Interesting Ideas from the developers

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  1. dude_obj

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    Oct 19, 2004
    Interesting ideas from the TODO.TXT in master.dat\data

    (Weapons -- Grenade Launcher attachment?)
    (StunGun -- causes loss of 1? turn?)
    (Plasma/Laser that bursts?) -- Carbine?
    (Flare gun?)
    (Grenades -- being able to set # of turns/fuse?)
    (Grenades -- Frag -- larger blast radius?)
    (Grenades -- ability to drop 'lit' grenades?)
    (Grenades -- Phosphorous/Tear-gas -- causes temporary blindness?)
    (Trip-wire explosive/motion-detector explosive?)
    (Explosives triggering other explosives?)
    (Exploding Barrels?)
    (Auto-pickup thrown weapons? -- at end of, or after, combat?)
    (Drug dart gun?)
    (Drugs -- one that performs explosion on player?)

    (Monsters -- sand shark, birds?)
    (Remote "robot" walking bombs?)

    (Spiked armor -- should increase HtH Dmg?)
    (Armor -- that can reduce/eliminate criticals?)
    (Armor -- that has lighting/inherent night-vision?)
    (Mad Max armor: should give Charisma perk?)

    (Special critter attacks -- "Diseased" rats, paralysis (lowers AP), acid?)
    Critters should sometimes attack the weak?
    (Send party members on "missions"? Like defend, attack, run, hide, distract, etc.?)
    AI -- smart enough to target groups w/area-effect weapons, instead of lone individuals?
    Should critters reload with extra AP's?
    (Some critters should hold back (behind cover?) some times?)
    Smart Enemies: Spread out if opponent has area attack weapon?
    (Rnd encounters in towns? (esp. after town is dead?))
    (Random encounters where a town is attacked?)
    (Retreat/Fall-back hotkeys?)

    Armor Piercing weapons should only get AP bonus vs. their target,
    not nearby targets that got caught in the blast?
    (Detect Damage source (weapon) in damage_p_proc?
    (Detect Damage Type when in damage_p_proc?)
    (Can damage threshold be negative? -- to take extra damage from certain types of damage.)
    Detect: Plastic explosive?
    (Change the way poison works?)

    (Books: Intelligence should affect point value?)
    (Pipboy 2000: Add a critter section that shows pix & info -- perhaps the crit. hit charts?)
    (Pipboy: add ability to have pictures in holodisks?)
    (Geiger counter tracks radiation on worldmap???)

    There is a huge list in that file ... these were ones I picked out that I thought were either interesting or perhaps doable with some new scripts.
  2. Wild_qwerty

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    Feb 2, 2004
    The interesting one for me are the flare gun launcher.

    Would it be possible to have 'flare ammo' for the grenade luanchers you made up. So that they still give off light after they are fired at a target (cause some damage still)

    Or an indicery grenade that once fired at a target will cause a fire to burn there for a few turns and increase the light there.

    Though the stungun would be a great weapon, but as a way around it you could have a single shot weapon that has the kinetic knock back perk
  3. Per

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    Apr 1, 2004
    Is this from Fo1, or have some lines just carried over? It's interesting how many "obvious" ideas they had that they never had time to implement.
  4. dude_obj

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    Oct 19, 2004
    The interesting thing is that flares are already a thrown weapon, and they do exactly what you said when thrown, but they have 1 hit point damage haha. Can I load a weapon into a weapon? I don't think so. I could try brute forcing the grenade launcher proto to try and load the flare, but I'm doubting it will work. However, I wonder if we can make a misc item that does that. The obj_set_light_level script command allows me to make any object light up. I will try using the "lit flare" FRM to make a new ammo type, and see if this is possible, but not right away, too many ideas at once LOL.

    Yeah, I wish we had more control over effects. I still don't know how to trigger those types of animations in scripts. The closest thing I have seen is how traps are coded. And I discovered that at the lower level (in define.h), the script call critter_damage(who, amount) is actually a call to critter_dmg(who, amount, damage_type). It is brute forced (hard coded) to DMG_normal_dam, but define.h lists these other damage types:

    #define DMG_normal_dam 0
    #define DMG_laser 1
    #define DMG_fire 2
    #define DMG_plasma 3
    #define DMG_electrical 4
    #define DMG_emp 5
    #define DMG_explosion 6

    Then there are these interesting bitmasking values
    #define DMG_BYPASS_ARMOR (256)
    #define DMG_NOANIMATE (512)

    And there is a commented out command that uses this:
    /#define critter_damage(WHO,AMT) critter_dmg(WHO,AMT,(DMG_normal_dam BWOR DMG_NOANIMATE))

    The BWOR is it bitwise or, which is a bit shifting (aka bitmasking) command. So the above command shifts the bits to make it a "damage but don't animate". And they list a "damage bypass armor" bitmask value. In fact, the traps in the game use this bit masking to bypass armor like this:

    critter_dmg(source_obj,random(MIN_DMG,MAX_DMG),(DMG_normal_dam BWOR DMG_BYPASS_ARMOR BWOR DMG_NOANIMATE));

    Notice how it uses the lower level critter_dmg command with bit masking rather than the documented critter_damage(who, amount) from the mapper docs. I tried some of these commands but got frustrated by many mapper crashes. I will get back to them later though because maybe this is the trigger we need for all of those nice special effects. Its really a shame they don't have direct animation calls to play the special effect FRMs. Or maybe they even do, but no damn docs.

    Regarding that list of ideas, I wish I had these 2 things:
    (Detect Damage source (weapon) in damage_p_proc?
    (Detect Damage Type when in damage_p_proc?)

    Then in a script I know what weapon and damage type is done. And if the system allowed direct calls to special effects, we could do all kinds of cool things. Oh its so sad this game engine is not open sourced, especially since interplay is grasping for last breaths. I'd be all over that engine source if it was available.
  5. dude_obj

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    Oct 19, 2004
    I don't know Per, take a look at the list. The quotes.txt files in the master.dat files are amusing. They are in both FO1 and FO2. Here's one from FO1:

    "So now that you are past the learning curve, you can blow up people much faster, right?" - Tim C.

    I was laughing when I extracted the FoT source and found the same thing. Laughing because they copied the idea and had really lame quotes like this:

    "If you’re going to pour wax on your nipples you should take your suit off first." <rgb:196,160,40>- Ed<C->

  6. Silencer

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    Nov 7, 2003
    What is it, X-COM? :D

    This could be interesting, although you'd need to script the "eye damage" wearing off after a while...


    Yeah... Jet made from Mad Brahmin shit fumes. :lol:

    Has anyone read "Just a Pilgrim"? Or is it from Deadlands?

    Or maybe that deals damage to enemies attacking you unarmed, like the Aura of Thorns did in Diablo 2.

    That'd be the day....
  7. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    CH Dogs not attacking in dog-vs-brahmin encounter?

    I dont remember that one........... will edit in more as I find em.

    Sneak is broken!

    Hmmmm........... sneak DOES seem ineffective sometimes.

    [=] BUG: Ai_tried_attack -- BAD_SHOT_OK only checks hit-self
    radius, because switching weapons didn't put away
    the RL! Also, it didn't clear the hit-self radius
    variable! (Can't just switch weapon to off-hand.)

    Hmmm, is there a way to chage or add a hit-freind radius, to test if a burst will hit a party member, or non hostile ?

    AnimForEver stuff (& sfx)?
    (Ambient SFX?)
    (New "Anim" code -- walk "close" to things (for
    combat, etc.))
    ?? (Improve worst-case of make_path? Storing past
    failures wouldn't work...I don't think.)
    ?? (Improve worst-case of make_path?)
    ?? Up the anim limits: test them? -- may have to lower
    them again since system requirements are same.
    [=] (Art anim limit --> base on art cache size?) -- NO, THAT

    Not sure what that means, but it seems to have to do with anims, so I thought Id post it in case it can help anyone.

    (Item to see more of map?) -- binoculars?

    Intersting....................... could indeed be useful. Prehaps also lowers chance of forced random encounter ?

    (Change ordering (or add 2nd call?) of rnd encounter
    setup stuff in map.c?)

    Would have been certainly intersting for adding varriety.

    Set map script in random encounters!?)
    (Disallow 2nd+ encounters on same pixel?)
    > (Put in new edge/intface art!)
    ?? (FINISH: scenery types?)
    [=] (Outdoorsman -- supposed to do more with encounters?)

