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    whoah.. a lot to go over this time...

    Anyways.. I was only explaining how to proceed with Jerry's second quest to _Pyran_ ,as he was asking this.. I had overcome all the troubles I've encountered (as I told before with a little bit of FK's guidence I've managed to finish the mod).

    No idea on giving the mod any stars, as I haven't downloaded it from any source that has the option to do so. Not a fan of moddb as it's easy to get your PC infected there, didn't even registered there. for me the mod is rather niche and casual but easily deserves solid 4 at the bare minimum, considering that only Nevada, Resurrection, and possibly Sonora would attain 5/5.
    LH is solid, but in 1.082 lacks some stuff. bit bugged exit grids some of which are not triggering properly, two or three bugged quests, plus some npc's have unfinished dialogues, all this makes look a bit more like a mod, rather than full TC (which it actually is rather than a mod), plus a 'no real spoonfeeding' by anyone in a form of walkthrough, and suddenly most folks don't know how to play a game on this engine.
    Ppl judgment is harsh most of the time, and if ppl out there notice deficiencies of the mod, they likely gonna complain about it. Due to beeing 'one man army' FK actually caused this unwillingly.. as the mod is active from 2005 or 2006 as it is advertised, however when ppl see that info they expect a mod that has been long been finished developing sort of a 'complete product' they don't actually expect it do be a game under development after almost *15* years... most peeps when looking upon such stuff just gives up. only devoted classic Fallout fans wouldn't give up on such a project, for example I myself wasn't sure what's this mod all about up until like 1.5 years ago. there wasn't much fuss going on about the mod, not much press, not much beeing said anywhere, so i thaught this would be like the unfinished "Alternative Life Demo" that was up on teamx.ru some time ago, that it's either a really small mod like V13 or that it's a bit modified Fo2 at some point. Frankly with so little press around it i didn't expect it to be a Full TC.. sure with certain miniscule immersion breaking bugs but still a full TC..

    But that's me I don't expect much at the start, so not to get dissapointed, and I was plesantly suprised, to see such a marvelous gem.
    On the other hand, most folks just expect a full featured flawless experience, this way they might feel a bit dissapointed, hence such folks gave this game a bad press..
    This may be fixed with new release. Provided it's bug-less experience, and provided it get's some good press and perhaps a walkthrough, for the: require spoonfeeding kind of folks.. You and FK take care of the first part, and I'm sure there are ppl around this forum ready to tackle the other part @QuantumApprentice for example already started a let's lay series of 1.082.
    He got stuck on Jerry's cave, just like everyone else at some point, I mean even I myself woudn't know how to proceed if I hadn't asked FK himself on how to tackle this via PM. this thread has also been providing helpfull info, and in the end succes, not exactly spoonfeeding but I wouldn't been able do handle certain quests without gudance, mainly in Canville and Philton, certain quests in Golden Valley would also be mystery if I hadn't look at .msg files. This whole idea with unlocking in depth conversation after certain criteria are met is kind of misleading, because any friggin bum on the street could potentially be a quest giver all of a sudden, and at some point you start to run like madman from one bum to another, checking if a conversation with quest is available to them, after completing previous quest. I hope You do see a point in this.. Plus whthout actually knowing the game inside out an optimal playthrough is not possible. Some folks including Me do like to get the most value from a game after initial playthrough. any subsequent playthroughs would just be licking off the icing from the partially eaten cake.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    Whoah.. look at the time fly.. last post: Nov24 2021...

    So I guess nobody's gonna be mad about doubleposting... uh.. right?..

    Anyways after tremendous letdown of beeing trapped in a certain location in Fo:Yesterday R4, I've lost further motivation to play Fo:Y R4 for the time beeing.

    However Last Hope mod has something that really kept me returning to it, since i uncovered it. So @Forgotten Knight and @Muttie .
    How is the development of 1.083 coming? is there anything to expect in the near(est)by future? can we get a glimpse at the state of the v1.083's development? Like what's done what's to be done, and perhaps some estimates, when to expect the release? Like are we talking "Blizzard Entertainment *soon*(TM)", something closer, or something that is further away?

    Best regards..

