[FO2] Is there any way to beat frank horrigan without killin

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    Is there any way to beat frank horrigan without killing him?

    I just beat the game without killing anything except Frank Horrigan. Even though the turrets and marines killed him, and I didn't touch him, it credited me for the kill. (ok, so I also super-stimpacked the president for the access key, but it didn't count as a kill).

    Is there anyway to talk your way out of it, or what?
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    RE: Is there any way to beat frank horrigan without killing

    No, there isn't.

    BIS, in their gross misunderstanding to the quality of the first, decided to add the proverbial "big bad boss" to the end of an Ultima game. For those who don't understand the analogy, Ultima's games have been more towards fighting enemies along the journey, but there's a task/method at the end of the game that you need to do in order to win. In Exodus, you'd have to get the cards in the right order to destroy Exodus, destroy Mondain's gem, put the lenses for the Codex of Infinite Wisdom the right way, etc. Imagine how bad it would be if there was a large boss-type enemy that you must fight. It would be pretty lame and cliché, wouldn't it?

    Yes, BIS hosed up the gameplay and made combat skills of some form just about required and totally hosed diplomat characters. Add in that they created an arch-nemesis that is complete ass compared to The Master, and you have a really good bungle.
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    YES! After 23 years HERE is your answer!
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    Not quite the question from back then. You still kill him, just using the super-stim effect. It might not count as a kill, but the question was if there was a way to talk your way out of fighting Horrigan (and not just by letting the turrets and the Enclave troopers do the work).

    Also, count yourself lucky that Roshambo isn't active anymore, he'd have slammed you hard for digging up an 18 year old thread and then not even getting it right.
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