    Hmmm, is there any unused code for this random encounter stuff anywere ?

    (Make Ap's rolled over into AC worth more based on
    distance from attacker?) -- Wacky, I know.

    Sounds odd, but would make some sense..........more time to dodge and such.

    (Ability to roll AP across turns? -- So would *never*
    be unable to attack, might just be really

    Makes a lot of sense. If you have a low AP characther............ itd help a lot.

    (New "sniper" perk that lets you use additional AP's
    to increase critical chance?)

    This would make a lot of sense, especilty combined with rollover.

    (Detect if miss was by armor AC amount?)

    Hmmmmmm "Raider missed. PCs armor deflected attacl" I could see that fitting in.

    (Ability to bash doors down?)

    That would be useful...........
  8. dude_obj

    dude_obj Vault Senior Citizen

    Oct 19, 2004
    But we don't know which of these bugs were fixed, and whether this list was really kept up-to-date. So much of the stuff I look at is out of date. For example, some of the script headers are missing items and even critters! Some have obvious bugs. But then, did we get the latest set of headers, the ones that were used for the final release, I can say with certainty we did not :(
  9. JimTheDinosaur

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    Mar 17, 2013
    Could anyone post the contents of this todo.txt? I've checked both of my Fallout's master.dat/data contents, but found nothing (maybe cause I'm using the version).
  10. Dude101

    Dude101 Vault Fossil

    Aug 3, 2005
    Fallout 2 Todo List:

    [Shipping Last-Minute Bugs]
    New readme.txt!
    Speedups: Run profiler!
    Use drugs-on problem.
    Disallow trading Geck?
    Empty guns don't stack? (Ammo-Pid's different)
    Not creating object id #'s correctly? For generated items
    as well?
    Can't pickup items under dead bodies?
    CH Dogs not attacking in dog-vs-brahmin encounter?
    Bug w/ radiation not going away?
    CH Raiders can't see through their gate, even though they
    are set as shoot-thru/see-thru?
    Gfx glitch w/ townmap-label section of WM!
    DB system doesn't track directories in db_get_file_list?

    Bug w/ ai_check_drugs! -- Partial Fix
    Sulik -- told melee-only, will still throw the spear!
    (WM: Walk line?)
    (Sort perks in char. Editor?)
    Take Thief perk can then spend points?
    Sneak is broken!
    Problems with Marcus lip-synch?

    (Kidnapped village death came up at start of game?)
    (Tweak knockback of super-sledge?)
    (Going up a level doesn't fix intface attacks!)
    (Obj_preload -> only on current elevation?)
    (Window around lsgame box!)
    (Endgame slides -- panning one?)

    [=] FIX: Enter/Exit party on map load/exit!
    ?? BUG: Possible critter_attempt_placement problems! -- PM
    ---> BUG: Move_all & move_all_hidden don't fix armor values?

    ---[=] BUG: Too many dialog options bug! -- WORKED AROUND!

    --- GLITCH: Use ladder, doesn't reset to stand!

    ---[=] FINISH: distance types, groupings/formations, elevations.
    [=] Car: Clear the outta gas map!
    [=] BUG: Doesn't properly check queue'd events & go to map.
    [=] BUG: Clip circles/text properly!
    [=] BUG: Rnd placement of multi-hex critters broken?
    > Lock some world locations from moving?

    [=] Switch weapons 'always'?
    [=] RetargetTile: Check IQ for recursion? Backtrack?
    [=] RetargetTile: Cull critters that have no LOS to target?
    > Ai_find_friend: leash to *fighting* one?
    [=] BUG: Some of the weapon choices are still incorrect.
    [=] BUG: It still flees in odd circumstances sometimes!
    ?? BUG: Flamer doesn't always play death anim/show death frame?
    [=] FIX: Tracking last desired item (drug/weapon) (ai_drug code)
    [=] BUG: Ai_tried_attack -- BAD_SHOT_OK only checks hit-self
    radius, because switching weapons didn't put away
    the RL! Also, it didn't clear the hit-self radius
    variable! (Can't just switch weapon to off-hand.)




    [=] Map Load: (Disable clear-win call now!)
    ?? BUG: Awareness finds left-hand instead of right? On some
    rnd encounters?
    [=] BUG: Doctor on non-human, says "arm" instead of "paw".
    ?? CHECK: Rnd # generator?

    ?? SPEEDUP: Startup, Map loads?
    ?? SORT ART.lst Files For Speedup -- FIX QSORT!
    ?? FIX: Memory Leaks!
    ?? (Sfx Cache -- startup slowdown -- could fix by
    preprocessing the sfx files, but still need
    to worry about patched ones!)
    [=] FIX: Tragic addiction!
    > Delete: Temp/unused maps (, etc.)





    [WON'T DO]


    Fallout 2 Todo List:

    (Drop_p_proc -- notify others? -- meat for dogs, ...)
    (Detecting object in party-member group?)
    (Is_leaving_map func?)
    (Allow scripts on misc items???) -- Why?
    Obj_can_see_obj -- with parameter/modifier?
    BUG: Script engine -- set variable equal to
    negative #, says is non-constant! (On
    John's end).
    (Allow scripts on misc items -- for exit-grids?)
    (Script cmd to mark WM tiles as known?)
    (Use_skill_on -- new proc to call script of person
    *using* the skill (to say things, etc.))
    (Only run generic animal scripts if on same elevation?)
    [=] (Can wield_obj_critter return a value?)
    [=] Question: Script calls to detect player skill levels,
    and interacting with party skills!
    > Cmd to heal specific/All party members?
    [=] (Attack nearest party member command?)
    [=] Flee Flag: Don't clear on combat_exit, clear when resting!
    > Do Radios have scripts attached? -- DOESN'T MATTER
    (Add: Just-picked-up-p-proc to change broc & zander
    roots into healing powder?) -- WOULD CRASH!

    ---[=] BUG: Fix disallowing of trades when overloaded?

    AnimForEver stuff (& sfx)?
    (Ambient SFX?)
    (New "Anim" code -- walk "close" to things (for
    combat, etc.))
    ?? (Improve worst-case of make_path? Storing past
    failures wouldn't work...I don't think.)
    ?? (Improve worst-case of make_path?)
    ?? Up the anim limits: test them? -- may have to lower
    them again since system requirements are same.
    [=] (Art anim limit --> base on art cache size?) -- NO, THAT

    (Make "car" location a special circle?)
    (Item to see more of map?) -- binoculars?
    (Random world-exit cmd/area?)
    (Change ordering (or add 2nd call?) of rnd encounter
    setup stuff in map.c?)
    (Fix green circle art?)
    (Caravan: Drop the scenery/etc. in code?)
    (Finish Random Encounter code?)
    (Set map script in random encounters!?)
    (Disallow 2nd+ encounters on same pixel?)
    > (Put in new edge/intface art!)
    ?? (FINISH: scenery types?)
    [=] (Outdoorsman -- supposed to do more with encounters?)
    [=] (Note: Change parsing of types to handle any ordering?!)
    [=] (Show walking line?)
    Scripts -- Need to set team # in create_p_proc?
    ---?? What happens if a rnd encounter fires in a turned-off area?
    ---?? (Speedup?) (More memory-friendly?)