    Shame on the forum, that the "event 22" is not including Last Hope mod playthrough, but instead includes 3D first person shooter oblivion with guns
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    Can you even download it? First post still says that it'll be updated with a download link when it's ready.
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    the previous versions of Last Hope a.k.a. the ones prior to to unreleased v1.083 are available from Dobrovik's archive and from Pyran's archive..

    B4 you bug me for a link to theese, do know that Dobrovik's os in the stickies in the modding section, and Pyran's is in his signature.

    b4 i hear: where's _Pyran_'s signature?
    Be advised that in order to see someone's signature you must log-in. it's visible in every post this person has made after that.

    I do recommend using _Pyran_'s one since it's more recent, plus it lately it got a relatively new sfall-extended and an intro... woohoo..
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    What’s the current download for this mod? It’s not currently in this thread’s OP.
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    See the message above
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    Uh.. @_Pyran_ there seemes something wrong with the link U gave in the "above", as it doesn't display your sugnature.. well It's kind of obvious that Golbolco person here despite beeing present like 7 years on NMA still doesn't know the basics of NMA modding database archives, which either deems him, an Ignorant, or as 'Ol Harold says requires a" little time on the wetstone himself" a.k.a "..not the sharpest tool in the shed.."
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    The newest version of Lost hope in Drobovik database is v1.078. I cant find 1.083 anywhere too. Can you just give us link ?
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    Jan 31, 2017
    Mr.Drobovik has not updated his archive for a long time. v1.083 is not ready yet (not giving out).
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    @Konrad try using _Pyran_'s archive Last Hope v1.082.2 there is nothing else that is better or newer at this point in time.
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    Oct 9, 2017
    Yes, it's going at "normal" speed, which means "months".
    As said it's wrapping up (which is true) but the speed at which it goes is not fast. It's just how it is.

    I just got the LastReport back (which took FK 3 months; which is normal), now I check it for oversights (takes me about a month). Have 20 pages of bugs that "must" be fixed to add to it. Then FK needs to go over that. While I finish polishing the proofreading. Some more back and forth. And that should be it. Could go fast, could be another 6 months or so.

    That's about the time-frame...
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    Oct 28, 2009
    Well.. it's still good there is *some* progress at all :) , everything seemes so quiet about this mod.., but I'm expecting this to be the calmness b4 a huge storm, so when it hits, it's going to be like a lightning strike.. As I may have mentioned b4 I did some non commentary complete Let's play/walkthrough videos for 1082.2 so that ppl can get a little spoonfed when it comes to doing stuff in this game. As this was initially the problem for many, since nobdy went on exploring the worldmap past Farmer's Town, since nothing else is revealed at this point ( as there's a bug in 1.082.2 that prevents Miner's Town guard to appear, and show us Philton on the worldmap) and folks are probably too lazy and/or scared of the four month timer, to do some venturing.

    Oh one more thing..
    I didn't manage to bother checking yet, but is the stealth-cloacked prison guard scout, possible to be killed by super stimps? I mean I only tried a modded version of poison which Matthew from philton gives me ( i've modified this drug-type-item to give -500 hit points and another -499 after a minute so that it actually works like a poinson) the guard died, nobody was hostile, (not even the guards in the prison), and this sweet sweet:
    the guard's corpse had on itself, was like icing on the cake.

    So @Muttie could You tell me from Your experience with the game, Can this prison guard from miner's town be killed without consequeces by superstimpacking him to death?


    NVM.. i just checked..

    Hot damn... at a hefty toll of 16 super stimpacks that one has to inject ino the body of the previous owner, after which One is able to get in possesion of a Stealth Boy :D
    This probably was never meant to be a thing in Last Hope, so I must've broken the game by that point :p
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    Oct 9, 2017
    The Miners Town guard only appears at night next to the church entrance. There should be no bug with this (as far as I know). Just the day time requirement (which can confuse).
    And that he can reveal Philton is part of an overhaul that started in 2020, and the idea of him revealing Philton was added in 2021, and never published... where do you get your info from ;)

