I Have Questions About the Level 50 Perks

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    Oct 12, 2016
    All three level 50 perks become available at the final level, but only one is unlocked depending on your karma. One increases critical damage, one increases health and damage, and the other increases attack speed and VATS action point regeneration.

    Now I know that Thought You Died, which requires good karma is best for builds using automatics, explosives, or using Heavy Handed in hand-to-hand combat, its effects stack with Bloody Mess and other perks that increase damage against specific targets. Just Lucky I'm Alive is great for critical builds as it stacks with Better Criticals. Ain't Like That Now stacks with Fast Shot and Slayer, though typically you'll only be using one style of combat, but it's great for maximizing attack speed outside of automatics.

    All of my planned builds have a variant on which perk to take, with a different arsenal of weapons focusing on increased critical chance and damage, fast attack speed, or higher damage. But I'm starting to wonder if this is an effective strategy and if it would be a better idea to pick the best one for certain builds. Maybe I need to trim down the number of builds I have planned and pick the absolute best way for each style for maximum effectiveness.

    My questions are:

    -Is Just Lucky I'm Alive worth taking if your weapons have a critical chance modifer of 1 or less? What about if you use automatics or shotguns, even despite their lower critical modifier or critical damage?
    -Is Thought You Died worth taking is you use hard hitting single attack weapons such as shotguns, Anti-materiel Rifle, Multiplas Rifle, Ballistic Fist, etc?
    -Is Ain't Like That Now better than JLIA if using weapons with a modifier of only 1 or attacking only about a couple of times per second? What if you don't use VATS, is it still a good choice?