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  1. fallout[12]enthusiast

    fallout[12]enthusiast First time out of the vault

    Jul 22, 2019
    Thank you! Btw, it would be nice if drinking NukaCola, etc and eating meals like Iguana sticks, etc would treat the THIRSTY and HUNGRY conditions too. Also, it seems water flasks disappear after usage atm. I noticed that in the Fallout Nevada total conversion (although it doesn't have a working food system) there are full water flasks that become empty water flasks after usage (you can refill them by using them on wells) - would be nice if you could also do this in Last Hope.

    Btw., I'm really enjoying your mod so far, awesome work!

    Edit: Another question: How do you sabotage the power generator in the prison? The description says "~ throw a rock at it" but I couldn't figure out how to do it (throwing a rock in combat mode did not work for me, neither did dropping it or using it on the generator) so I had to leave the prison peacefully by taking the quest.

    Edit: The fence door at the raiders base seems bugged (lockpick does nothing (does not work and there is no log message), and you cannot force it with a mount or in combat mode either) - doesn't matter though, because you can enter the base in another way. The containers in the farmers community's gas station also have this behaviour - is it intentional?

    Edit: Do screwdriver, adjustable wrench and the pipe wrench increase the repair skill (like the pliers) and if yes, by how much and do they have to be in hand slot or inventory?
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  2. HoraK-FDF

    HoraK-FDF First time out of the vault

    Jul 31, 2019
    Thanks again for the mod and here some things that I encountered so far:
    - Hi Res Patch v4.1.8 always crashes the game after/while the loading screen is displayed. I had to use Hi Res Patch v2.2c
    - first I've encountered the problem with the all grey map and the black interface this happens because the fallout installation set absolute paths in the fallout2.cfg. I've then made a copy of the installation for Last Hope mod into its own directory without changing the path in the fallout2.cfg so if someone encounters this only change all path to the new path in the fallout2.cfg or even better get a totally portable fallout by simply use relative path like:
    master_patches=.\data instead of
    master_patches=c:\games\Fallout2\data for example

    It's not possible to loot firearms, is this level dependent or completely impossible?

    As said above all the other meals and drinks of fallout should work for hunger/thirst and bottles should be refillable on wells

    - the knife does not work to trigger the ground plate to get the rock I have used a healing powder but maybe someone has already used all and gets stuck. (don't know if there was working other stuff)
    - when returning to the underground floor all switches look like they are left after setting the right combination but internally they are all up
    - the laser gate only opens a second or less its impossible to pass it, I've used a little trick and switched in that short time to combat mode ('a' key) and could get through it

    Miners Town:
    - the upper right corner of downtown looks strange the rock wall should be higher now it looks like cutted half

    Farmers Community:
    - the guy at the gas station sign sales unlimited knuckles I've could steal 175 of them and sale them for 7000 as often I wanted and so I completely bought all stuff in the town. I've also leveled a bit there endless stealing = endless exp, he even does not attack when caught and simply stands there
    - Its not possible to steal the stimpak that the knuckles guy has the message pops up:
    You can not pick this up. You are at your maximum weight capacity. But i have plenty of capacity left the same goes for the three guys in the residental area below the burning barrel
    - I cannot end the gecko hunt quest all geckos are dead even with the motion detector I cannot see any trace
    - On the hunting grounds its possible to run through the black all around the map

    I will play on and will post what I find

    running through the black is also possible in residental area and gas station
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  3. HoraK-FDF

    HoraK-FDF First time out of the vault

    Jul 31, 2019
    Wasteland Forest
    - wasteland forest prison vanished from world map (after an black flash) entering/leaving town makes it visible again
    - wasteland forest station rock wall ends suddenly

    Miners Town
    - could not end Old Hotel quest Sheriff still ask me to look whats going on there but every gang member is dead
    - could not open slave cages
    - poster in Old Hotel Area Warehouse in Mirx room is in front of player and one in Hotel Underground is in front of shelf
    - after leaving Old Hotel Area Warehouse its exit should be visible in start area
    - Old Hotel Area Warehouse starts to lag after/while all gang members are killed maybe a script that is buggy?