    Anyway, that was a problem. By now the progression should be improved (i.e. there is always a NPC that can point the player to the next location; no more dead ends). This should be better now (in 1.083).
    the prison does not react to guards outside getting killed (patrols etc.). Only the other way round. If the player attacks the prison, then the patrols in the wasteland & Miners will be hostile (eventually).
    The only exception is “resisting arrest”, that sets the prison off. [Btw, “resisting arrest” is an option. Bit touchy here and there, but if you know the mod, you can ignore the timer and “be on the run” for the entire game. But as said, bit touchy and not recommended for a first play-through.]
    There are some other holes here and there (can of worms), but that's the gist of it.
    [assuming this is what you meant by consequence]
    Other than that you may want to get the quest from him first (that's important), anything else is either optional (or WIP). I think...

    You should have continued after the end ;), getting the stealth-boy is (eventually) normal. Just make sure it's night... you don't want to meet him during the day (minor bug; map update switches him back to invisible and would need a [if not combat] check before it triggers; anyway, I think this “proper stealth-boy” bug is kinda funny)

    Didn't try super-stimpaks on the Miners Town Guardian. Only with Matthew, checking if that can be used to skip the “getting spotted” part. It does, but because of the HP boost to all critters it's really expensive (as you said; took about 13 on Matthew). There aren't that many super-stimpaks in the game (also only 3 traders restock on them) and I burned through most I had during the final fight. So the exploit is possible, but not viable, imo.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    i don't know all the traders that restock on super stimps.. I exploited a bug with the only one i know that does restock with super stimps.

    This merchant ( in farmers comunity that has the get gecko pelts and get the tools quests for us) does restock on super stimps. He gets bugged however once his second job is over. He doesn't go into indepth dialogue with us only floats instead after the second job he gives us is done. I only need to float him once, and all of his stock is moved onto him, so one can conviniently steal that stuff from him. Once he restocks, he only needs to be float dialogued once each time he restocks, in order for his stock to move onto him. That's how i got so many super stimps so quickly. This, plus generally stealing from NPCs which sometimes do have a super stimp in steal inventory.

    Now I'll try to make a playthrough with mod from @DeKRuS , that alows to steal stuff from hands with high enaugh steal skill, and check if that will work for the stealth-boy guy. I've already tried with a later on save, and having the sneak on and stealing from Silting guards yelads really fun toys ( yay avenger miniguns :D ), though in order to check upon the cloacked guard, i need to start a new game.

    As for Matthew and his stealthy kill.. at least in 1.082 and in 1.082.2 super stimping Matthew doesn't work, that pesant still runs towards entrance and notices us ( this seemes scripted ). Though taking a note which one of those three pesants runs towards us, reloading from before killing Matthew, and instead super stimping that pesant instead of Matthew enables the quest to be done quietly (a.k.a without running into the woods). After the pesant, that sepose to run yelling "that bastard killed Matthew" is dead, before attempting to kill Matthew himself. We only need to Kill matthew in a way that nobody hears us, so turn o sneak, and do a burst from behind or something, to take him out in first round, and that would be it. nobody cares.. The best option, would be to take that poison he gives us during the quest, and be able to use it on that pesant in order to kill him.. ( however that requires either scripting, or making that poison drug do what it's sepose to.. be lethal.. so like -500hp and another -500 after one minute. That way it could take out anyone).

    Just so You know..

    Anyways.. anxiously w8ting for either This or for Fo:Sonora translation to come out..
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    Oct 9, 2017
    That sounds O(ll) K(orrect) (i.e. that's how scripts & game behave)

    If you like the Avenger Minigun you may try the AS50 & M 249 SAW (both sold in Silting). When I calculated the average weapon damage those two came out on top. They should be pretty good (one is a big gun sniper rifle, the other a low AP burst). I'm actually considering that the best build is to start with Small Guns and then build Big Guns as a secondary for the late game. I think that could be quite viable.