    (Make Ap's rolled over into AC worth more based on
    distance from attacker?) -- Wacky, I know.
    (Ability to roll AP across turns? -- So would *never*
    be unable to attack, might just be really
    (New "sniper" perk that lets you use additional AP's
    to increase critical chance?)
    (Remote "robot" walking bombs?)
    (Detect if miss was by armor AC amount?)
    (Team Stuff?)
    (Send party members on "missions"? Like defend,
    attack, run, hide, distract, etc.?)
    (Missile that goes around corners?)
    (Fuzzing to-hit #'s when shooting through walls, etc.?)
    (Baseball Bat -- Swing/[HomeRun]?)
    (StunGun -- causes loss of 1? turn?)
    AI -- smart enough to target groups w/area-effect
    weapons, instead of lone individuals?
    (Use reload fidget when reloading? -- No, they don't
    all do that when fidgetting!)
    (Muzzle compensators?)
    (Plasma/Laser that bursts?) -- Carbine?
    (Flare gun?)
    (Grenades -- being able to set # of turns/fuse?)
    (Retreat/Fall-back hotkeys?)
    (Grenades -- Frag -- larger blast radius?)
    (Grenades -- ability to drop 'lit' grenades?)
    (Grenades -- Phosphorous/Tear-gas -- causes
    temporary blindness?)
    (Should player *lose* exp's out of the current
    combat total if they lose party members?)
    (Ability to use radio during combat to activate
    far-away people/party-members?)
    (Being able to do HtH attacks when both hands are
    (Trip-wire explosive/motion-detector explosive?)
    (Bigger explosions?)
    (Blow up locked containers -- safe, etc. -- ?)
    (Ability to bash doors down?)
    (Explosives triggering other explosives?)
    (Auto-pickup thrown weapons? -- at end of, or after,
    Highlights & perception when drunk/on healing
    powder -- should this change?
    Attack_who insane/random? For non-party-members.
    Save ammo if can use other, cheaper weapon? Such
    as, use spear instead of alien blaster on
    rats in the rat caves...
    Ai_search_weapons -- only picks up one rocket!
    Critters should sometimes attack the weak?
    Modify can_see to return False if source obj is
    unconscious? -- Might cause other problems.
    Always sequence in party members?
    Leash: If can't get to target, walk around in radius?
    Who_hit_me -- Re-targets if new opponent is
    tougher than the old -- should this be
    factored in with the PM choices?
    Warn player if might hit friendly?
    Weapons: Armor Piercing weapons should only get
    AP bonus vs. their target, not nearby
    targets that got caught in the blast?
    (Have party members "sound off" at the beginning
    of each turn -- i.e., obj_dude's turn?)
    Critters automatically heal (use stimpacks?) at
    end of combat? -- SHOULD HAVE ALREADY
    (Flee off map mode?)
    (From list of possible targets, go down list & see
    if *could* attack each one (If walk is
    blocked & block obj is critter of opposing
    team, make *it* the target?))
    (Leash: Randomize leash distance 5-6? 5-7?)
    (Notify_onlookers -- Note: isn't accurate if is 2nd
    or later shot (because who_hit_me may not
    get set to the new attacker). Only wrong
    if they have sequenced *OUT* of combat.)
    (Ai_best_weapon should take AP cost into account?)
    (Notify_onlookers -- allow "hearing" of nearby shots?
    So if shoot a team 'B' member that is far
    away, & there is a team 'B' member nearby
    (not in combat already), it will sequence?
    Or will this happen anyway? -- (No, it
    (Explosive non-explosives (non-grenade emp, for ex.)?)
    (BUG: Combat -- sometimes double-sequences? As in,
    I lose a turn for no reason? Could be
    *how* the combat was started?) DON'T THINK SO
    When choose to shoot, close *first*?
    FIX: Behavior when can't do anything!
    Should critters reload with extra AP's?
    (Some critters should hold back (behind cover?) some times?)
    Detect: Plastic explosive?
    (Uses AP's walking up to punch, but then doesn't have
    any to actually attack with! (Is this a problem?)
    Save AP's to protect self?)
    (Keep count of # of times purposely shot by player?
    Modifies the IQ roll.)
    (BUG: Thrown Holy grenades leave light-areas behind!)
    (Molotov Cocktails -- leave burning fire behind? Also, we
    could have green-goo/acid ones as well...)
    (Goo: pid = 33555420) (Or, (translucent?) "oil"?)
    (Combat Team vs. Team Groupings?)
    (Change the way poison works?)
    Smart Enemies: Spread out if opponent has area attack weapon?
    (Team groupings: If rats start combat, manti won't join in
    or attack until combat the player can run
    past them. Basically, they won't join combat.
    (Modify script to attack in combat section if see
    player, which would sync them in -- need to set
    who_hit_me as well?) (Make Manti on the rat team?))
    More descriptions of what is going on? -- "so-and-so
    limps", etc., but not too much, or we will
    overload the display window.
    (FINISH: Shooting at walls/scenery?)
    (Can damage threshold be negative? -- to take extra
    damage from certain types of damage.)
    (Notify_onlookers -- check vision instead of
    is_within_perception if was a "quiet" kill?)
    [=] (FINISH: Weapon 2ndary effects? Portals at least?)
    > (BUG: Make bullet holes translucent! Or make them scenery?)
    [=] BUG: Highlighting -- not 100% accurate!
    [=] Fear/Morale? -- Detect # of dead on a given team
    (over time?), detect charging? When hurt,
    temporarily demoralized? Or, detect total
    amount of dmg (count) &/or criticals over
    the course of the combat, and do morale
    checks? (Mass "fleeings" would look cool.)
    Detect friendlies fleeing?
    [=] (Smart Enemies: Only attack once if another friendly is
    attempting to hit my target with an area attack?)
    (RetargetTile: Step back if trapped in corner?)
    [=] If can't target because of teammates in the way, try
    for alternate target? Move to better position?
    [=] FIX: Smart NPC's using AP's to find cover/etc.?
    ?? (Allow dialog in combat -- that only allows Combat Info?)
    ?? (BUG: Action_explode/q_explode always assumes it is obj_dude!)
    [=] (CHECK: Burst cone spread equation? (compute_spray))
    [=] (FINISH: Throwing (Shooting) at ground?)
    [=] (FIX: Party distance code, so they don't bounce!)
    [=] Does/Should it flee if they can't possibly damage
    their target (player), even if they *can* hit
    them? (Though criticals could still work --
    should they try to critical more often here?)
    [=] Modify anim command move_to_tile, to work like
    move_to_object in the sense that it tries
    to minimize distance to tile, even if an
    absolute success fails? (Or just leash?) --
    [=] BUG: Warning: Combat only updates *1* queue event per turn!
    (Exploding Barrels?)
    ?? (Speedup: Cache stuff: paths, check_bad_shot,
    combat_invalidate stuff, store last pCap, etc.?)

    (Players shouldn't gain experience for killing their
    own party members?)
    (Change party member ordering?)
    (When "using" party member's skills, display_print
    "[so-and-so] assists you with [skill]")
    (Copy fid #'s over when go up levels?) WON'T WORK!

    Mapper: Stackable things?
    BUG: Mapper -- Fix bug with Queue and hitting F8!!!
    BUG: Mapper -- When giving armor, don't change fid???
    Mapper: light source object (14 times over on scenery),
    make it *NOT* show up in automap!
    BUG: Mapper: Bug w/ adding ~16 scripts!

    (Being able to Use Flares (weapons) from the intface
    bar? -- Probably not!)
    (Improve removing items from containers? -- Change
    the spinning dude to some other picture?)
    (Weapons: Should only get detailed info, such as
    true dmg ranges, etc., if have > 40% skill
    for example? This could be interesting??)
    (Help windows/audio/etc. for first-time use of UI's?)
    (Inventory Filtering? -- Armor/Weapons/etc.?)
    ?? (Ability to throw non-weapons? -- Probably tricky!)
    > (Test & display "overloaded" after loot_container/etc.?)
    > (Shorten Use/Open/Close/etc. anims? -- don't do put-away)
    ?? (Show mouse on action cursor?)
    > (Highlight *all* items "mode"? -- Bookshelves won't.)
    > (Change mouse max speed limit? For the disabled!)

    Item move w/out forcing it!? (Needs to be all over!)
    BUG: Saving automaps -- broken???
    (Age -- affects stats/skills?)
    (Rnd encounters in towns? (esp. after town is dead?))
    (Random encounters where a town is attacked?)
    (Non-party-members that go between maps?)
    CTRL-J *in* inventory?
    (Checking for unconsciousness?)
    (Dead robot should *not* go flat??)?
    (Make *ALL* items throwable!?)
    (Pipboy 2000: Add a critter section that shows pix
    & info -- perhaps the crit. hit charts?)
    (Improve speed of walk algorithm?)
    (Obj_copy -- copy cur script index!)
    (Drug dart gun?)
    (Drugs -- one that performs explosion on player?)
    (BUG: fast-shot -- doesn't work w/punching, but
    *does* affect brass knuckles?)
    (IQ -- modifies descriptions of items? -- at least
    the default ones? -- So dumb people get
    simplistic messages?)
    (FO1: Re-incorporate FO1 Patch stuff!)
    (Save Maps -- give (auto-assign) ObjectID's at *THIS*
    time (in order)? (In obj_save_obj/etc.)
    Or is it too late at this time? (Scripts
    already saved, etc.)) -- YUP, TOO LATE!
    Skills making time pass? -- should call map_update?
    Take a look at Rob's Modified Rnd Encounter map! It
    was munged together from 2 other text maps!
    (Inventory -- drop to ground if drop item outside of
    inventory window?)
    (Pipboy: add ability to have pictures in holodisks?)
    (Edit Player Combat Taunts?)
    BUG: Character Editor: When cheat to level 99, shows 0 Exp!
    (BUG: 'K' cheat sometimes hangs!)
    Deathclaws and robes?
    [=] (Add: ability to draw some roof tiles translucent?)
    [=] BUG: Party member placement (SyncPos) sometimes wrong!

