( using latest since for some goddamn reason the old version of RapidPerks didn't work with latest FoEtTu from githubapp. some parts of the latest one don't work either)
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  4. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005

    Sfall has been updated to version 4.4.4
    • Added: "Mangled" corpse script to the dead bodies in the Necropolis sewers that were dragged away by rats (Restored cut content).
    • Added: Full ai generated Ron Perlman voice for the Expanded Ending slides.
    • Added: New mini-mod for restored "original" Junktown endings (inverted Killian and Gizmo consequences).
    • Added: The nerfed hit chance in Fo2 can now be reverted back to the version in Fo1 (GVAR_ENABLE_FO2_HITCHANCE in fo1_settings.ini)
    • Fixed: Added missing dialog for the hintbook and tweaked the text to fit Fo1in2.
    • Fixed: Crash when delivering pulse grenades to Sophia.
    • Fixed: Dog in random coast encounter wasn't called "Dog", because it shared the script with the peasants.
    • Fixed: Footsteps mod would crash the game when triggering corpse aging on map enter.
    • Fixed: Incorrect LVAR check was used for MacRae's teach option after helping the Blades.
    • Fixed: It is now possible to win the chess game against Zax in the Glow when using the vanilla chess game dialog (advanced chess game has been moved behind a new toggle option in the fo1_settings.ini file).
    • Fixed: Lance in the Shady Sands encounter could talk about the player having dealt with the Khans, even though he didn't yet.
    • Fixed: Mike in the Boneyard (Blades territory) would show the wrong dialog message if the player declines his reward.
    • Fixed: Mr. Handy and Floating Eye companions use base game repair mechanics for healing now.
    • Fixed: One of the tiles for John's work routine was out of range.
    • Fixed: One of the tiles for Vault 13 water guard's sleep routine was out of range.
    • Fixed: People of average intelligence could run into a bug with Lou that would restart the whole dialog.
    • Fixed: Radscorpions near the Glow could spawn with the wrong script.
    • Fixed: Razor had a visible debug dialog option.
    • Fixed: The brutal death endgame cutscene with the Overseer could break if the player went into it with a weapon already in his hands.
    • Fixed: The computer course in Brotherhood took ten times longer than it should.
    • Fixed: The player's "ouch"-message (low IQ only) was missing when being healed by Thorndyke.
    • Fixed: The random rotation of FoA guard/scout movement was out of range.
    • Fixed: Wrong message was shown when detecting traps in the Hub thieves guild hideout.
    • Fixed: not all FO1 perks (ID 0-63) have their old requirements.
    • Fixed: possible crash when talking to Katja when escaping the military base.
    • Tweaked: The world map travel speed calculations have been changed. Now traveling will take the same amount of time as it did in Fo1 and depends on the Outdoorsman skill.
    • Tweaked: Due to the update to the latest Sfall version, animated scenery will keep animating even in combat.
    • Tweaked: Aradesh dialog will now mention the reward that the player gets after rescuing Tandi.
    • Tweaked: Ian (and Tandi if around) will now leave the party and attack if the player is an enemy of Shady Sands.
    • Tweaked: Tycho will now leave the party and attack if the player is an enemy of Junktown.
    • Tweaked: If player has disabled the Fo2 party member limit, the Magnetic Personality perk won't show up anymore, since it is useless.
    • Tweaked: Restored the original chess game dialog with Zax in the Glow.
    • Tweaked: Reverted Fixt changes to party member stats, to bring them back more in line with vanilla Fo1. Adjusted stats for party member level-up accordingly.
    • Tweaked: Reworked the Lance encounter around Shady Sands to work more like in the vanilla game again (random chance to spawn a dead raider instead of Lance). Lance remains alive (restored cut-content).
    • Tweaked: The expanded chess game with Zax is now behind a new GVAR_ENABLE_FIXT_CHESS toggle option (see fo1_settings.ini file). Disabled by default.
    • Tweaked: When damaging a door but not yet destroying it, a notification will show in the message log.

    You can find the latest release here.
    NOTE: Old savegames are very likely NOT compatible. Delete Fo1in2 and reinstall it, if you want to play the new release with as little issues as possible.

    Alrighty. New version. Tried to be a little faster this time. I'm actually a little bit surprised about how much has happened since the last time. With every release I'm thinking "well, that's probably it now for a long time..." and then boom, we find more shit to do.

