Fallout: Yesterday - Demo available

Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by Proletären, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. Proletären

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    Mar 15, 2012

    A few days ago PJ & Co released a demo version of their upcoming total conversion Fallout: Yesterday (Van Buren on the Fallout 2 engine) available to download.

    The total conversion mod can be discussed here.
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  2. basstheratass

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    Jun 8, 2020

    I've been waiting on this for a while I thought the project was dead, so great it isn't
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  3. Oracle

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    May 19, 2003
    wow that was unexpected! well done!
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  4. Sagez

    Sagez It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Oct 29, 2013
    Demo is really worth playing. Map is very big, new creatures are amazing... I'm pleasantly surprised!
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  5. Hulk'O'Saurus

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    Jul 10, 2018
    I will give it a spin sometime in the future. Recently played Fallout 1.5 Resurrection - kinda full of the old Fallout stuff atm :D.
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  6. mef

    mef Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Dec 29, 2014
    unexpected great news! i'll check it out when i have some free time
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  7. Gunfire

    Gunfire Gunfire

    Jul 30, 2020
    Looks fun, might check it out
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  8. Vegger

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    Oct 18, 2007

    The first: sorry for my poor english, i do not use it often / or write.

    I'm not able to run the demo. I have original copy of the Fallout 2 from GOGs (gog.com). When i run the game the sreen is going black and go back to the deskop and then the error occurs: "The instruction at 10029942 referenced memory at 00000000 The memory could not be read from [...]". I would love to check this demo, can anyone help me with this problem?

    edit: the problem were two monitors - needed to turn off the second in windows.
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  9. Klyve

    Klyve blodbad88

    Nov 9, 2020
    I may be missing the obvious, but the extractor asks for a password to extract..?

    Edit: Found the PW; its "summer 2020"
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