    Lock V:\Fallout2\CD?

    (FIX: All critter names! So don't say "tough"/etc.)
    (Keep .FRM files compressed in-memory?)
    > Art: Add a car townmap label?
    > Make sure: All critter hit-points are correct (cur_hp
    == max_hp the first time a map is entered!)

    Lockable doors/containers -- already done?
    (Perk -- Always hits eyes/groin/etc. in called shots?)
    (Weapons -- Grenade Launcher attachment?)
    (Exploding barrels?)
    (Monsters -- sand shark, birds?)
    ("Fidget"-comments from player -- dialog)
    (If kill someone, put in a queue event that flags
    the appropriate town_enemy stuff at some
    point in the future.)
    (Geiger counter tracks radiation on worldmap???)
    (Special background stuff -- hawk shadow, tumbleweed,
    shadows, clouds, mist, smoke, fog, etc.)
    !Replace friendly_foe perk.
    (Special critter attacks -- "Diseased" rats, paralysis
    (lowers AP), acid?)
    (Spiked armor -- should increase HtH Dmg?)
    (Armor -- that can reduce/eliminate criticals?)
    (Containers -- add to max_carry_weight allowance (only
    at top inventory level)?)
    (Skills -- First Aid/Doctor, give exp. based on amount
    of hit points successfully healed?)
    (Awareness Perk -- See "rough" estimate of how good
    the opponent is with the current weapon?)
    (Awareness Perk -- should be more pervasive? (see
    disposition, etc.?))
    (Running Burning Man?)
    (Armor -- that has lighting/inherent night-vision?)
    (Color-code important msgs in display box? -- UGLY!)
    (Charge AP's for inventory actions? After 3 of them?)
    (Extra traits -- dog in special encounter gives you,
    will this show up? This will cause
    problems currently.) (DISABLED CURRENTLY)
    (Easter Eggs: Pull on torch? Acts as switch?)
    (Doctor --> heal crippled only if > 60% skill?)
    > (Update look descriptions -- "Looks Scared"?)
    [=] (Make sure we track the difficulty level in some scripts!)
    > Tweak criticals -- Set final % on armor bypassed!
    > (Easter Eggs: Secret wall/column, acts as container/switch.)
    > (Mad Max armor: should give Charisma perk?)
    (Books: Intelligence should affect point value?)
    Player should comment on billboard in Klamath the
    first time they enter Klamath!
    Easter Egg: Lockpick Nuka-Cola machine to get money in SAD!

    (Sound fx -- repeating/looping/ambient?)
    Reactor -- noise/machinery?
    goo -- bubbling/gurgling?
    (Sound ticker in cache_add? Needed)

    New Cuttile?

    > BUG: Arroyo temple: Spatials *stop* the player!

    ?? FIX: Too many critters (New Reno/etc.)?
    ?? FIX: Too much art (New Reno/etc.)?
    ?? FIX: Sometimes uses 'caps' instead of 'bucks'.
    ?? FIX: Sometimes uses '[MORE]', '[more]', etc.
    ?? FIX: Sometimes uses '::', sometimes other things.




    Fallout 2 Todo List:

    BUG: Obj_drop_all -- doesn't fix FID!
    BUG: Update intface after modifying skills in
    Poison -- accepts negative value? -- Yes
    BUG: Fixed get_poison command.
    Clear *particular* fixed_param queue events!
    Script macros to particular critter objects! (esp.
    party members) -- Scriptors already did
    Get cur_worldmap_position cmd(s)!
    Modify apply_damage to call scripts on non-critters
    to allow destroying doors/etc.?
    Implement set_exit_grid!
    BUG: Fixed problem with critter wielding invalid
    weapons (because of art)!
    Added cur_town script command.
    UPDATE: commands.doc!
    Disabled the stealthboy in itempid.h
    (Detect Damage source (weapon) in damage_p_proc?
    Holy Hand Grenade on Rabbit, others...)
    Give access to language filter settings!
    Give access to violence level settings!
    (Script cmd to mark WM tiles as visited?)
    (Detect Damage Type when in damage_p_proc?)
    BUG: Critter_add_trait has return val, but isn't
    always read!
    Gave: Scripts read access to barter protoype value.
    BUG: Script teleports player from under one roof
    to another, 2nd roof doesn't disappear!
    Give: Access to car modification calls!
    ?? BUG: W/Skill-Use-On and source_obj?
    [=] BUG: Verify/Fix tile_in_tile_rect cmd? -- SEEMS TO
    > Ability to change music track in-game?
    BUG: Drop_all doesn't fix armor values!
    BUG: Disallow creating of objects with PID: 0!

    Barter: Can't CTRL-X out of it! And Review?!
    Barter: Offer w/nothing, it says "That's not good
    enough." Should say/do nothing!
    BUG: IF choose disposition after "best weapon", it
    overlays the inven_display window on top!
    BUG: Can't barter active geiger counter???
    (Note: PM interface lists cur/max_move_points, but
    you can't get into this interface outside
    of combat!)
    (BUG: Custom/Custom -- you have to switch off,
    then back on, is annoying.)
    [=] (Allow a Barter Mod (32000?) to Trade for 0 Caps.)


    BUG: Fix townmap labels -- Don't work at all!!
    BUG: Add Scout perk back in!
    BUG: Fix terrain short (debug) names.
    BUG: Fix printing encounter table
    BUG: Upped the limit to # of indexes in the
    BUUG: Fixed avoiding encounters causing them to
    occur anyway at the next town.
    Random Encounters -- add in (& use) Text
    descriptions! (Modified encounters to
    print correct enounter text (string)
    from worldmap.msg.)
    Modified 'h' cheat to not mark subtiles for
    areas that are turned off.
    Localize text in new worldmap! (Rnd encounters,
    BUG: Fix ___ AND ___ AMBUSH ___ (table 9, enc_03?)
    BUG: Fixed Worldmap.txt errors.
    BUG: Doesn't properly destroy & replace scripts?
    See the spore plants encounter...
    Added conditionals to encounters.
    Random encounter chances are now modified by
    game difficulty.
    Show destination ('X')? -- WAS ALREADY IN
    BUG: Rnd encounter critters wouldn't wield items!
    Modify party::partyMemberSyncPosition to place
    party members behind the player in a
    'cone' (or similar) shape.
    Added call to play failure movie and end game if
    player becomes enemy of Arroyo.
    BUG: Pipboy not active on random encounter maps!
    Play movies during worldmap!
    Added elevation to city entrance info.
    Fixed worldmap entrance points to actually be
    Fixed destroyed arroyo to work properly.
    Added lock_state to areas.
    Finish Random Encounter code! This includes:
    FIX: Wielded/Worn!
    Add count *ranges* to items?
    If player has motion sensor in inventory, they
    gain a 20% bonus to outdoorsmen when
    travelling on the worldmap.
    Special encounters -- use different encounter
    Fixed call in game.c to exit worldmap!
    Specials: How do we hook them in? -- DONE
    WM: Special encounters -- store location for some!
    Added encounter index-specific map ability.
    Added teamNum stuff to encounter types.
    Change caves entrance to visitable (temple).
    Added most of the code for scenery types.
    Added most of the code for distance types.
    Specials: Should occur only once!
    (Sort townmap labels? Arroyo->Destroyed Arroyo
    BUG: Fix townmap labels -- Finish last button!? --
    The button itself draws over the edge
    frame! (Shift up slightly?)
    BUG: Town/world buttons in townmap screen?
    (Caravan: Rnd encounters? & mobile locations?)
    Use 2 different worldmap musics, one when driving
    the car?
    Added time_of_day conditional to encounters.
    Lock_state ==> shouldn't be able to re-position? -- NO
    BUG: Map doesn't properly check automap save
    indexes! (on map_save?)
    BUG: Garden entrance point doesn't show up!
    Added 'F' cheat to force particular encounters.
    FIX: Perks: ranger, scout, explorer, fortune_finder!
    FIX: terrain costs!
    FIX: Perks: pathfinder!
    BUG: On low counts, small ratios fail to create
    *ANY* objects!
    Car: Rnd encounters should still have a chance
    of occurring? Especially at night?
    FIX: Outdoorsman roll!
    SAVE: counter values for encounter table indexes!
    Car: Store stuff in the car? -- Make trunk container!
    (Add in *multiple* (up to 3?) conditionals (AND/OR)!)
    BUG: "Errors in strParse"!
    BUG: wmParseConditional: doesn't update str pointer!
    BUG: Special encounters don't save their locations!
    Added fuel 'gauge' to worldmap for car.
    BUG: Car crashes when you run out of gas.
    Car: Store stuff in the car? -- "Save" trunk container!
    > BUG: townmap display of green triangle undraw!
    [=] BUG: Ocean tiles don't strip-fill across (recurse,
    check left/down, for terrain type ocean?)!
    [=] BUG: When placing critters, make sure they could
    get to the player! (So don't get stuck in
    out-of-bounds areas).
    ?? (BUG: Problem with not setting the maps in a table
    causing it to choose other (wrong) maps?)
    [=] (Maps.Txt: implement random_start_points? Could be
    used for placements of groups!)
    > Car: Finish: upgrades! Speed/Efficiency/Weight!
    [=] BUG: can_rest_here not 100% correct!
    [=] BUG: Sometimes, the player/critter attacks itself!?
    Modified encounter critter counts for when there is
    a good-sized party. -- FOR BALANCING
    [=] BUG: Some encounter descriptions draw past the edges of
    the encounter window notification! (BMPDIALG.C)
    RH[=] BUG: glitch w/descriptions. (BMPDIALG.C)
    ?? BUG: Car: Car & Rnd Encounters --> no area?