    Most notable this time is probably the new mini-mod about the restored / alternative Junktown endings. Those were originally changed, because it was deemed too dark / too unpredictable. Now you can decide on your own if you agree or not.
    While doing this, we also replaced all VO from the expanded ending slides option with new ai generated Ron Perlman lines. It's not perfect and could use more love, but for now it's fine. If someone wants to help with improving it more, and bringing it more in style of the original, be my guest.

    Some more stuff has been either reverted from old Fixt releases, or moved behind new toggle options. Notably the more advanced version of chess when playing against Zax. In the original version, you can't win against Zax, because there are no criticals when rolling against SPECIAL stats. We've implemented that now.

    Oh, and we added an option to remove the nerfed Fo2 hit chance calculation. Though, personally I really advise to keep it enabled. The game is easy as it is and removing that nerf just takes away from the fun. Besides, you'll easily even it out with just spending a few more points in your combat skills. It's really not that big a deal.

    One more thing: We tweaked the worldmap travel speed values and rewrote the time calculations. Now traveling around will take the same time as it did in Fo1, depending on your Outdoorsman skill.

    Anyways. The rest is more or less just a couple bugfixes.

    PS: Ettu v1.9 has been downloaded about 60k times. The influence of the TV show is quite noticeable.
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    May 2, 2005
    Looks like I'm doing another playthrough :)
  6. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Yeah.. unfortuneatly I'm out at the moment.
    Temps rised a bit, and apperantly folks around the house are not happy with me raising it even more with my desktop rig.
    Unfortuneatly my tablet bit the dust after an unfortuneate bios modification attempt. And the stupid service ppl broke it completely by improperly writing the bios chip
    So I'm on my phone to mid september i guess.
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    Dec 11, 2006
    Why not activate low power mode on your rig or something like that? It shouldn't heat up your house as long as you are on low-temps, just keep to old games and browsing the internet, and you should be good. You should be getting something like 25-40 Cº on a low-power mode desktop. I only have browser and some programs open and like 15% CPU use on my Lenovo LOQ 15 and I'm sitting at ~40º temps right now. Desktops run cooler than Laptops, as a rule.
  8. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    yeah but then i'd have to switch everything back in the atumn.. which is annoying, beides I wouldn't be playing D2R or at least the experience would be horible if i was to castrate my pc capabilities on purpose. besides my GPU model is a known hairdrier, it's always getting hot (275W) stuff inside is quite dusty so it will get hot no mather what, and i don't have the luxury to just clean it whenever i want, my family would be "fuhrerus" if i decide to just waltz in with my dusty rig, put it on the dinner table and start picking it apart, blowing dust everywhere, they shood me off last time when i was combining 2g4 an other one. besides yesterday was my niece's wedding.. soooo *godfather* has to do his thing ya know..
  9. rochr4

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    Jun 29, 2024
    Hello, I play this on android (fo2.exe Vault Edition) and have question about Fog of War which comes in Sfall and is exposed in GUI of fo2.exe, have you tried it, does it bring anything? Maybe it is just a gimmick, gives pleasant look which I like, have not put serious time into game yet, just set it and it works, played oryginal game when it came out so my memory is blank.

    Edit: Fog of War comes from Mash hi res, sorry for misinformation.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    Yeah I know how Fog of War functions in this game, though i prefer to have a broader look on the battle field, in some quests it's nessecary, as for example You can't hear the footsteps of the water thief, and you have to hide b4 he manages to attempt theft, since you can't hear his footsteps, it's silly to limit your field of view, i actually prefer the field of view in classic fallout over how it's done in newer games, and the fog of war leans toward the newer games
  11. rochr4

    rochr4 First time out of the vault

    Jun 29, 2024
    Thank you very much, it's no F.O.W. in fallout classic for me then!
  12. Iprovidelittlepianos

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    May 12, 2020
    Can’t you still see the door open in that water thief quest?
  13. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    depends on how you configure the fog of war..

    from what i remember using the area where all party members left was visible but grayed out, and you coudn't see a damn thing happening in there.. anyways screw fog of war it's not Fo:tactics and it's not Jagged Alliance 2.. fallout is falout, and it originally came to be without fog of war.. and i also play without the 2x because when fallout first dropped into my hands i had a 15" CRT monitor with 1024x768 resolution, and 640x480 looked exactly like fullhd res on full hd 21" flat monitor without the 2x scaling at least pixel density wise so it always was pixel hunting for me, and it looked nice too.. the only time i had a pixelated look was between 2006 and ~2008 where i discovered sfall and playing in higher reslution..

