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    Oct 28, 2009
    @Forgotten Knight

    OK I think half a week between posts is enaugh time to make a double post.

    I've already dealt with duntown's quests although the last one was buggy as hell and I haven't managed to go deeper than second reactor level.
    I finally figured out that in order to solve this quest player needs to kill that lunatic who tries to blow up the reactor before this lunatic manages to turn the coolant valve, to make things worse one needs to do this in first turn or elevator script to bring player back up to level 1 won't trigger ever agin, causing the player to be stuck in level 2. However i did it and the quest is finished.

    Canvile missing machine part bug:
    after harvesting the part from watter supply computer in Philton the inventory shows invisible item called workshop table, however I figured out one needs: "Machine Part Type(A)" as owen sells us Machine Part Type(B) which presumably won't work. anyways as Muttie said F12SE solved the problem. I went to Canvile talked to Larry, installed the correct part, and completed the quest.

    Mayor Donson's third quest:
    got to robber tunnels, "killed'em all" , found dead bodies but couldn't turn in the quest. (Muttie said to use F12SE to change GVAR 540 from 16 to 17 but it didn't help, quest unsolved

    Golden Valley Aston's third Quest:
    Canville residential area entrance. Got notified by a guy in leather armor that aston got a quest 4 me. Went to Golden Valley, takled to Aston, got the quest to find doctor's bag. Aston mentiones Farmers Town and Miners Town as places where I should get the "doctors bag" item. I already bought two during my travels, however i "double checked" if there isn't a dialogue option to get one. There were none. So i went to Wasteland Forest to prison, lower the force field only to find out that this wounded guy is "totally healthy", after I return to Aston he acts as if I still needed to heal this imprisoned guy. WTF.. and muttie says there's a HKG11 as a reward.. and it's unobtainable.. damn it!!

    Also I finally managed to get cave robbers unique cave encounter, only to find out that the Turboplasma Rifles, Gauss Rifles, and HKG11E they all had, all vanish when player kills the robbers, all that's left is small amouts of gold on bodies, bigger amouts of gold in footlockers, plus some small souveniers in each chest like Plasma Grenades etc. are theese randomly rolled (with a chance for Turboplasma or Gauss Rifle?
    Given the chance to find theese guys is ultra slim, because one needs to roll critical success d100 *twice* in a row. A score between 95-100 for non damage roll so sniper or more criticalls won't help here. there's a separate roll for the chests first then a roll for critter type if it's a second critical success the robbers spawn if not it's an empty cave. *If* two critical succesess in a row occur, then later rolls determine, chests inventory, does it have gold, and how much, and extra souvenier or not. since I've met them only once in "Last Hope", so I can't tell if they do have the fancy stuff in footlocker loot table.
    Could you clarify more on that?

    I'm sending Savegame for analysis and possible fixing of Donson's and Aston's third quests..

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    May 24, 2006
    Fixed in 1.083
    Sadly, killing him is the right way to do it, no negotiations.
    I noticed some other possible "human glitches" and added few more things, in case player runs off during the chase.
    These exotic weapons are used only against the player. When any of the Robbers or Bandits gets killed, their inventory goes away. They will spawn random items, based on player's luck + random roll, upon death. Getting any of these weapons in random encounters can be done with exploits.
    Footlockers loot is the same as before.
    Aston's "help his man" quest is fixed for v1.083. Donson's "missing people" quest also works in 1.083 but there's a catch...
    script checks if gvar540==17 only when one of the smuggles gets killed. Fast forward, if (gvar543 == 4) then SUCCESS.
    After that it's smooth sailing.
  3. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    Sorry, 've been busy (and stressed) etc. etc.
    No, there isn't. This guide was written alongside the development of 1.083, but then FK said he wrote a guide so I stopped working on it (bit of a relief, less work).
    However, there are no other areas where you need F12se to fix 1.082, only those two in Philton. Anything else is in the scripts. [But you can can fix those too, using the sfall script editor ;)]

    I'm actually surprised you triggered Aston's man in Canville, I thought that was impossible in 1.082...? Anyway, to solve the quest (in 1.082) you probably need to use the Doctor skill (with the Doctor's Bag in your inventory). Using the Doctor Bag itself doesn't work because the item overrides script commands. [Although in this case the only script command is to inform you to use your doctor skill instead.]
    However, you won't find much ammo for the G11, only about 100 or so (plus one trader who offers some (no idea if that one restocks)). It's more a “special occasion” weapon, and not that useful really, as the G11 shines against armour and the end-fight is mostly against low armour enemies against which the P90c should do better (I think). Besides, it's a G11, not the better G11E version (which makes another difference). Anyway, I don't think the G11 is that useful in LH.