    Golden Valley
    - river and wall ends suddenly Mountain range in all locations also
    - after helping father and son screen gets shortly black but father still stands there when moving the cursor over him its like an eraser in a graphic program
    - sub-channel helper guards cannot be moved so the can trap you in a corner
    - when going down the manhole from basil alone view is centered somewhere in the dark area pos1 must be pressed
    - citizens in the casino talk so fast that the game lags
    - military door sometimes opens only for a short time not enough to get through

    - the house looks like an scenery in an movie only the front wall with no roof
    - mountain walls end suddenly

    - when hovering the mouse cursor over the door with the eye scanner behind matthews house the game crashes
    - Downtown Wall with cars ends suddenly
    - navcom parts cost 0$
    - city council its possible to run in the dark
    - cannot open locks of slave cages

    - strange borders at sheriffs house
    - all accessible location are from the beginning visible
    - ruins its possible to walk through the dark
    - ruins sneaking without shooting also triggers i heard gunfire dialog
    - mine street ends suddenly and strange footlocker stands on it
    - residental at the bottom i can run through a tin-wall and trough the dark there and on the left I can also enter the dark
    - residental when walking right from there where the car is parked over the truck the game enters a giant lag i only could turn time forward and get past it by switching in and out from fallout to task-manager but if you click right there without having a path through it set its nearly impossible to get past it at this point its better to kill fallout same happened the 2nd time I went to the barkeeper it also happened for me after shooting at the sheriff because I wanted to know what weapon he has
    - railroad mountain wall ends suddenly
    - railroad building front wall gets not removed on entering does fallout is only intended for 1 level buildings and can only remove the roof or can the front wall also declared to get invisible when entering?
    - deathclaw raid next day does not work whole dialog window closes another day later at ~10 it works
    - cave entrance mountain wall ends suddenly
    - cave fight no move option for guards they can trap you in a corner
    - cave fight cannot find a way out it most likely hast something to do with dynamite since one can be grabbed from the wanderer but I bombed all rock piles/pillars/beams/barrels/boxes but nothing happened maybe I did not hit the right spot or can this be a bug somehow?

    - char can walk over/trough cars
    - not all exit grids are useable some are only react on certain points
    - many looks cannot be opened and display no reason why it is so
    - cannot find the pipboy looked in the sewers at wasteland forest but could see a clue I've even tested sfall2 v1.8 with its highlight feature but its maybe not an object like this
    - when removing the armor and having a weapon in the slot1 player gets invisible and moving or anything else crashes the game that can only avoided by putting the armor back on without doing something else or directly switch the armor or remove the weapon from slot1, the turning player animation also stops in inventory window

    is the prisoner quest still finish able after 4 months?

    Thanks for the mod again its really nice, good locations and story and the new item pictures and cars look also nice.
  4. Forgotten Knight

    Forgotten Knight Time traveler stuck in time... Modder

    May 24, 2006
    Thanks for posting your suggestions and bugs. So far, some of the things you listed have already been fixed for the upcoming 1.083. There's a lot more work but so far this year has been quite productive, @Muttie is helping me with proof reading, playtesting... I didn't know you have a longer list :) so you can pm me with a complete list of technical stuff i can fix/adjust or make a .doc file which you can also send me(game screenshots are optional but i appreciate every bit of extra work).
    I will answer some quick questions:
    -stealing(using steal skill to view npc's inventory) from npcs is skill dependent, has been for some time. Random encounter WPguards and robbers loot has been reduced, player gets caps, based on Luck stat. Other randoms have regular/random loot. In populated areas, npc-s have more loot and weapons.
    -you have to return before 4 months expire, administrator will reset the timer
    Some animations are bugged if you don't wear pipboy.
    I'll check your list and fix everything that needs to be fixed. I'll be back hopefully soon.
  5. HoraK-FDF

    HoraK-FDF First time out of the vault

    Jul 31, 2019
    Can you quick tell me two things please because they block my progress:

    Is there a way out of that Canville deathclaw cave or is that location bugged? Then I must take a save before it.
    Can you tell me the location of the pipboy maybe I had a bug and its entirely not findable?

    to do no spoilers sending this over pm is maybe better.

    And a bit more specific on the 4 month question do the prisoners vanish after the 4 month? If not if I find them can I still finish the quest?

    Please tell me from what you need screenshots to clarify what I mean, then I will make some.
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  6. Forgotten Knight

    Forgotten Knight Time traveler stuck in time... Modder

    May 24, 2006
    Let Jerry join the hunt on his own. Later on, you will find Jerry barely alive outside the cave but don't go in. Blow up the support beam outside, use dynamite or plastic explosive in it, that is the only way to complete the quest. If i make changes to this, it has been requested to make it possible to escape the cave by using the explosive you steal from the suicide guy inside, i'll make a change note.

    Gas station, wasteland forest, just before world map exit grid on the basement level inside the locker.
    pipboy clue 1.jpg
    Reading the note will reveal new location "Sanctuary" on the world map. Climb down the well, open the chest.

    You can finish the quest but after 4 months, if you don't report to the administrator, you will be considered as enemy of Wasteland Prison and every prison patrol will be hostile towards you. You can choose between "regular" gameplay(report to administrator on time) and "challenging"(miss your appointment :) ) as difficulty of random encounter patrols increases with your PC level.

