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    Oct 28, 2009
    Well have You managed to pinpoint the bug that is preventing majority of the players from finishing the game?
    Some of us are having hard time to spawn the pesant in that tent Canvile. no problems with unvisited towns though worldmap doesn't show anything wrong. judging by .msg files most quests have been done except
    Garol's letter to his family, hunt molerats, find ropes and flares, and kill eddie for matthew,
    as explained somwhere in a post above.

    played 1.082 *and* 1.082.2 whatever this second version is. in 1.082.2 i also couldn't spawn Aston's man in canville that triggers the beginning of final quest for Aston. However despite visiting every damn location from the spoiler list and doing like 95% of the quests still no freaking luck in spawning that pesant... I still have no idea what do es @Muttie mean by certain locations becoming unvisited.. i haven't encountered that. besides:
    i couldn't repair the ventilation system. Could only bio sensors, no idea where to repair ventilation. Besides fixing network uplink with nav com parts and activating the defense systems doesn't enable lvl 5 access, despite You saying so. Strange since in both 1.082 and 1.082.2 , level 5 seemes to be noted in the computer's .msg files. Anyways wasting the turrents doesnt do anything and i still can't access lvl5. Was MRC sepose to be something special or just a small map with couple of rats and items, and no quests?

    And finally:
    what's the deal with Player_mutate= and mutate_when= gvars? it grows only when visiting UMB and after applying that mutagen hypo from MRC, is the player seposedly turn into some kind of mutant?

    It would be neat if player could rebuild the power armor from those parts but for example by totally fucking up key quests (by not doing them to save parts for PA) that would mess up the ending slides like the PA would require those electric motors a screwdriver, pliers and some kind of nut/bolt keys plus possibly the PA could be a requested item by a those escaped convicts for an alternative ending, or perhaps it would be them who would give you the PA schematics nessecary to rebuild the armor
    Even without PA this game rocks. Those 2/3 combat armors I've found are neat too..

    It would be cool tho to be able to finish this game, and quit having the weird feeling, that this game is an endless fly trap for fallout gamers, without a way to complete the game...
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    If this is Brian and the waste issue, it's known and fixed. Otherwise I know nothing, except Laura who is not implemented. But that's fine.

    The plasma pistol “theft” did remove 1 & 2. Garol was bugged by sheriff [insert name when brain is back] XP bug, which is fixed.

    Need to look into 1. Gregory (flare & rope) was not implemented in 1.082, is now. Hunting was not implemented, still isn't (to my knowledge). Garol was bugged, see above, fixed.

    Yep, that should be all fixed, and then some... ;)

    As far as I know there is no bug with the peasant. And I also have no idea how that could bug out. Other than the MRC status resetting. I did spawn it in 1.082. Only had to visit the MRC once more, then travelled to Canville... no idea...
    Anyway, the method of spawning him may adjust in the next version as it was not very intuitive.

    Aston's man was bugged in 1.082. Fixed in next version.

    There is no ventilation system to repair in the MRC (as far as I know), [Duntown had one] and lvl 5 is part of the upcoming version, not part of 1.082.

    I would be strongly against fixing the Power Armour, as the mod is balanced around lower tier 1 weapons (combat armour & sniper rifle are end-tier). PA would disturb that game balance. My guess is that the PA is only there to represent lost technology.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    Since My last post here I PM'ed with Forgotten Knight, a bit and managed to finish the game, The peasant was bugged, since Knight had to update two scritps in order for the pesant to appear.

    Good to know about the rest.

    As for PA, I don't mind, it's the way it is, however player could be teased a bit more with PA, I actually thought about Requiring to repair the PA in order to give it to a npc to proceed with MQ, can you imagine how PITA it would be to run around all the errands to fix it, and then one would have to let go of it anyways :D, well unless one would cheat, and multiply the armor, but cheaters have it easy anyways xD.

    One way or another I managed to beat the game, Unfortuneatly not without F12se,as the bugs in 1.082.2 still prevent the game from finishing, upated scripts are also a must..

    Hope the new version hits soon..

    Oh well.. Back to curing my atumn depression..