Fallout: Irradiated Paradise

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    Intro -​

    The year is 2275 and the world is still on fire. Besides the nuclear fire that scorched the Earth close to two hundred years ago and the radiation that slowly burns everything away for Ish the world was quiet literally burning around him. He was pinned under some rubble that had fallen from the recent explosion. All around him was a fire that was only growing brighter and hotter with each passing second.

    "Django!" He called it to his companion whom he brought with him on their job.

    Out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure dive through the flames. It was a large figure wearing a very rusted suit of
    T-45a power armor. Ish didn't recognize Django in the suit so he tried to swing a nearby bar at him thinking it was a raider. Django caught it saying,

    "Is that how you always treat your knight in shining armor?"

    Ish was shocked to find his friend in a suit of power armor. As his friends used the armor to lift the rubble off of him Ish asked him,

    "Where did you find that rust bucket?"

    The fire around then began to explode and the flames shot out at them.

    "No time hold tight!"

    The rusted jet pack on the back of the power armor sputtered a bit and struggled to lift the two men up and through the crumbled roof. As the duo shot out and away from the building the flames blew out of the roof and the building crumbled to the ground. Luckily they were safe from the explosion but then the jet pack sputtered out and shut down.

    Django shouted out,

    "Shit! Out of power!"

    Django tried to twist in air so that he, wearing the armor, would take the hit and not crush Ish. Luckily for Ish he succeeded and after they landed Ish got up and off of Django. When he stood he felt a sharp pain in his side and when he looked he found a small piece of metal stuck it if him. He knelt down and took the helmet off of his friends head saying,

    "I know that fall didn't take you out. Where did you even get that suit anyways?"

    Django stood saying,

    "Couldn't you have let me rest just a few more minutes? I told you we should have raised the armory after we killed everyone."

    Django got out of the armor as Ish removed the piece of metal from his side.

    "If I had known they had a gas leak I would have listened to you. Either way though thanks."

    "It's fine we are even now anyways. Get into the frame. It'll help with your wound."

    Ish got into the armor as Django removed the armor from the frame saying,

    "Not enough juice to carry the armor but enough to carry the frame."

    They walked a few blocks away where they found their Brahmin that they hitched to a post. Django loaded the armor and the three of them made their way back home.

    What do you guys think? Feedback is always welcome
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    A bit small for a chapter but nevertheless it's shows promise.

    Might I ask, how long have you been writing?
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    I've wrote a bit here and there though nothing too big. I do plan on continuing this since I love fallout
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    It shows and with time you'll get better.
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    When I get the first chapter done should I post it in this thread or do another one? Also I renamed this as the intro instead of the first chapter
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    Post it in this thread because admins don't like having to merge threads together i'd imagine.
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    You think I should just edit it into the first post?
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    See its shit like this makes me want Fallout 2 just straight-up be a comic book series. The Video games are by and large terrible at this point and having it be a comic book series would allow for better writers to have more creative freedom like this. Good work.
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    Lol thanks bucko
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    Though your story is set pretty late for the world to "still be on fire".
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    I only meant it literally for the main character. The world is not still on fire though around Ish at the time it was
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    Chapter 1 -
    "Damn I just realized I left my rifle back there." Said Ish as he walked beside his friend and their brahmin, Tiny.

    Django turned around and looked off at the distance behind them. The building was long out of site so he turned back around saying, "Well its gone now."

    Ish put his hands on his head as he walked, "Damn I really loved that piece. You remember how I got it?"

    Django laughed, "Yeah you 'beat' a super mutant in an arm wrestle, or, at least that's what you tell people. In reality I distracted him while you swiped it from behind him. Ended up having to fist fight him."

    Ish laughed at the story, "I don't even know where that mutie got that kind of firepower. .50 caliber rifles don't come common on top of that the trigger guard was too small for him."

    "He probably didn't understand that. After all he wasn't wearing any cloths and he could barely speak let alone fist fight."