    I'll check your list, hopefully soon, and let you know if i need more details. Thanks.
  7. HoraK-FDF

    HoraK-FDF First time out of the vault

    Jul 31, 2019
    On start Jerry in his house he says something like lets go the others are waiting and I can only reply with follow him. then we are on the cave entrance map and Jerry don't makes a move until I talk to him and he tells me something like lets go the others are waiting inside. I don't know how I should trigger that peaceful version. So it seems to me I must take a save game before the cave and drop the entire fight (killed them all without loosing anyone) and wait until it gets fixed. Maybe an dialog option for the wanderer (depending on some stat?) would be nice to cool him down so that he don't attack grabbing the dynamite from him and let him alive was difficult with all that party members.

    mmh I looked at this paper and wondered what location does it mean since I did not saw anything on the worldmap now I retested with an old save its still not visible could this be the same bug that sometimes lets the Wasteland prison vanish?

    OK that's nice fleeing from them is easy, by the way does killing them makes this the entire Wasteland Prison hostile towards me?


    Another question that came up for me while I retested, why is MRC from the beginning on the worldmap? Or did someone in the prison told me about it? I don't know anymore.

    I have a suggestion about the stealing system I think its better to only get a message similar to the generator on the MRC entrance if you are not skilled enough you clearly get the message don't even try its useless, while with stealing I don't know is it impossible or do I have a chance even if its low? Like it is now it leads to hours of load cycles where no one knows Is it even possible(?) and that getting attacked every time wastes even more time and since its not clear that cycles on some critters are a total waste of lifetime from the start.
    Maybe messages like that are nice:
    "your skills are not enough to even get a look on Guard/Jerry/Prison guard/... items"
    "you where caught while you where trying to look into ... pockets, but you think its possible." (attak)(maybe this is not needed)
    "you where able to look into ... pockets" (exp here? but only if above message is implemented and attack was avoided)

    And I saw drinking something at the bar also does not clear the thirst.
  8. HoraK-FDF

    HoraK-FDF First time out of the vault

    Jul 31, 2019
    Miners Town
    - on the quest list the {204}{}{Find and eliminate gang leader Mirx.} quest is done but the sheriff tells me {138}{}{Find out what's going on there? You must hurry because more lives will be lost if we don't put an end to those
    gangs!} but the quest {203}{}{Eliminate Dogs gang members. Find out what happened to Drake.} is only open and even with the dog tags in the inventory I get a dialog to which quest does the dialog (138) belong? I forgot how the dialog with the sheriff went but is the Mirx quest only available after drakes quest?

    - can not give iron ore to grep in canville (quest is from philton so I put it here)

    Lost City
    - truck stands directly under the trees and grass

    Golden Valley
    - can trigger the dialog "About the job..." from sheriff after freeing the slaves from basil as long as I want and gain unlimited exp 1500 every time I speak to him but I must make it not to fast 1 second between each talk else the dialog changes and I get the find bob quest

    - truck does not follow there

    ok I've got the pipboy now simply looking on the paper it in the inventory does not work it must extra placed in the hand and than I must click on it outside the inventory, that's a rather strange behavior since all locations from documents/paper-maps in fallout could simply acquired by looking at it in the inventory
  9. daddydavito699

    daddydavito699 First time out of the vault

    Aug 15, 2019
    I have question about the main quest, how do you find scott
  10. Forgotten Knight

    Forgotten Knight Time traveler stuck in time... Modder

    May 24, 2006
    Hello, i did a quick search of this thread and found this. If needed, i can post more details, from my walkthrough(work in progress). Have fun.
  11. daddydavito699

    daddydavito699 First time out of the vault

    Aug 15, 2019
    forgotten knight what in your own opinion is the best build for this game?
  12. Muttie

    Muttie It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Oct 9, 2017
    There should be a hot fix in this forum. It should be the door1 script in the attachment of the following post (skip via green arrow) and it goes in data/scripts:
    I would suggest: Small Guns, Lockpick, Steal. You'll also need a bit of science and repair but there are books. There are also books for small guns and, consequently, picking Big Guns may actually be an option but not necessarily on a blind/first playthrough.
  13. daddydavito699

    daddydavito699 First time out of the vault

    Aug 15, 2019
    do you also have what my special points should be and also what traits I should get?
  14. Muttie

    Muttie It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Oct 9, 2017
    I don't think special points matter much. It's all fair. No Power Armour. But there is an alternative permanent ST bonus. CH 2 may be enough. I would say it's mostly up to you.

    When I played I had bursts underperform a lot. About 30-40 points of damage in average. Eventually, I got a lot more out of aimed shots (especially at the head, which knocks people unconscious and allows to loot them). So I would not use Fast Shot.
    However, I believe you can make everything work. Fast Shot may go well with Big Guns, for example.