    I just did a quick test with the version on Pyran's database, and with that version it is not possible to spawn the loner and access the end-game.
    I used a save from my 1.082 game, which can spawn the loner and tested it with Pyran's version and nothing; no spawn. It doesn't even reset the MRC state (from “visited” to “known” as described). I then replaced the sfall in Pyran's version with the sfall from the original 1.082 (that's the ini & dll), and it worked as expected (resets state of MRC & Loner spawns).
    So the thing that blocks this (arguably faulty) behaviour of LH is the updated sfall. Swap that out with the sfall that was included in the original 1.082 and it works.
    This is probably not helping anyone, but maybe it lays a few open questions to rest.

    Anyway, this is the sfall of 1.082.:
    This link will be dead in 7 days (which is fine). However, I have not tested this past a very quick confirmation that this is indeed the issue. Not sure if simply replacing the files will work and/or cause problems along the line (crashes, bugs etc.). So, do this at your own risk.
    Swapping/upgrading sfall is not that save, really.
    For example, it may not be possible to carry over saves (i.e. from one sfall version to another). And if it is possible it may cause issues. I just recently had the problem that this [saves being transported from one sfall version to another] caused loading failure with Random Encounter maps. However, each sfall by itself worked fine, it was only the carried over saves that started to bug out.
    Also 1.082 had no highlighting items script. Not sure if that can be added/made to work [edit: did a quick test and if you only replace the ini & dll the highlighting function was still working ; so maybe that swap is enough...] but it could also start to cause issues at one point.
    All this of updating sfall would need a complete play-test to tell if it's all working/fine. Bit “hot needle” stuff.
    Anyway, it was the changed sfall that caused the discrepancy.

    There are still a few oddities about this that baffle me. Map_exit behaves really strange in 1.082... But, I guess, it doesn't matter anymore (1.083 seems to have cleaned up most of this). Would take too much time to figure out anyway... still... cobwebs on the back of my mind... bothers me a bit.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    Nah.. it's not needed
    the Knight himself gave me via PM some files that temporarily (that is until 1.083) fixes this issue regardless of sfall.. plus some other helpful fixes like the fix to matthew's shack door crashing the game when viewed. ( I am now able as one of the few to open matthew's shack, without crashing, and get those sweet treats inside)

    As of current ( with the fixes provided by Knight himself) the pesant in canville always spawns, no matter what.
    As for the highlight feature I'm using Fo2tweaks highlight version, and disable the highlight features of the standard one ( it shouldn't be disposed of if someone wants to use controlcombat mode=3 for Noel as this mode requires the standard highlighting mod script to be present n game fles).

    Anyways i'm in the middle of a playthrough with DekRus's sneak&steal mod, so now it's possible to steal the laser rifle and the stealthboy off of the miners town prison guard, without killing him ( provided sneak and steal are high enaugh). Later on, stealthboy itself, plus tons of sneak & steal skill points invested, sneak & stealthboy on, some boozefeeding the silting guards, and it's possible to get those avenger miniguns without killing the entire base :D
    and yeah there are times where 249SAW is extremely helpful, but i try to limit the usage to minimum, as .223 ammo is of short supply, and the additional 5mm clips from silting's guards weapons, can be a lifesaver at times. especially in the endgame underground complex. and Yeah SAW249 does more damage per bulled fired, and an additional burst more per turn, however it only spits out 15 bullets per burst, and it can be not enaugh with an unlucky roll at tougher enemies (especially on higher levels)..

    Also I've stumbled on a fun mod on nexusmods that is not present on NMA, one guy made a mod for Fo2 that is able to dismantle most of ingame items into basic compponents gunpowder, metal parts, weapon parts, electronic pats,and medical components, theese can be used to craft other items. Curently this crafting mod is not compatible with anything else but Fo2 campaign, however, someone skilled might turn those scripts into global scripts, and tuning it somehow to be mod friendly, ( itemwork configurations can be edited via plain text files later to adapt it).
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    Oct 9, 2017
    I just made a quick test against the Silting guards. And with the Avenger I scored 30,272 points of damage per burst. I then switched to the M249 SAW and my average was 128,5 points of damage which was enough to one-shot most of the guards. And if it doesn't, 10 AP allow to burst twice, which should make sure to take down one guard every turn.

    This is what I meant with being viable. Normally, burst weapons really struggle in LH, with two exceptions the SAW & AS, those still one-shot enemies with a single burst [from a close distance, i.e. all bullets land].