    since between 2006 and the time i started using sfall i had a 17" CRT @1280x1024 where Fallout did indeed looked ugly

    On a side note as this has been probably asked few times already:


    is the fact that Ending slides state that "Aredash mourns Tandi's death" despite tandi being in my party all dressed up in HPA after finishing the game ( i just haven't escorted her back to Shady Sands yet but she's alive and all fine), is a bug leftover from original code or a feature?

    I mean in original game not escorting her to shady sands and venturing to places like military base and cathedral was almost guarantee she'll die, however now when i was able to just equip her with HPA she barely got scratched by anything in there ( and that is despite the fact i totally abused the tough mutants function by setting all muties to have 999hp)
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  14. uv_halo

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    Jul 1, 2024
    I'm having a problem with the Guardian of Forever special encounter. When I enter the temple, I'm in the Foyer but, I cannot scroll/pan anywhere past the initial load point. This prevents me from going further into the temple (when I move the cursor to the top edge, I'm shown the X arrow). I can tell there is at least one rad scorpion because combat starts, and my followers run offscreen to fight it.

    I'm playing Fallout et tu (steam) I can't read my et tu version number 100% on the menu page but it looks like 1.9.33*4 (with sfall
    I installed it following the guide and, I'm not running any other mods. I'm not sure if it's my screen resolution (1366x768) but, I've tried dropping down to 1024 x 720, with no change.
  15. Lt.Gonflette

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    Jul 1, 2024
    Power Armor is glitched for companions: their armor class and carrying capacity momentarily increase, but once you leave the dialogue menu for your companion, their stats decrease to whatver armor they previously had.
    EDIT: Nevermind that, it's a glitch caused by either ShowLootInventory or InventoryFilter. My bad.

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  16. fuzzi

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    Jul 7, 2006
    @Lexx I had same problem with PA during my last playthrough.
  17. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    No idea, maybe you are using an old savegame?
  18. Iprovidelittlepianos

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    May 12, 2020
    Forgive me for asking a stupid question instead of reading through the changelogs, but do the Gun Runners ever sell any of the Fallout 2 weapons?
  19. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    I solved my problem:

    the F2MechanicsMiniReowrk mod was not set to be Fo:EtTu tailored, the apropriate setting i the mod's .ini was to be a default Fo2 which caused problems i guess..

    Anyways I had a save from before i equipped any powered armor. and just to be safe now i de equip all npc armors, exit the conversation, enter it agin, do armor trading (a.k.a take the old one give the PA/HPA, and order them to equip. No switching armors from one to another, and no picking out the old armor before exiting the dialogue. this plus Fo2mechanicsminirework .ini: EtTu=1

    and it all went smooth..

    the sad thing is that I had Tandi in My party at the endgame, and ending slides told me that tandi died.. WTF?

    Yes they do.. however the initial chance is very small..
    You need to finish the deathclaw quest, and have a discount chat with zack, after that You'll get a chance to ask for better stock.. fork 10k for extra scavengers, and the GunRunner stock will be enhanced from now on..
    though the chance for new stuff is not 100%.. and it is random.. so you'll likely want to make a save on deathclaw map before entering gunrunners, go check their stock and reload if the result is unsatisfactory..

    among the new stuff:
    Riot shotgun=Pancor Jackhammer equivalent
    Advanced Assault Rifle=AK FN Fal equivalent
    10mm Carabine=HK P90C
    Metal Armor Mk.2
    Combat Armor Mk.2

    though 10mm Carabine seemes the most usefull option among all of this. if you went to become BoS member the armors sold here are probably meh ( which they are in this mod)
    hadn't had much use for the pancor, and FN Fal has too little ammo to be considered usefull.
    Bozar may be usefull but i don't use it since i play with tough mutants >60 which provides 999hp muties. there are no practical repair modifcations in this game, you want your party with 10mm carabines anyways
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    Jul 4, 2024
    Is there any way to enable additional weapon types on followers? I added the corresponding weapon animations on the party_armor.ini, however, nothing seems to have changed.