    Overall, the mod is not extremely stats sensitive. And does not require “hard” skill checks. The only exception are two cases were there is no option but to steal (at least I'm not aware of an option) and the modifier in both cases is very hefty. So prepare for pushing Steal beyond 100.

    Edit: Oh, yeah and there is a bigger check on Small Guns once. But there are alternatives and a lot of small guns magazines. So it's quite manageable.
  15. Forgotten Knight

    Forgotten Knight Time traveler stuck in time... Modder

    May 24, 2006
    I took some time to put together a list of your questions from multiple posts and make a document in Q&A format to keep thread space for "important" stuff :) You can see the attachment below. Some map errors you mentioned depend on hi-res mod, using v4.1.8 should be a safe bet. Still working on few things i mentioned in Q&A. You can PM me, screenshots perhaps or more specifics about lockers you can't open. You mentioned lagging on several occasions. A save game file, if you can upload, would be usually a good way to test the issue.

    Attached Files:

  16. memberix

    memberix First time out of the vault

    Nov 10, 2009
    hmm, how could i have missed this one out. Looks interesting. You mention new 1.83 version will be incompatible with 1.82. Should i wait for that one, if it's coming out real soon, or start with 1.82.
  17. Forgotten Knight

    Forgotten Knight Time traveler stuck in time... Modder

    May 24, 2006
    Hi. Yes, i would suggest waiting a bit for the new update. Small map changes and lots of small tweaks in terms of gameplay and whatnot. It's close but not around the corner :)
  18. Golbolco

    Golbolco It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 12, 2015
    Fantastic mod so far!

    I'm having some trouble with the quest "try to restore old trade contract between Miners and Farmers Towns." I've killed all the mantises and rats in the mines, and I even cleared out the building that connects to the mines via ladder. But each time I go back to talk to the mine's owner, he just says "aren't you forgetting something?" Am I missing something here or is this a bug? Thanks!
  19. _Pyran_

    _Pyran_ Still Mildly Glowing

    Jan 31, 2017
    Don't play at an easy level.
    Load the save game where you haven't taken the quest yet and try to start a new one.
    or, try to install this
  20. _Pyran_

    _Pyran_ Still Mildly Glowing

    Jan 31, 2017
    If the author of the topic and the moderators do not mind, update the topic header. If possible, transfer the theme with formatting.

    Last Hope 1.082 (Fallout 2)

    Name: Last Hope (mod for Fallout 2)
    Version: 1.082
    Language: US
    Author: Forgotten Knight
    Website: NMA
    Copyright: Bethesda Softworks LLC.
    In this mod you are not a chosen one but a prison inmate. After surviving an almost fatal accident and had memory loss, you have no idea where you came from or what happened to you. Others think you are a bandit or a raider, but you can't prove them wrong. The only way to get a second chance to live is to pass the tests "they" put in front of you... "They" are a bunch of people running the "Wasteland prison", good or bad, you'll never know. One thing is for sure, you must follow the...

    A Fallout 2 "total" conversion mod. An independent story line about survival in another post apocalyptic world. Lots of locations to explore, quests to do, loot to find. Take a look at some of the new things you can expect:

    - changed world map
    - different encounters, adjusted difficulty
    - locations with variety of NPC's
    - some weapons look different now, added some new ones
    - vehicles, not directly drivable but used to store items
    - added quest items
    - quests
    - steal skill check when trying to view NPCs inventory with your steal skill
    - increased overall combat difficulty and barter prices (new)
    - food and hydration system (beta)

    Please note, this mod changes a lot of ingame content and should not be used with any other major mod. List of required or included mods and installation instructions are described inside info file.

    If you want to tell the world what you think, start here. Feel free to post mod related suggestions and questions.
    Enjoy, have fun, lets hope those bugs don't bite too hard...

    To avoid this you must set the game difficulty: Hard or Medium. Don't use Easy level!
    Log (Updates\included mods):
    Installation method:
    Manual installation:
    • Install Fallout 2.
    • Unpack the archive with mod v1.0X.x.
    • Rename or delete patch000.dat.
    • Download, extract & install Hi-Res Patch 4.1.8.
    • Copy the contents from the archive in to the game directory, confirming the overwrite.
    • Ok, well done.
    or installer:
    • Install Fallout 2.
    • Setup Last Hope 1.0X.x.exe (follow the instructions)
    • Default, installation takes place in a subfolder and does't overwrite the original! [C:\Games\Fallout 2\MOD].
    • To install in the game directory, please, change the path and enable checkbox "Root directory mode".
    • Ok, well done.
    Helpful links:
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