    I also calculated the damage by taking average damage, then ammo modifier, then armour modifier, plus the special LH difficulty adjustment (on normal difficulty), and number of bursts & AP costs into account. And the Minigun (normal & Avenger) should really struggle to beat the enemies DR. Just as the test above shows; same character uses a Minigun (average of 30 damage), then a SAW (average damage of 128).

    In 1.083 this is going to improve a little as AP ammo will get a push (and then the Miniguns will outperform the SAW if using AP ammo) but in 1.082 the only burst weapons that really work should be the SAW and AS. Anything else gets stopped by the increased DR.

    The only thing that could make a difference are crits which I haven't taken into account. [And a Sniper build works rather well in LH, especially with Better Criticals; i.e. instant death.] However, as burst weapons can't aim, your crit chance should be rather low. During the test I only got one crit with the Avenger (which did an insane 1478 points of damage) but I also died about 15 times before I got there, doing only a meagre 30 points of chipping damage per 40 bullets burst. However, the M249 SAW (10 bullets burst) really started to rock, and I cleaned the first Silting level in under a minute.

    From all I know (calculations & tests) the SAW should outperform the Avenger. Especially, against high end armour (like combat armour) [140 average damage compared to 0] while against low end armour (leather jacket and lower) they are about even. So against the prison guards the Avenger does slightly more damage per burst (also takes 4x times the ammo) [280 average damage compared to 260] but not if calculating damage per AP, then the SAW is better [52 average damage per AP compared to 46,67]. Only if the target wears no armour at all, does the Avenger beat the SAW by a considerable margin [360 compared to 290]. [On numbers: All averages. All on normal difficulty. If you increase to hard difficulty it goes even more in favour of the SAW, to the point that it beats the Avenger on all accounts. [Note: As said, this will change somewhat in 1.083 w/ AP ammo.]]

    Made an error: the values above (against prison guards) are against the prison guard armour (i.e. synthetic fiber armour), but the prison guards actually wear robes (at least stat wise). Must have made this error about 5 times by now (doesn't sound much, but it's 100%).
    However, it doesn't change that much:
    Against robes an Avenger should do an average of (200 damage), while the SAW does (230 damage). If divided by AP it's (33,33) for the Avenger and (46,00) for the SAW.
    However, I actually started to take reload into account [AP+(reload/(clip size/RoF))] so (30,00 damage per AP) for the Avenger and (40,59 damage per AP) for the SAW.

    So if you do find 4 times more 5mm than .223 FMJ the Avenger against prison guards should be OK, but against anything tougher it should be better using the SAW.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    Saw might do higher damage as i said "per bullet" it does significantly less damage as it shoots 4x less bullets than minigun/avenger minigun. Plus ammo modifiers...
    DR on critters won't help much..
    As armor bypassing crits reduce both DR and DT by 80% and engine calculates it improperlyfor a burst. i.e. you just need to score bypassing crit by one bullet and all bullets after that in the same burst count as armor bypassing, now the only thing remained to be done is tweak in sfall that all bullets go straight, and b"urst weapons are king". The only thing stopping folks from using them in LH is ammo count.. :D
    And yes i was talking of the correct sniper build and that is: sniper perk, better criricals, 10lk, fast shot triat and all the actionpoit related perks, that leaves one with not two but three bursts per turn in the end..
    and yeah don't forget damage modifiers 5mmjhp has 2x and .223 only has 1,5x (3/2)
    So 2x40 bullets versus 1,5x10 bullets the final outcome will be higher for minigun unless minigun does 8x less damage than SAW which would be ludicrous
  19. Muttie

    Muttie Still Mildly Glowing

    Oct 9, 2017
    The reason your build is working is because of LK 10 and Sniper.
    Which you cannot get in LH other than through grind (the mod ends about level 15 to 17 so you would need to get another 7 or so through random encounters alone), or using the save editor (which I believe is what you did).