    Check on dude lighting -- does it affect
    critters? -- NO
    Missed shots hitting friendlies: Base anger chance
    on ai-packet value or random/IQ?
    Chasing drugs (meat) -- does it animate when
    "eating"? -- YES
    Combat highlighting? -- green (team 0), red (valid
    target), yellow?/blue? (out of LOS), ???
    Disallow setting of team_num if in player's party?
    New Items -- some cost double amount to fire
    (energy weapons)!
    PM: Told to use only melee, had spear, still
    chose to throw it!
    Who_hit_me -- doesn't re-target if was already set?
    Yes it does, it just weighs which was the
    tougher opponent.
    BUG: Spears -- can go through walls? (Can also
    hit yellow-highlighted critters!)
    BUG: Shooting friendlies will *NEVER* cause them
    to fight back now! -- added neg. modifier
    to the IQ roll.
    PM: set to melee, but *threw* the spear! --
    should be fixed now...
    BUG: Fixed bug with explosions on scenery not
    working (it would crash).
    BUG: Leashings cause critters to "clump" together.
    Just make them walk a *little* closer, not
    spend all their move points. Also, if
    they are right next to each other, they
    turn to face each other! Leashing also
    causes problems in areas where they can't
    do anything (Sierra Depot, upper sec-bots
    trapped in area).
    BUG: Fixed crash bug with saving during combat!
    BUG: Fixed alcoholic lizards!
    Figure out the crit. fail table!
    BUG: May leash to *dead* teammates? -- NO
    BUG: Bonus_move points only work before you run
    out of normal action points!
    Add-in random weapon choice preference! (For the
    boxer, fire gecko, etc.)
    Critters automatically reload weapons if combat
    exits (at least for party members)?
    Also, after trading with player, or being
    told to use best weapon.
    BUG: weapon preference random, might pick bad weapon
    in the sense that doesn't have the art? - NO
    BUG: Fixed problem with critter-only weapons that
    have ammo counts, but not ammo pids (gecko
    fire-breath weapon, for example).
    BUG: Fixed explosive grenades to perform explosive
    BUG: Solar Scorcher needs to print a message when
    you are out of "ammo" (sunlight) and it
    can't reload.
    BUG: Fixed Solar Scorcher being "unloadable".
    Added chem_always preference to non-party-member
    choices. Used for Geckos, etc..
    From list of possible targets, go down list & see
    if *could* attack each one, invalidating
    them as a target if not.
    If can't get to target, needs to search for another
    BUG: PM -- didn't defend when Fref killed all of the
    rats attacking Fref (there were still rats
    attacking the NPC-PM).
    Tweak criticals -- "Blow-Thru Armor" should *not*
    let *100%* of damage through? Just 50%? 75%?
    Perhaps it just halves the armor values?
    BUG: Drugs: can cause critters to "bounce" back and
    forth. (Needs to track what was doing the
    previous turn?)
    BUG: Geckos & meat: they don't eat right after
    picking it up!
    BUG: Geckos & meat: They bounce if you put down too
    many. Almost seems as if they always choose
    the one the *furthest* away!
    Added debug messages describing *why* a critter chose
    to flee.
    Leash: Only leash to team-mates that are *active*
    (sequenced) in combat? What about checking
    their who_hit_me values?
    (Burst/Area: Only invalidate attack if could *harm*
    the friendly (so fire geckos don't worry
    about flaming other fire geckos).)
    BUG: NPC PM's will pick up weapons that they
    *could* use (have art for), but *won't*
    use, because of their current weapon
    preferences set by the player...
    BUG: PM's that are pissed at player get their area
    and burst attacks invalidated, even if
    they really want to attack the player?
    BUG: Fixed scripts terminating combat!
    BUG: Will Geckos pick up Grenades/etc. now??? --
    BUG: Rnd Encounters -> if has ripper/power fist,
    runs out of ammo, spends rest of combat
    trying to reload weapon! -- THEY NOW
    BUG: Found problem with duplicate entry in AI.TXT.
    Speedup knockback based on preferences? --
    BUG: I got kills for when a sec-bot killed *another*
    bot on its team? -- WAS A 'PARTY' MEMBER.
    FIX: obj_dude's who_hit_me being set when hit
    by accident?
    Activated: Shooting non-critters, but limited to only
    portals right now.
    Preliminary: Repositioning code put in.
    FIX: party-members getting in each other's (mainly
    *PLAYER'S*) line of fire! Here, we could
    effectively have them circle the opponent,
    by checking LOS (straight-path?) between
    each friendly and their target, and either
    walk shorter or longer? Or, walk at a 90
    degree angle?
    Certain dispositions/etc. shouldn't chase down
    fleeing critters?
    BUG: Ai_search_weapons -- gets into a loop
    w/searching the environment! (goes for it,
    goes for target, goes for it, etc.) --
    Should it track the action/target from the
    previous turn?
    (BUG: Invalidate_weapon doesn't work on sec-bots --
    they don't have a punch? -- I think they
    do, however.) -- THEY DO!
    BUG: Killing people with SuperStims doesn't properly
    call their scripts?
    BUG: Killing people with dynamite/etc. doesn't
    properly call their scripts? -- NO, WORKS
    BUG: Thrown Holy grenades don't always ArmorPenetrate?
    (Molotov Cocktail -- make death the running-on-fire one?)
    (Being able to look-at critters behind walls! We can target
    them, but not see their status/curHitPoints. Just
    hook the 'look' into the to-hit target-cursor?)
    -- (OR, combat only, just check for critters first!)
    BUG: Bonus_move AP's -- when you run out of normal AP's, it
    interrupts player movement!
    (If throws a flare at night, NPC should first "use" it?)
    If throws a flare at night, Player first "uses" it!
    If uses explosives from the interface bar, then drops it!
    Critter attack -- fix setting of reaction!
    Best weapon -- items w/perks are perceived *much* better
    than one without.
    BUG: Optimization bug with retargettile.
    Make hidden weapons not drop-able from critical fails.
    > Combat_setup_attack -- should sequence in all critters!
    [=] BUG: Critters attacking multi-hex critters broken?
    (Geckos attacking Mole Rats encounter?)
    [=] BUG: Highlighting -- if critter was outside of
    perception radius, and then walks *into*
    perception radius, it doesn't highlight!
    [=] Needs to close on opponent better. Right now, it
    gets 'stuck' if other critters get in the
    way. The code to cause them to close
    doesn't seem to be working properly. (REPEAT)
    > Combat_setup_attack -- should set their who_hit_me's!?
    (To better setup random encounters?)
    Critters now run if they can when using > 1/2 APs to move.
    Critters fleeing in combat now use run animations.
    [=] FINISH: ai_find_friend().
    > Leash: Prioritize the leash to team-mates to first
    choose critters that are actively attacking?
    [=] (Make Goo cost more in make_path?)
    [=] BUG: Sec-bot fired missile @ point blank! Also, it
    burst onto it's own team-mates! IQ:5
    Now disallows critical failures for the first few days.
    > ADD: Call to Goris at start/end of combat, for fid change.
    ?? BUG: Rnd Enc: Killed mafia dude, he turned into bookcase!
    [=] BUG: Combat_ai_load() -- Fucks up ai_packet?!?!?!
    > (BUG: Shooting, don't count dead bodies when hit! Or make
    dead bodies SHOOT_THRU? Modify obj_shoot_thru?))
    ?? BUG: FIX: thrown items not landing! This may have something
    to do with item_replace call? Missing? Out of AP's?
    > BUG: Poison drug doesn't kill properly? No script call,
    no experience? Nobody notices... (Jet/alcohol?)