    Bit of my mistake (sorry) you need to add +1 to gvar 540 BEFORE killing the last smuggler (otherwise their destroy proc can't trigger (obviously... :roll:) and set the next stage of the quest...). If you killed all of them already you probably need to set the quest to the next stage yourself (that's gvar 543 to 4) and then access the freezer in the smuggler cave (which sets gvar 140 to 1) [you normally get a hint on the state of 140 after killing the last smuggler] and then (if both is true) you can talk to Donson who sets gvar 543 to 5 ending the quest).
    So in your case (all 16 smuggler dead) you need to set gvar 543 to 4 in F12se.
    gvar 140 can be set in-game (if needed), just interact with the freezer (if you can't, it's already set to 1).

    I think people may easily miss this but there are three weapon merchants (Samuel in Philton, “Gun Merchant” in Golden Valley and “Gun Merchant” in Canville (last two never been christened poor sods) who will upgrade certain weapons, which is pretty good in some cases.
    -Gun seller (Golden Valley): 10mm Pistol ($350).
    -Samuel (Philton): 10mm Pistol ($450), Hunting Rifle ($500), Desert Eagle ($200), 44er Magnum ($250), Pipe Rifle ($550).
    -W&A (Canville): Flamer ($2000), Rocket Launcher ($2500), Sniper Rifle ($2000).

    Until next month (or two)...
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    Oct 28, 2009
    I'm actually on 1.082.2 *I think* as that's the newest stuff I've been able to download (i think from _Pyran_'s archive).
    the quest for Ashton's wounded man works as I've said "partially". I mean one can get the quest but when you arrive to the prison the wounded guy behaves as he was already treated (spurring green floats like: "Thanks for your help man!" etc.) however Ahston behaves as if i didn't hepl the guy in prison.

    You've got to be kidding me.. G11 would be the best option thre is. You see the only option to get enaugh ammo ingame is to pick mysterious stranger and farm him/her a bit (click on the worldmap if you took the perk and he she will appear like 50% of the time, even on "no encounter" ) thing is Mysterious stranger spawns with various ammo but after player reaches level 27, mysterious stranger only spawns with 2x50 4,7mm Caseless, so if holding mysterious stranger up to that point one can farm unlimited amounts of HK G11 ammo. Ok I know G11E is seposedly better, however it's only obtainable from cave robbers, and one has to knock those robbers out before killing them in order to obtain one, so I'd say G11E is unobtainable in LH however classic G11 is actually only burst gun with steady supply of ammo in the game.

    @Forgotten Knight @Muttie

    I've managed a F12SE bypas of the bug in Aston's wounded man quest.
    if you've got the quest and the bug appears go to Aston's establishment save & simply change GVAR 529 from "2" to "3" this will push the game to give quest reward state. *If* your character has sufficient small guns skill you'll also get HKG11 besides the cash itself. quest complete state is GVAR529=4

    I sttill haven't managed to get the pesant in canville tent to appear that He's seposedly lead me to the endgame. I've done all my active quests besides killing eddie in philton (as I've decided to waste matthew instead) however the quest des not cross out, and last active quest is to deal with scott from prison guard in miners town. However no matter what i do I still can't make the guy appear in that tent.

    Also on a side note. I've finally decided to mod the game a little, so i beefed up noel with modified permadrugs, and gave rock wapon the "enhanced weapon knockout" perk.

    Maan rock weapons combined with slayer perk is the way to go now. WP patrols now do cough up their inventories same as robbers. I'm now eagerly awaiting a jackpot in the form of cave robbers/bandits/thugs. so that they too would reveal their shiny toys 2 me :D

    also toyed a bit with flechette 12ga. Shotgun Shells. I mean why would they have inferior stats if they are more rare ammo, and in practive flechette does more damage? So i don't se why would they do only 2/3 damage of standard Shotgun Shells. I'd say they should do 3/2 more damage and have at least -10 DR if not -20DR because flechette is meant to be for hunting large animals such as elephants.
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    Oct 9, 2017
    There is a bug in 1.082 that resets the MRC to unvisited with every new start, I think. So you may have to visit the place again (enter it etc.) then check again. It is possible to spawn the guy in 1.082, it's only this reset bug of locations that messes with it. There are also some other places (Philton) that can be reset to unvisited. Best make sure none of the locations are dark/univisted.

