Getting both Great Bear and Red Victory grenade rifles In Lonesome Road while still being with NCR?

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    Jul 10, 2018
    For my explosive character I look to get every explosion esc weapon cause I'm sort of a collective freak, I know you can get both of them from nuking both NCR and Legion but is it possible to still be on the NCR good side? (So far my reputation with them is Accepted) Could I also just do lonesome road then (I think) after Benny leaves the tops with my reputation being not good I would have it reset when I'm told to see the ambassador?
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    Just like Ceasar will offer you a chance to work for him even the whole legion hate you to guts, NCR will do that too.
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    I recall one game I did every possible positive quest for NCR then fucked them over in some major might have been nuking them. They didn't like it very much, but they still didn't kill me on sight if I remember correctly.
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    The invite from Ambassador Crocker gives you the free reset. And as dumb as it is, I don't think nuking the NCR makes them hate you. Just a medium to heavy loss in reputation. I think the lowest you can go before they KoS is wild child, but I'm not entirely certain. You could always loot dead legion members for their ears and turn those in to boost NCR rep. But the NCR are everywhere in the Mojave. Should be plenty of sidequests for you to do until you're max rank with them.
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    I think this is the right answer but it has been a long time. You will be WILD CHILD or something to that effect. It can be done...I think.
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    Jun 30, 2018
    It really is just easier to abuse the pardon after the tops. Legion and NCR kill squads when you're vilified bring in so much goddamn money. Especially considering OP is most likely running an explosive character. Play the double agent and stall the visit to benny and rack up the rewards from fucking both sides over until they kiss your ass because you visited the Tops. Mr House would be damn proud.
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    Nov 8, 2018
    It's easiest if you do Lonesome Road and bomb both the NCR and Legion before ever going to the Lucky 38. I always do the DLCs first for just this reason. If I get a hostile reputation with both the Legion and NCR, I can then milk the opportunity to kill as many Legionaries and Profligates as I like and do companion quests/side quests before going to the Strip. It's also during this point that I usually visit both Dry Wells and The Long 15. You can wait to get the pardon until after you've gotten your grenade rifles.

    And this is coming from someone who's never played an explosives-based character. To me, explosives are either a tertiary weapon (i.e., mining the entrance to Ulysses' Temple before the final battle) or excess weapons to sell. After returning to the Mojave, I just sell whatever mines, grenade rifles, grenades, etc. I have. I've only used grenade rifles a handful of times to see what the different types of grenades did. Same with grenade launchers and a mini-nuke launcher. For me, it always comes back to sniping in some form, starting with the varmint rifle that Sunny Smiles gives you and ending with the almighty Holorifle (I'm biased toward energy weapons).

    If you want to do NCR quests between nuking both factions and going to the Strip, that's what disguises are for. Same goes for Legion quests such as teaching Decanus Severus how to disarm mines. It also makes for stealth kills if you want to play an assassin/spy character. Your enemy won't suspect one of their (apparently) own. You'd be playing less like a Hollywood ninja and more like a real ninja. After you've visited the Lucky 38 for the first time, the pardon script will trigger, boosting your reputation. In my experience, I went from Vilified rep with the NCR after bombing them and the Legion to Merciful Thug upon freeing the NCR hostages at Boulder City. Then I went from that to Soft-Hearted Devil by doing some more NCR quests with my handy disguise, and from that to Liked after speaking with Mr. House. Meanwhile, my Legion rep went from Vilified at the end of Lonesome Road to Neutral upon killing Benny, recovering the Platinum Chip, leaving The Tops, and getting the Mark of Caesar from Vulpes (or Alerio, if I killed Vulpes in Nipton).