    Clear who_hit_me during party-load (crossing maps,
    Clear who_hit_me if it is a party member (i.e.,
    the player) when joining the party? --
    Already was being done.
    FIX: Party Member Pid #'s in party.h/.c!!!
    When "using" party member's skills, we should just have
    them float messages above their heads, saying
    something like "let me help you with that"...
    and using *their* skill levels instead.
    "I got it", "Let me do that",
    "Glad to help" -- Also, have them run up to
    target object!
    BUG: When "using" party member's steal skill???
    Added support to allow party members to disallow
    certain AI dispositions and custom options.
    Allow player to use Barter skill!
    Party Members -- make sure that all places are using
    the appropriate skills! So that if a PM has
    a higher skill than the player, it uses
    *their* skill! (Steal?)
    BUG: "Error: Unrecognized flag 'anytime'"?
    ?? BUG: Almost always at least 2 critters listed?
    ?? BUG: Can't get full party-member count?

    BUG: FIX "Attached" party members in mapper!!!
    DISABLE: Text stuff!
    BUG: Mapper: 'F8' CRASHES NOW!
    BUG: Mapper: 'F8' when in combat CRASHES? -- NO

    Party members may not have all AI types (some may
    be disallowed for a given critter)! Also,
    this means we have to specify the individual
    settings that are valid/invalid!
    Inventory -- display max carry weight!
    Can't CTRL-X out of inventory (loot/steal) sometimes?
    Inventory -- pgup/pgdn, top/bottom hotkeys/buttons?
    Ammo pid types -- don't reset when put a different
    type in? Or they always just find the first
    possible matching caliber in inventory?
    (Auto-equip stimpacks/etc. when used from intface
    (Auto-reset weapons to their attack mode when they
    are auto-replaced!)
    999 Counter -- Speed up when hold down button, allow
    fourth digit! (do_move_timer)
    (Ability to 'Loot All' with a single button? (Needs
    to also track inventory).)
    Added box-bars for poison and radiation.
    Move-Items window -- only should be called if > 4
    items in stack?
    Add in hotkeys to Character editor stuff, loadsave
    stuff! Mainly PGUP/PGDN, HOME/END, etc.
    (Also, should we have alphabetic hotkeys,
    for perk list, etc.?)
    (Overweight printing in RED in inventory?)
    Show bonus move points on intface bar! (Use Yellow?)
    (Empty ammo weapons shouldn't give last ammo type?)
    (Only allow push_proc action if script has push_p_proc
    and script call doesn't override it!)
    (Display: Editor: carry_weight overloaded?)
    BUG: If you barter with nothing on your side, you get
    everything for FREE!
    (Auto-open door flag? For vault doors/etc.?)
    Double-clicking now causes dude to run!
    BUG: 666/666/etc. hitpoints, clips in character editor!
    BUG: Can use stimpacks on others for free from 'backpack'!
    Finish: Hiding Hidden weapons from the player in loot/etc..

    BUG: Elevators -- Don't Work!
    Inven_unwield -- auto update/change if in
    map_enter_proc/etc. (loaading), instead of
    setting up anim sequence!
    Called Shot window -- Widen/fix click/hover-regions!
    Also, 2nd from bottom, text Y-offset is off!
    Carrying Flares -- should affect light distance/etc.!
    Upped the level limits.
    Implemented Shiv.
    Implemented Sun Scorcher.
    BUG: Un-poisoning (with < 0 values) -- print different
    Pipboy: added message for not being able to use it
    in the caves.
    BUG: Fixed off-by-one problem with maps.
    FO1 Fixes: Swift Learner -- doesn't affect non-combat
    experience? -- YES IT DOES
    Update GVARS! -- Done automatically now.
    Note: Move points have a floor of 1? -- YES THEY DO.
    Char. Editor -- player doesn't Age? -- YES, HE DOES.
    Ghost town -- hide other entrances.
    Buildfall.bat -- fix, make sure builds *EVERYTHING*!
    Flee flag -- clear when critter is healed (by skill
    *or* item, or map_enter)!
    BUG: Does entering a map heal the Player & party
    when "aging"-healing? -- FIXED
    Disable "friendly_foe" perk until it gets replaced.
    Fixed Heal drugs to only be usable by 'intelligent'
    bipeds (i.e., humans, ghouls, etc.).
    Shouldn't be able to close doors on critters
    (especially in combat!)
    BUG: Fixed load-games not loading.
    Inven_wield -- auto update/change if in
    map_enter_proc/etc. (loading), instead of
    setting up anim sequence!
    BUG: No reaction when coming down off of Super-
    Stimpacks? -- YES THERE IS
    PIPBOY: Seeds/quests don't always work...
    BUG: Char editor -- tag skill & traits -- buttons
    don't light up!!! -- NOT A BUG
    Rob -- Config -- add New/Rename Public funcs! --
    BUG: Invisible critters -- doesn't update/fix light
    sources! -- WASN'T CALLING OBJ_TURN_OFF!
    BUG: Pushing enemies is broken? -- APPEARS FINE
    BUG: Clicked on Sneak bar in combat, closed it, but
    it also walked me there! -- NOT A BUG
    Added Charisma Armor perk.
    Added less-than test to Perk stats & skills, added
    secondarySkill as well.
    Fix gmovie.c to handle searching language sub-paths!
    SaveGame: if hit '<-', clear comment!
    BUG: Arroyo base bodytype doesn't show up in new
    temple map! Also, will show up when you
    Perks: Disable unwanted ones!
    Perks: Added Or/And operators!
    Inventory: Fixed all of the *_carry* funcs to
    recurse sub-container objects!
    Messages -- flag whether line was translated for
    harsh language, don't play audio.
    BUG: Perks list only shows first 'X' perks? i.e.,
    doesn't let you choose past armor/weapon
    perks? (I don't think so). -- NO
    BUG: "Skilled" Trait doesn't work correctly!
    BUG: Savegames on random encounter maps don't load!
    BUG: Automap -- marks locations before you get
    there! (Scripts override after map
    places obj_dude.)
    Modify: Vault Suit movie to not fade back in!
    BUG: LoadSave doesn't clear party member protos!
    Perks: Up the MAX_PERKS limit in editor.c (33!)!
    Perks: Make perk_add_force() for scripts, etc.!
    BUG: Scripts can add perks, but the add may be
    invalidated if perk_can_add() fails!
    BUG: Exit-grids that go to same map still load map!
    Traits: Fast-shot: make only work w/projectiles!
    GMovie: gmovie_play: should create back-window over
    all, *OR* just hide WorldMap window! --
    disable new palette stuff?
    GMovie: After tile_disable_refresh, fill the back
    window to BLACK?
    Weight: (just make it detrimental to overload?)
    BUG: Save game invalid characters: , < . > / ? " ;
    : { } ~ % * +
    BUG: Stat: Age is max'd at 35 currently!
    CHECK: All Maximums for stats.
    BUG: Taken perks displayed incorrect Skilldex art.
    BUG: skilled_trait gave 4, not *5* points per level.
    Check on level 99 too high? Possible
    problems with too many perks (to display),
    hit points, etc.? -- SEEMS FINE
    BUG: Problems with weight & over-encumbrance (drop
    armor, take off power-armor, etc.)
    Editor: Warn the player if they forget to set their
    name field!
    Modified: Perks to be supported on *all* party
    members, not just the player.
    FIXED: Jumping from one roof to another not
    refreshing roofs properly.
    CHECK: Maximum for stat Carry Weight. -- FINE
    CHECK: protinst_default_use_item vs. ___________ for misc
    specials (flares, radio, etc.) -- FINE
    UPDATE: Reactions.c: From new script code!
    BUG: Review window -- gfx glitch with Whiskey Bob in
    Klamath, others I am sure.
    Up the perks limit more? Since can gain some from
    BUG: FO1 Fixes: Bonus HtH Dmg -- doesn't affect
    melee? Should it? -- IT UPS melee_damage
    BUG: FO1 Fixes: Corrupted savegames during combat?
    Elevators: Close on map entry/exit?
    SaveGame: Test saves w/compression on LARGE saves,
    specifically on lower-end machines.
    (Check game clock for Y2K problems!)
    [=] CHECK: Perks: make sure all are working still/now!