    Most of this is fixed in 1.083. Including flechette.
  6. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    what do you mean by dark/unvisited locations? Is this somehow noticable ingame or is it only in the savegame's internal stuff?
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    Feb 11, 2021
    Where I can find link to newest version? I would love to play that mod
  8. Forgotten Knight

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    May 24, 2006
    Hello, new version is still "under construction". Few more weeks at most.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    @Muttie @Forgotten Knight

    So I've been toying around modding this mod further, and I've realised one can actually attack WP patrols in random encountes and during next encounter they won't realise a thing. Same deal with the Mysteryous Stranger. after I gave weapon enhanced knockout perk to Rock, i can suddenly 1hit ko mysterious stranger without killing him/her loot all the stuff he/she got including the weapon, and those varay depending o the player level, going up as high as HKG11, Plasma Rifle, Laser Rifle, CAWS, Assault Rifle, etc. so this way one could get acces to cool weaponry early on. And the best part Mysterious stranger is totally oblivious to the fact he/she has been knocked out and robbed during next encounters. Neat.

    I've got to check if this works in Sonora once the translation is finished, as Mysterious Stranger, has been somewhat patched in that game.

    anyways I'm still pointless why I can't spwan that pesant in canville tent to push MQ further. I've even visited all towns during a single play session [no save loading single .exe start] (as Muttie says it somehow matters), and it changed nothing, still no pesant in that tent. It's a mystery alright...
  10. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    Yes, on the worldmap. For example, in 1.082 the MRC should become dark/unvisited after every new start and that is visible on the worldmap.
    But after reading this...
    I have no idea what the issue could be... if all locations are set to visited he should spawn, it did work for me in 1.082.
    • Eventually, you'll trigger the end-game in Canville. This requires to have visited most major places of the game (Miners Town, Farmers Town, Golden Valley, Philton, Canville, Duntown, UMB, MRC (bug in 1.082; each new start sets this to “unvisited” so you need to make sure to revisit the MRC after each new start) and Silting). After you've done that a pauper will appear in the tent that is in the south of the residential area. Talk to him and give him money. When you wake up you are at the Shelter (see that section).
    That should work...
  11. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Well it doesn't seem to...
    Anyways, I'm going to try and see once more. At least sometime in the future, because right now it's too damn hot for my pc to run. I've only managed few minutes because it was raining for a while and the temp went down a bit. unfortunatly the sun is out agin, and my pc is raising hell fans spin into oblivion as it grasps the last few cubic feet of air that has not yet became "vehicle fumes like" hot. It's not the pc maitnance, it's the opposite the building has poor thermal isolation and air cooling a pc with air that has like 35C @60% humidity is freaking impossible, so the CPU temp skyrockets..
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    Feb 2, 2017
    Any news on how things are doing with this mod?
  13. _Pyran_

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    Jan 31, 2017
    I want to ask (if possible): part of the text is in scripts, and this is not very convenient for translation. Can I transfer these phrases to dialogues (msg)?
  14. Forgotten Knight

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    May 24, 2006
    Hey! I'm guessing new installer is on the way, which version are you working on? I'm working on the "official" 1.083 English version and plan to do the exact same thing. I'll do the scripting part a bit later, uploading the new content is priority. I mean you can modify your installer files any way you want, i have no powers there :)

    Everything goes according to master's plan :)
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    Oct 9, 2017
    I had another look at the script and there is one additional factor [besides the location checks] I wasn't aware of, which is that it also requires for the very initial quest {Track down and "deal" with Scott and his companions.} to be active. It needs to appear in the pip-boy (Miners Town section; Guardian quest), if it does (i.e. when gvar 566 == 2), then the condition is met and location status is checked. Maybe you haven't started that quest yet? Or you haven't entered one of the locations. Should be either one. However, if quest is on and all locations are set to "visited" the pauper should spawn at the tent in Canville.
  16. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Yeah the quest is active. but I'm going to check that GVAR if it is set correctly. however not now. Although temp outside did drop a bit due to clouds and raining, the humidity is relatively high, causing temp to go up pretty quickly. in addition to that my main chasis fan died on me, so now all the heat remains in the chasis and keeps building up, unfortuneatly I've already used up all the spare fans i bught up "just in case" long time ago, so I'm forced to buy new ones. thermal throtling is so intense that even fucking youtube video outout does stuter. It's not just any 120mm fan that can be placed there. It Has to be a high efficiency one in order to do the task well i was using one with 170 cubic-meters per hour or {IIRC} 95 cubic feet per minute. a sophisticated one with 15 fan blades on the rotor, design based on a rotor of a jet engine.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    time to earn my golden shovel award
    ok so the temps did drop lately and I'm back at my pc, feeding my gaming addiction for now, instead of getting back to translating sonora :p .