    And it's not even needed. If you would have played the mod normally, this is how it would behave:
    If you land a full burst, with the Avenger or SAW, on a guard wearing robes, you will one-shot them 95% of the time. You do not need a crit to one-shot them. Which means your idea of grinding 7 levels to 24 (and the Sniper perk) is unnecessary. Just burst, it's enough.
    If you would try and use the Avenger on a guard in combat armour (without the Sniper perk), it will go extremely poorly. Because DR does matter a lot in LH (special difficulty adjustment). However, rather than grinding 7 levels to 24 (and the Sniper perk) to make the Avenger crit – you could also just use the SAW instead, much simpler.

    If you want to edit your saves and play with the Sniper perk, that's fine, but you don't need the Sniper perk in LH, nor do you need to crit with the Big Guns to take down critters in LH. Just as described above, and I did test those scenarios properly. Any strategy to get to level 24 to make the Avenger work (via the Sniper perk) is just a waste of time.
  20. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    well yeah.. unfortuneatly SAW o some other new type of gun from silting has a nasty bug when doing some left clicking in inspection mode in the inventory or barter inventory, something glithes.. and new window pops up on top of the previous one and there is no way to shut it down ( sometimes even alt-tab or alt-F4 do not work) and i have to hard restart my pc, or the game crashes to esktop i don't remember correctly now ( that is when i actually played back in april / early may, since later temps caused me to sit on the phone only. Luckily couple of hours ago, there was a slight rain and wind changed direction, and now instead of from south ( from over sahara) wind blows from the north from the polar region, and temp dropped instantaneusly by like 10 degrees at the minimum, building walls are still hot but the air is chilled enaugh for a few minutes of sitting by a PC, though longer periods might be bad since the air is humid and heat condensates pretty quickly..
    as for the editor.. well not quite..
    I explained it a couple of times save editor was used only three times: to bypass Philton Mayor's third quest ( due currently 1.082.2 beeing bugged and unable to finish otherwise)
    Canville processing machine part quest ( same here pulling the correct part from Philton Water Processing plant yealds invisoble item called a workbench so in order to finish the quest i add the nessecary part). Finally Aston's third quest is first activated and later bumped to return for reward since it's not implemented fully in 1.082.2 )

    Levelup process is done via ArtMoney memory editor up to lvl 24 as a means of shortcut from mindlessly stealing from that snitch in prison ( the guy in leather armor) as he doesn't have or has very low LH style steal check, the rest was taken care of by sfall's modderpack and stealcheat.int , and later by DekRus's mod steal&sneak, where the chance to steal is bumped up to 99% with sufficient enaugh skill. and a Hex Edited <playername>.CGD file. with various things set custom.. mainly skills bumped up age bumped up beyond standard game engine age limits, and ocasionally SPECIAL as well... so Save editor is only used in order to bypass mod's quirks/bugs not for gaining power.. and if geared enaugh gaining decent amount of levels is not a big deal, I assume number of patrolmen are tied to player level. Once on a legit atempt, I noticed there were only two patrolmen in encounters, but i usually leave the prison at lvl 24 with all perks taken and there are like six or more patrolmen in most of encounters.. not to mention the frequency of encounters triggered in the game is *huge* to say the least. really awkward sometimes i can pass without a single one and sometimes they multiply like rabbits ( especially in the southern part). I usually am like 37lvl mid through the game starting from lvl 24, and on top of that there's this Golden Valley sherrif glitch where you can get infinite amount of xp.

    So all this can be achived legitly but i just don't bother to do it, it's extremely hard to start with a fast shot and gifted as triats,as the lack of aiming head/eyes in Miner's town is a bad idea.

    Might i give a hint.. Fo2tweaks has a feature that let's the player see where certain usually unhighlighted objects are. it's a pain in the butt to spot avoid all the mines in the prison trials without fo2tweaks, and a cakewalk with it, it just reqires some perception and traps skill. there is no need to disarm the mines, however it is painfully hard to avoid stepping on one without fo2tweaks mine highlight, especially when hidden by the isometric view of the front walls at which one's side is the chest with the required object to pass the trials.

    That is where Quantum Apprentice failed as well in the only publicly available video let's play of the mod, He instead glitched the prison guard and manage to escape if i remember correctly, he caused the guard to vanish, and the surface ones did not attack him.