    [=] CHECK: Movies w/subtitles -- Working?
    ?? Cheats for QA/etc. -- DONE, OR DONE BY SCRIPTERS
    [=] BUG: Sneak doesn't work -- it is rolled 10 times a second!
    ?? ?Question: How to split death frames into separate (rotation)
    single-frame files? -- JUST FRAMER THEM /ROT1
    > Messages -- harsh language, play audio (beep?)
    [=] NOTE: Game time only allows for a gameplay of 13 years!

    Fixed Installer to work with new executable naming
    Note: Mac code has hash-table for referencing files
    in patches -- makes startup slow (CAN BE
    DISABLED!) -- This is already fixed by CJ
    Updated: All addiction skilldex pix.
    WM: Hide map entrance locations! -- City.txt
    ADD: Rest of New Reno entrances?
    Scripts: Update define.h: perks, traits, skills!
    FIX: Jet addiction!
    Add Jet Antidote.
    WARNING: Localization: FREEZE: text\game Aug. 7th!
    UPDATE: City/Town sizes!
    BUILD: All .EXE's!
    Art: Replace "Push" art with real art!
    [=] FIND: missing bugs!
    > UPDATE: data\party.txt!
    > UPDATE: art\critters\critters.lst for running fids!
    > WARNING: max script limit is currently 1250!
    > UPDATE: Scriptors/Designers -- Check/Add in Seeds!!!
    > Change: Car worldmap music filename!
    > UPDATE: Art: Colusa townmap label --> Navarro!
    > UPDATE: Sound: Add ambient map sfx in!
    > UPDATE: Scripts: Update define.h! -- Heads, etc.?!
    > UPDATE: Correct the movie list!
    > UPDATE: FIX: Sierra Townmap Entrance Points! (Other levels)
    ?? SORT ART.lst Files For Speedup!!!!! -- Note: We
    could do this by just *RENAMING* the actual
    datafiles (& perhaps the art.lst file)!
    (Block.frm --> 00000021.frm, for example!)
    OR: Keep in-memory list of the sorted order!
    > UPDATE: Add in any new HoloDisks!
    > UPDATE: The Credits list!
    > UPDATE: Art: Set to use sex_appeal trait skillcard pic!
    > UPDATE: Art: Add in 98% of the TownMaps!
    > UPDATE: FIX: Positions of townmap entrance points!
    > UPDATE: FIX: Townmap entrance names, automap names!
    > UPDATE: Change the VERSION #! Especially for silver!
    > UPDATE: TRANSLATE: All lip-synch files for mac-able/db format!
    > FIX: Out of Build Space!
    > UPDATE: Hook *ALL* maps to a given city!
    > Scripts: Add dummy global & local vars for expansion/patches!
    > UPDATE: combat.msg, combatai.msg, and comcrit.cht!

    Random encounters in Caves?
    Trait: Change the night_person trait to sex_appeal.
    Added other meats to the Geckos.
    (Augmentation surgery for DR/DT? AC?)
    Upper-Bound radiation and poison resistances at 95%.
    (Encumbrance: if over-encumbered, lower AP's in
    combat? And, disallow running? Disallow
    even walking (what about NPC's)?)
    (Power armor -- weigh less when worn?)
    Make sure we track the difficulty level! This means
    in random encounters (adjust critter counts
    +/- 25%?).
    [=] BUG: Too much Jet problem! (Cap Action points?)
    (Check difference between base/bonus?) Gdialog!

    Ambient SFX? Based on map...randomly picks one of
    several sfx, and plays them over time.
    BUG: If sleep, the Ambient Sfx Queue fires 50+
    times! Should this be changed to a
    real-time event, instead of a timeQueue?
    BUG: roll_random() spewed out-of-range errors!
    Ambient Map Sfx -- support frequencies-of-occurence?

    AI-Packet editor? -- Rob

    BUG: Says I only killed *1* plant, instead of 2 in
    Arroyo! -- Script is overriding!
    [Ghost town -- how to get to rest of it!?!?!?]
    BUG: Geckos don't have magic-hands ground, so they
    can't pick up the meat!
    BUG: Player gains spear on entering the temple
    caves, not the temple entrance map!
    BUG: Broc flower (etc.) doesn't stack, because has a script.
    (Worked around, no longer has a script.)
    BUG: Some bookshelves in Arroyo highlight!
    ?? BUG: w/ Vault City -- Guard going on a 'coffee' break!

    ?? FIX: Experience point balancing!
    ?? FIX: Karma modifiers: not in/not balanced?
    ?? FIX: Language too harsh (New Reno/etc.)?
    > BUG: DenBus2 town entrance point is mis-aligned!
    ?? BUG: Stealthboys are in the game in some random
    encounters! They should be removed!
    ?? BUG: Some bookshelves highlight!
    > CHECK: Dermal perks: That script removes the level 1
    version when giving the player the level 2 version.
    ?? BUG: Scripts -- Broc flower in Arroyo Garden is
    sometimes not reachable? (Placed in trees).
    ?? BUG: Vic leaves the party if he takes damage even
    *once*! And then he is set to be "mad" at
    player! But can still get him to join...
    ?? BUG: Shot Party-Member, they became angry and left
    party, outside of combat I was able to get
    them to join the party a split second
    before they tried to attack me!

    Game-ui-disable problem!
    Disable scrolling in game_ui_disable?
    Increase radius of platform elevator scripts!
    Bug w/ car Trunk on Rnd encounters?
    Editor:: "Next Level" => "Next Lvl" because of million exp?
    WM: PM scripts running?
    BUG: PM: Sulik: ai_use_best_weap: changed to
    melee-than-ranged, sledge, then ranged_than_melee,
    G11 (empty), then melee-than-ranged, sledge, but
    had FID of G11 (& he reloaded it!).
    Gdialog: Combat Options: If no Burst option, needs
    to say "Not applicable" -- Dogmeat, etc.
    Gdialog -- no trade on PM's -- *can* do thru combat prefs!
    Problem with explosions during combat?
    CH Repair on robots? Cyberdog PM?
    CH If at full HP's when level-up, doesn't reset them.
    RH "Hit in arm" problem?
    Open container, then combat interrupts, won't open then!
    Also, Dynamite won't go off! -- Partially Fixed
    Use dynamite from intface bar, doesn't start combat!
    Test AFailed.mve!
    New DB.C!
    Speedups: Change readIntCount to not loop, keep small
    files uncompressed in another database (?).
    (Figure thing out for car?)
    Game ends @ 13 years! -- New Movie!
    Bug w/ car Trunk objPtr not gettable thru script?
    Saving on a caravan map encounter fucks it!
    CH Thrown items not landing!
    Car & Trunk problems!
    Take Here_and_now perk and then Escape, fucks up!
    Car prob w/no area when drop out of worldmap by choice?
    Gdialog: Combat Options: Double-click on Custom?
    Visit State Stuff not working?
    Prone/Knocked-out problem!
    PM's don't put weapons away properly?