    The two continued their walk with some jokes here and there until they made it back home. Canyon city used to be run by the Calculator and all his robots. A few decades ago the Brotherhood of Steel whipped the floor with them and decided to set up camp there. Now its a major town in BOS territory. The two of them hitched Tiny to a post and went into the bar. Once they made it the counter they ordered a few beers and told the bartender, Micky, that they needed to claim the bounty.

    "You guys have never brought me proof that you actually kill your marks. Why should I keep paying you?"

    Ish pipped up as Django downed his first beer, "Look Micky every time we come back the raiding stops. Ain't that proof enough?"

    Micky laughs a little, "Your lucky I like you boys and you pay your tabs. Your right though, no proof and yet the raiders stop their raiding."

    Micky put down a large sack of caps, "Here's the payment. I'm not gonna ask how you guys did it because I know tonight when Ish is wasted he will tell it and tomorrow when Django is sober he will actually tell it how it really happened."

    Ish took the purse and divided it in half between the two of them. He then downed his second beer, "You know us all too well Micky boy. Jokes on you though we are staying mostly sober tonight."

    Micky looked a bit confused, "First you take my money then you don't give it back huh? What are you boys up to?"

    Django finally joined in on the conversation, "We are hopping out of here. Heading east."

    "What for?" asked Micky.

    Ish replied, "We are young and don't wanna settle. We wanna see the world a bit before we die and bloody death."

    Django added, "Plus there are only so many raiders that will raid this town. Especially knowing that their being hunted. There are places out there that are desperate and will pay bounty hunters like us a whole lot of money."

    Micky asked, "What about your families and friends? You've lived here your whole life. When are you leaving?"

    Ish replied, "They will be fine and we are leaving tomorrow morning bright and early. Looks like your gonna have to ring in more customers since you won't have us here to buy all your beer."

    The three men laugh and Micky asks, "Hey Ish what happened to your gun?"

    Ish answered, "Long story short I lost her. We got an almost functional suit of T-45a out with Tiny though and with my share of this last job we will be able to buy me another gun."

    Micky looked over to Django, "At least you still got your guns."

    Django had two double-barrel sawed-off shotguns strapped to each side of his waste like pistols. He hadn't lost his guns since he was in the power armor.

    Micky asked another question as the two of them finished their third beers, "How bad is the power armor?"

    Django answered, "Just out of juice. Its rusted but it works like a charm when its got a fusion core inside of it."

    Micky walked out from behind the bar and nodded to his waiter to take his place while he was away saying to the duo, "Come with me real quick fellas."

    The two of them looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders and followed Micky. He led them to the back of the bar and moved a few crates around. Under the crates was a hidden hatch that nobody but Micky new about. Once opened it revealed a ladder that descended about twenty feet down. The three men climbed down it. Once at the bottom Micky flipped a switch to turn on the lights revealing to the duo a single room bunker that was about the size of the entire bar itself. It had shelves lined with enough food and water to last Micky several lifetimes.

    Ish pipped up, "You preparing for a second apocalypse?"

    Micky chuckled, "Nope but I wouldn't be surprised if one happened. I just like to be prepared."

    At the far side of the room stood a beat up suit of T-60 power armor and it quickly drew the two boys attention. As they walked closer to inspect it Micky said to them,

    "I've never told anybody this though I feel I can trust you boys. You both know I was apart of the Brotherhood in my past though what you didn't know is that I'm not from this chapter."

    The two boys turned in shock to face Micky. This news to them was quite the shocker seeing as they had known micky their whole lives.

    Micky continued, "I am Paladin Mick of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel Chapter and that is my armor."

    The two boys stood in silent shock for a moment before Django pipped up, "Damn Micky and here I thought you were just some bartender."

    Micky laughed and walked up behind his armor saying in response to them, "I am just a bartender to everyone but you two now. Here. Its five fusion cores. Enough to last you at least halfway to the D.C. ruins. That right there is about half of my personal stash and its all I can give you at the moment." He said as he handed Django a box.

    Micky then walked over to the right side of the room and unlocked a large locker revealing several weapons most of which the boys had never seen before, "And for you Ish take this. Its my old laser rifle. It should give you just as much power as that old .50 cal you had but with none of the kickback." He said as he handed Ish the rifle. It had a long and fat barrel with a long scope on it and at the end of the barrel it had a beam focus modification. Basically just what Ish wanted.

    Micky continued, "You boys have done this town good by clearing out these raider for these past few years. You've done me good by giving an old man some hope that the youth of our world hasn't gone to shit just yet."

    He gave the two boys a hug, "I've known you boys your whole lives and while I am sad your leaving I'm glad your pursuing your dreams."

    Ish said, "Thanks Micky. We never asked for this much stuff from you."

    Django said, "Thanks Micky. Couldn't have survived this long without your old wisdom."

    Micky said to them as they climbed out of his bunker, "Now remember Ish you can find microfusion cells inside most if not all robots and machines. Djano you need to check basements of pre-war buildings for fusion cores, that's usually where you'll find 'em."

    The three helped cover the hatch back up, the two boys payed their tab and went home for the night. Ish didn't have a mom so that night his father talked with him about leaving. At first when Ish proposed the idea a few weeks ago he was entirely against it though recently he has come around. The two of them shared a few beers and talked for most of the night about really anything that came to mind.

    On the flip side Django didn't have a dad so that night his mother cried and cried about him leaving too. When Django first talked to her about him leaving she was against it and now she still was against it though she knew Django had set his mind to it and there was no shaking his will. Django promised to leave all his savings with her which would keep her well fed for years to come though that didn't seem to help too much. It was hard on Django seeing his mother cry like that though he knew it couldn't be helped.

    The next morning the two awoke bright and early for their journey. The previous night left them both with little sleep due to anxiety and excitement though their tiredness wouldn't last too long. The slammed a new fusion core into the frame and strapped the armor back on too. Django was the one that wanted to use it seeing as Ish didn't like the feeling of all that weight on him. Ish holstered his new rifle, unhitched Tiny, and the three of them set off east to the ruins of D.C.

    Before they could leave town though there was a large crowd at the gates to send them off. There was a lot of cheering, crying, hugs and all around emotions flying through the air. Micky was there and he walked up to the two of them saying,

    "Remember what I told you boys."

    He gave them a wink and shook their hands. He then ordered his waiters and waitresses to load up Tiny with as much food and water as she could carry without slowing her down too much.

    With that the sniper, power armored man, and two headed cow set off on their journey...

    How'd you guys like that one? I don't have much of an editing process and I honestly don't plan this out too much so sorry if there are any errors here.
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    I like humor like this. Don't see enough proper humorous human interaction like this in the games.
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    Lol yeah it always confused me as to how super mutants could use gun that you could with such big hands
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    Ish said, "Thanks Micky. We never asked for this much stuff from you."

    "Yeah, thanks Micky. Couldn't have survived this long without your old wisdom." Django added

    (This would look better.)
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    I'll keep that in mind. Thank you
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    Try not to keep your writing so repetitive.
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    I'll definitely post another Chapter within the next few hours
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    Chapter 2 -
    "KEEP STILL AND STATE YOUR BUSINESS IN JUNCTION CITY!" A loud, hoarse voice shouted from the top of a junk wall. The guards shined a few spotlights right at the duo and considering it was late at night it blinded them in their tracks. They figured it was safe to assume there were multiple guns pointed at them and even though Django was a walking tank in his armor they had no reason to fight. This city was on their way to D.C. and they needed a place to rest for the night. Ish shouted out,

    "We are just two drifters looking for a place to sleep tonight! We mean you no harm!"

    They heard a few whispers between guards but couldn't make anything out.

    "Alright you both can come in but we are going to need to ask you to leave your power armor with us."

    Django reared his head at this and asked,

    "What? Why?"

    The gate began to open as the spotlights were turned away from them. They could see four men with rifles still trained on them. The one speaking to them was a large, slightly fat man who surprisingly was a guard too. He answered,

    "We still don't trust those Brotherhood people. We aren't saying your one of them but the citizens won't take kindly to someone who wasn't a guard wearing one of those suits. Don't worry you can keep your guns and we won't steal your armor. It will sit safely in the town armory."

    Django looked to Ish who shrugged his shoulder. Ish said to him,

    "I don't like it either but what else can we do we're short on supplies."

    Django shrugged and exited the armor. As the duo walked into the town two guards walked out to retrieve the armor. Ish sarcastically remarked to them,

    "Be gentle we just got a new paint job for her."

    Django was too angry to laugh though the two guards chuckled a little. The fat guard met them on the inside of the wall. He said to the two,

    "Sorry for the rude welcome but regardless welcome to Junction City! We are still to this day independent from those rather brutal Brotherhood of Steel. This is our main pride though we also have others like our lovely bars, stores, workshops and the like. Feel free to explore this city to your hearts content but please abide by our laws."

    The duo didn't like the vibe this large man was giving off. He sounded like a mayor though he was dressed as a guard. He couldn't be a guard due to his amount of fat either. The two made their way to the nearest bar and ordered a room for the two of them. The thing is though the bar was surprisingly rather empty. The only people in there were the two of them, the bartender and a man sitting at the bar. Normally you'd have a chat with the bartender but they both were completely silent. As the pair walked up to the bar and asked for a room the bartender looked completely blank and when he spoke they could clearly hear a sadness in his tone. When Ish asked what was up the bartender simply replied with a shake of his head. Django said to Ish as they sat there on their beds,

    "I don't like him."

    "Is it just because they took your toy?"

    "No not just that. I can't read him."

    "Normally I'd tell you your over thinking things but this time I'm with you on that one. He was too fat to be an effective guard and the way he talked to us was something else."

    "On top of that the bartender was weird."

    "Your right there too why not at least say something even if he didn't tell us what happened just shaking your head like that is odd."

    "Maybe we both are just overthinking things."


    The two of them eventually fell asleep in their exhaustion and confusion. The next morning the two of them were quickly woken up by the bartender,

    "Hurry grab your things and get out! I need this room right now!"

    Ish and Django were both confused seeing as they just woke up, it was before dawn and the bartender was acting weird again.

    "What?" Django asked irritated at the quick awakening. The bartender quickly reached into his pocket and through a sack of caps at him answering,

    "Look here are your caps I need this room now please get out!"

    Two grabbed their things and got out not wanting to cause something plus the bartender's frantic state really made them want to get the fuck out of there.

    "What the fuck is wrong with this damn town? Lets just get my armor and get the fuck out!" Said Django furiously. Ish quickly motioned for him to quite down,

    "Stay quite. I hate this shit too but lets see what happens ok? We can hide on the roof of that building and see who goes in. What do you say?" He asked as he pointed to a roof across the street. Django looked a bit pissed off, sighed, then smiled a little.

    "Lets poke around a bit and have some fun."

    Ish smiled and laughed a little adding as they walking around the block to the back of the building,

    "That's why I like you big guy."

    They went around back as to not raise suspicion and climbed to the roof. They sat up their for about twenty minutes before the sun began to rise. With it they saw some people going to the bar. They saw the fat guard walk in, a women dressed in a mans leather duster and a huge guy wearing power armor. His size was so massive that he didn't even wear the frame he just strapped the pieces to his body excluding the helmet. Ish pipped up the Django,

    "I really want that girls duster."

    Django looked at him confused asking,

    "Why the fuck are you focused on that coat at a time like this?"

    "Come on man it will complete this vibe I'm trying to put off."

    Django was now even more confused,


    Ish turned to him and was about to explain things when they were both stopped in their tracks by the sound of a cocking gun,

    "Don't move." A female voice said to them. They did as they were instructed due to not wanting to be shot. The unknown party put handcuffs on them and blindfolded them. They were carried for a good ways then were put into what they though had to be a van or truck. They were drove for about thirty minutes and as they were being taken they were told not to speak or they would be shot. Once they arrived at their destination they were lead down several flights of stairs until they were shoved into chairs back to back with each other. They were tied to the chairs and once they were secured tightly the blindfolds were removed. Before the two of them stood the women in the mans duster. The two men didn't know if she was the one that captured them or some other women but so far that's all they had. Behind the women were two men in T-45d power armor carrying iron bars.

    "Your in trouble boys." She said. "Your going to get hurt." She added.

    Any feedback fellas?