    So I decided to play a version which is commonly available from Pyran's archive a.k.a "v1.082.2"
    I managed to read through most of .msg files and noticed that a guy in duntown has his dialogue tree unfinished (since after doing certain quests his dialogue changes to *error*, also pinned down some quests which i wouldn't notice otherwise

    1.guarding duty for local scientist in military outopst in golden valley (had to cheat my way through that as I've already misplaced that plasma pistol which he whined is missing.
    2. water chip quest + where to go to finish it
    3. Garol's Letter and something about his son temporarily joining the party (from what I've read from .msg files) however i couldn't find the guy in 1.082.2, couldn't pin him down either in 1.082 though i don't have the bug that shades MRC

    Anyways does anybody here know how to check town state/change town state to "visited" in Vad's editor? it's like october 2322 in game and i still haven't managed to spawn that peasant to trigger the endgame like @Muttie said.

    Anyways according to my knowledge there are 4 quests total i haven't managed to do

    1. kill eddie for matthew (obviously since i've reported to Donson and took his job to eliminate matthew) but "kill eddie for matthew" didn't cross out.
    2. the rope and flares guy that I was sepose to retrofit in Red's bar ( just couldn't pfind the guy and all my rope was ate up by fix the well quest from farmers community, i had 5 total and all of it was ate up by the well fixing quest).
    3. hunting for molerats quest for a guy in philton courtyard. agin couldn't pin down the guy i talked to all the npc that are there, an the ones suposedly related to the quest only give floating messages.
    4. deliver Garol's letter to his wife and son ( read about it from .msg files and couldn't for the life of me find the fucker.)

    if You're still doing those Last Hope playthrough videos, i can guide you through all of the quests exept the four ones i haven't done myself (read spoilers) I've literally done every single other quest in this mod up until
    spawning that peasant
    , although You've probably dropped those series as number of viewers was rather low.

    This mod's time to shine hasn't fully come yet, perhaps that's why ppl are not flocking to it yet. those bugged quests, and rather uncertain end game triggering, scares away potential players.

    Personally I'm not dicouraged that easy, and I still do try to find out what I am doing wrong, so that end game doesn't trigger
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  18. QuantumApprentice

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    Feb 9, 2018
    Well, all the stream vids end up with low viewership, which is why I've been focusing on making different types of content for youtube. But when the next version drops I plan on playing through it again on stream and trying to give an update on what's changed, plus a review of the mod. Right now I'm finishing up my first big scripting tutorial, then I'll be cutting down my Olympus 2207 streams and the rest of the Last Hope streams I hadn't got to yet...plus some stuff for other mods I've seen floating around.
  19. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    @Forgotten Knight

    I've just noticd another bug..

    It seemes in all encounters the "trader and guards" the trader is not in the same party with guards. I've stumbled couple of times on "trader and guards beeing massacrated by mantis".. funny name.. though inconsisted as it were the mantis that always got massacrated ;) . anyways to the point... One time in the above mentioned a.k.a "mantis vs trader and guards" the trader did a n oopsie shot and accidentally shot one of his guards. The fight went on as usual until the mantis was dead, but suddenly instead of ending the fight the guards started shooting at the trader, until trader was killed. not much value only 1x 10mm smg, 1x 14mm pistol and some caps. I wonder what would happen if the odds would align and i would get a combo of trader and guards vs mantis, trader makes an oopsie and wounds one of his guards, and trader rolls to have a alien blaster for sale (as i stole few alien blasters a couple of times from him in an non hostile encounter, so'm 100% sure the trader rolls alien blasters for sale), lol luck-freak-accident and player roams with free alien blaster XD.
  20. Forgotten Knight

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    May 24, 2006
    Random encounter guards (ecguard) and traders (ectrader) have generic scripts from the original game, different team number as well, not something tied specifically to the LH mod. I worked on solving many of these vanilla bugs, correcting scripts/protos , thanks to @Muttie who tested/reported/suggested what can be fixed/improved. Alien blasters and mantis... something one can find only in... the Twilight Zone.:hide: