Fallout: Scourge Mk2

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  1. Mr Krepe

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    Mar 28, 2010
    After a long hard thought after the criticism, I decided I would make the remake of the original version and try and differentiate from FO3 more, tell me if the remake is successful.

    Location: New England

    You start as a loyal scientist of The Commonwealth, where you and other scientists are protected by mercenaries, but what happens next turns your world upside down:

    Quest No.1
    Target: Retrieve a lost protectron from a tribal camp.

    You go to redwater Tribals Camp and try to negotiate with the tribals to get your protectron back. the tribals lose their temper and swiftly attack you and your mercenary guards. The mercenaries cut down the tribals and you go and retrieve the protectron, now you have to take the protectron back to the commonwealth's forward base camp. On the way back you get stunned by a grenade nd fall to the ground.

    Quest No. 2
    Target: Escape the BoS base

    You wake up in a BoS base being interrogated by a Paladin who frequently hits you and asks where the commonwealth are based. Later another paladin walks in and asks for the paladins attention, they both walk out, but the paladin has left his laser rifle on a bench near you. You escape the hold and nick the laser rifle. You run out of the room and kill all of the unaware BoS. You go upstairs and shoot down the remaining BoS. You get out of the interior and realise the reason the interior is so undermanned is because of ongoing assault on the base, the commonwealth are hear to save you! Now to get back to home base.

    Quest No. 3
    Target: Get back at the BoS for trying to steal Tech

    You start gearing up in the armoury and the attack is on! You and your team-mates hop on a vertibird and get flew to the nearest BoS, unfortunately the BoS have some SAM sites, crash bang boom,
    you re down on the floor, fortunately none of the BoS have seen you. But those SAM sites are still their and there is still vertibirds coming in, destroy the 3 SAM sites before the vertibirds get here (10:00). Now fight down the interior of the base. You get down to the bottom and you successfully take the remaining Paladin hostage, he tells you nothing so you offer him as a ransom to the BoS they agree....

    Quest No. 4
    Target: Take the BoS Hostage to the BoS Base for some tech ransom.

    On this one basically, you have to take the hostage to the main BoS, but you have to make sure he doesn't die as he has no power armour or weapons seem so you pilfered them in the last quest. He will also occasionally he will try to escape, just do a non-lethal hit on him and he will come back. Once you get to the BoS Base you will be rewarded with a new exclusive weapon: The Executer a special version of a Plasma Pistol.

    Quest No. 5
    Target: The BoS is taken care of, try and enforce the will of the commonwealth on a nearby port settlement.

    Go to Port Ghoul Bay, and snatch any tech that may forward the commonwealth's scientific research. But when you get there you notice the BoS has taken over it, you get into another conflict with them, where all of your guards get killed, try and evade BoS hunter patrols as you try to get back to the commonwealth base. But when you get back, the BoS are assaulting the base, successfully! Now you have no home and the BoS has destroyed your livelihood, you need revenge...

    Quest No. 6
    Target: Try to find allies for a coalition attack on the commonwealth base.

    Part 1: Go to Port Ghoul Bay, and try to get help from the scared citizens, they say they will help you, if you help them kick the BoS out of their homes. Go to a man called Bobby "Explosive" Bates, who will give you fusion pulse detonators. Use these and put them on BoS resources around the town. After doing this the citizens will start arming up for the attack.

    Part 2: Go to Camp Ellison where retired slavers and raiders lie and will fight for big caps, just give the retired Captain Red 1500 Caps and him and his boys are yours.

    Part 3: Go to Mourning Tunnels, this is where a large population of erghmm civilised ghouls live, all you have to do to get there help is to get rid of some of their less civilised brethren from the tunnels, after this they will get ready to aid you.

    Quest No. 7
    Target: Retake The Commonwealth base

    Join your three lieutenants, Captain Red of the Raiders, Ready Jo of Port Ghoul Bay and Huntley from Mourning Tunnels. Help decide the tactics and the battle is on. Attack the base straight from the front and disable the turrets then battle the BoS to the death all over the base. When you finally retake the base, you free all the commonwealth scientists who were made to work for the BoS.

    More tomorrow....
  2. Rawden

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    Jun 19, 2010
    This is, surprisingly, quite good. I could see this being made in to some sort of conversion or mod, definitely. I especially enjoy how you've mapped these out with very vague detail, to leave some room for the imagination.
  3. Mr Krepe

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    Mar 28, 2010
    Thanks for the compliments, I will add more later today or tomorrow because i'm quite lazy, but the reason I went with The Commonwealth as protagonists, and the BoS as antagonists, because as far as I know, no one has done that yet.
  4. FractalArt

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    Sep 23, 2010
    Hey, not bad. I can see this as being more of an add-on though.
  5. smber2cnma

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    Sep 29, 2010
    Interesting story, but not really a FO4 or even a spin off. The missions are written as if there is only 1 way through them, but any Fallout worth its salt will have a minimum of 2 outcomes for just about every quest and 3 or 4 outcomes for the good ones.

    The story you describe is very linear and seems to even have distict levels pieced together in a sequential fashion. That just isn't what Fallout games are.
  6. Bal-Sagoth

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    Nov 1, 2008
    I agree the writing is not bad, it is on par with some of the stuff in popular FPS games. The issue being that when I read it an FPS game is the first thing that came to mind, it comes off as a linear pre-narrated shooter and not an RPG at all.