    CH [=] BUG: Automaps: Duplicates maps in some cases?
    CH Robobrain -- sniper rifle & assault rifle, ai_best_weapon
    pick failed in combat-ai, but didn't fail during
    normal combat!
    RH Party members sometimes set to non-blocking/etc.?
    CH Can exit combat prematurely?
    CH Poison pops up in rest-until-healed!
    Hang w/loading combat saves repeatedly?
    ---?? BUG: FIX: Broken Force Fields/Optimize Bug!!!
    CH Mutagenic serum behaving oddly when used-on from backpack?
    [=] BUG: Pipboy: Rest until healed doesn't call the time queue?

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  11. JimTheDinosaur

    JimTheDinosaur Vault Dweller

    Mar 17, 2013
    @phobos2077 apropos our talk about AI, the devs had some interesting ideas.

    Is there maybe a way to hook into the AI's weapon selection? If there's not a lot of distance between enemies (of course there isn't even a sophisticated way as of yet to determine exactly what enemies are to a critter in the first place, other than the team he's aiming at), use grenade.

    Would need the AI to be able to respond to it and walk away. Same with traps, really, would be great to be able to hook into the AI's pathfinding in combat for each individual step he takes. Actually, we of course already hook into every single step with hs_movecost, we just can't change his actions (or is this possible with your new forced in-combat animations?).

    Would be nice to be able to shout at Vic to get out of the way before Marcus bursts him to shreds. ;)

    Again, hooking into weapon selection (even if only to tell him to use unarmed) would be great.

    It looks as if the AI is less complex than things like the party member options pretends it is.

    Not sure what is meant here other than that the AI should try to find alternative routes to its target if necessary, which would of course be nice if complicated.

    I think, also based on experience, that this is the sole criterium, other than who is easiest to hit/closest, which the AI bases its target on. If the player hits it and nobody else, it will chase the player down to the edge of the earth. The concept is ok (attack the one most threatening to me), but the most threatening enemy isn't the one who attacked me last turn, but can attack me this turn. I'm still not sure whether hs_findtarget already allows us to influence this

    Would be great, but would be solved by the above change.

    Weapon selection just looks at max damage? Just making it look at value would be an improvement. Again, a sign hooking in on weapon selection would be really sweet.

    This would potentially be a way to incorporate stealth kills in a more elegant way than I do now. Maybe reduce the distance of AI participation in combat (now only static in ai.txt) based on loudness of attack.

    Bigger problem with guns as I said before; gotta stop the AI from charging head first. He peaks around the corner with not enough AP to fire, then take a step back (AI could even try the peek-a-boo exploit).

    if we can change movement, this should be possible.

    problem is that critter_p_proc doesn't get called in combat and thus that obj_can_see player => attack player doesn't happen right? Maybe let critter_p_proc run once each turn? could result in a lot of problems tho even if possible...

    I worked on something like this for a while, tho fleeing itself is mostly just annoying in Fallout. A better way would be for critters to collectively surrender; maybe something to override the hostile flag and the attack_critter command..
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  12. darkf

    darkf Caller of the Void Modder

    Jul 12, 2014
    Just in case this isn't obvious for any reason: you can hook into anything you want, you just have to patch the binary (involving file mods or Sfall), which may not be desirable (mod conflicts, gets kind of spaghetti, etc.)
  13. phobos2077

    phobos2077 Mildly Dipped

    Apr 24, 2010
    A lot if interesting ideas out there. Weapon selection sure looks like a nice candidate for a simple hook script. Though some of this may already be implemented in the latest version of the game or may be obsolete.

    Well it won't hurt if you try. Use new function to enable reg_anim in combat, use new path_find_to function to lay down a path for a critter and try moving him (don't forget to subtract AP).
    But it's not best thing to modify critter behavior in hs_movecost. When it is called, it just tells us that this critter is already moving to said tile. I was thinking about either combat-related hook scripts, OR one global hook script to be called when any object event-procedure is called from the engine (like combat_p_proc, lookup_p_proc, etc.). This may be useful to globally change critters behavior (which is what we want to do to improve AI).

    Need to look into those functions when I have time (they refer to specific engine function names, which I'm already familiar with).

    Well we know that and sfall already hooked into many places, so we are already deep in this business :) We can add a lot of new hooks without any conflict problems, AFAIK (unless modder will make it a problem with his scripts).
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  14. JimTheDinosaur

    JimTheDinosaur Vault Dweller

    Mar 17, 2013
    I'm fairly sure it isn't: all the things I've quoted are from beneath the "[WON'T DO]" header, and none of them are recognizable as far as I can tell (as opposed to those under the "[DONE]" header ;) ).
  15. darkf

    darkf Caller of the Void Modder

    Jul 12, 2014
    I'm talking more about if you start modifying the logic (not just changing parameters) of the engine and multiple mods do this you're going to have issues. Not really a problem if you have a singular codebase and gate changes off though.
  16. JimTheDinosaur

    JimTheDinosaur Vault Dweller

    Mar 17, 2013
    I've been doing some testing with the combat move options, and it works! Sort of! As long as he doesn't have an immediate attack planned (i.e. his target is within range), you can move him around like a ragdoll. If he does have an attack planned, and it's ranged, then he does the required move and then finally, even if he has no AP left, does his attack.

    That means a lot of dev ideas are possible (spreading out against area attacks, etc.), you'd just need to be careful whenever an attack is possible with his AP expenditure.

    In fact, right now I'm working on flanking a hiding enemy. Hopefully I can show some results soon.
  17. JimTheDinosaur

    JimTheDinosaur Vault Dweller

    Mar 17, 2013
    I think I more or less understand the AI routine, and why it's so stupid:

    at the beginning of the turn, a critter decides either to move or to attack.

    If it moves, it will potentially spend all of its AP's to reach that enemy, even if he has a ranged weapon. So, unless that enemy is standing close enough to be reached before there's not enough AP's to attack, all the attacker will do is move. Even if moving a single hex puts it within attack range of its enemy, it won't attack. Which is of course utterly stupid.

    If it attacks, that's what it does until it can no longer do so (e.g. because it has lost its weapon by throwing it, or because its out of ammo), and then (I think) the AI reconsiders its actions.

    As I said above, you can now effectively override the AI's actions, if all you want to do yourself is move. This is pretty limited of course, though you could use it to do some interesting things like forcing a critter into cover, or forcing something like a flanking movement when the opponent is hiding. You could also force a critter to move before attacking if he's already decided upon an attack (e.g. to spread out a bit to avoid an area attack).

    As I see it, to properly override the AI and actually make it a bit smarter (especially the charging ranged AI is retarded as hell), you'd need to do this:

    Override the attack/move decision and do every action manually via reg_anim commands. The initial overriding step is relatively simple: just set the range of the weapon a critter is carrying to 0 and you can move them around however you want. The first problem you get is that the critter will immediately end turn after reaching his destination. One possible way around this is to do every single AI turn yourself "in" the player turn (shutting out the player through disable_ui until it's his turn). This requires you to do your own:

    -hostility and target acquisition (so you know each critter's target).

    The next step is overriding attacks. The damage formula is already available through critter damage, and all the animations/sounds are available as well when you look hard enough. Even things like projectiles (e.g. check spear traps) and explosions are relatively easily reproduced. But you'd need to make your own:

    -hitchance formula
    -a system for crit failures and crit successes
    -your own burst/explosion radius formula.

    This is of course an extremely radical overhaul that will probably do significant damage to the regular game (e.g. combat_p_proc and damage_p_proc won't work as intended for any script), so it should really only be attempted for "fresh" mods that exist separately from the main game.

    Another problem is that it creates two separate combat "logics", the regular one for the player, and the new manual overrides for the AI. The only way around this would be to have the same logic apply to the player, which would require something like shutting off the entire combat procedure after the tohit hook so you can do everything manually after that.

    Anyway, regardless of the insanity (or because of it), I've fallen in love with the concept. Here's an example of the type of AI improvements that become relatively easy to implement:

    Originally, the ranged AI would absolutely idiotically storm towards his target using all his AP on movement even if he could have gotten a shot off if he'd only stopped for a second:

    Now, you can make the AI even exploit the peek around the corner trick to annoy you:

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