"Lunchboxes" Appearing in Fallout 76 .esm files

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    Dec 7, 2018

    From Reddit:

    User Despotak has created a list of changes that came in the latest patch from reading the .esm files.

    Lunchbox Activator EDID changed from POST_ATX_LunchBox to

    Is the first noticble change, we knew Lunchboxs were in the game through the datamining but now they absoloutely have the ATX tag attached (ATX being Bethesda Atom Shop profile) meaning these are highly likely to be sold for atoms.

    What do lunchboxs do?

    You can't know for certain however these are findable;


    3rdPOpenLunchbox Animation Event and Animation File removed
    PA3rdPOpenLunchbox Animation Event changed from dyn_Activation to dyn_ActivationLoopCullWeapons
    3rdPOpenLunchboxFemale added
    3rdPOpenLunchboxMale added

    The luncbox will be openable and visable for all to see, so everyone knows you're opening one. The lunchboxes also have a

    "Radius" "POST_ATX_Lunchbox_BuffRadiusGlobal "

    Which is hitting my Call of Duty PTSD where Lootboxes were visible to everyone on the server in an attempt to show off all the good shit people were getting to try and persuade spectators to buy lootboxes. Are we taking pages out of Activisions book Bethesda?

    POST_ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_FortifyXPBonus EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_FortifyXPBonus
    POST_ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_CarryCapacityBonus EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_CarryCapacityBonus
    POST_ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_DMGBonus EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_DMGBonus
    POST_ATX_Lunchbox_Effect_RadResistBonus EDID changed to zzz_RECLAIM_Effect_RadResistBonus

    Were also seeing a list of additional effects including Damage, Carry bonus (Uh ohhhh) and XP Boosts (Fucking uh ohhhhhhhhh).

    > ATX_Entitlement_Category_Store_TEST EDID changed to ATX_Entitlement_Category_Store_Lunchboxes
    ATX_Entitlement_Category_Store_PerkCardPacks full name removed

    The files also point towards PerkCardPacks being removed with ATX attached. So were perk card packs actually supposed to be sold via the Atom Store? Are they just hiding the fact or are they going to put them back sometime around Christmas? I think this confirms why the Perk Card pack felt so lootboxy, it likely wasn't a unique mechanic just one designed to be bought and gambled.

    POST_ATX_Lunchbox_RewardEffect EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_RewardEffect
    Party Favor Apply gains Ability_Spell ATX_Lunchbox_JumpAbility "Balloons!" script
    POST_ATX_Lunchbox_ActivatorEffect EDID changed to zzz_RECLAIM_ActivatorEffect
    Lunchbox Activator and Animation lost it's scripts
    POST_ATX_Lunchbox_JumpApplier EDID changed to zzz_RECLAIM_JumpApplier

    EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_BalloonJumpApplier
    lost it's scripts
    Hide in UI, Painless, No Death Dispell flags added
    ATX_Lunchbox_JumpAbility "Balloons!" set as Equip Ability

    ATX_Lunchbox_SugarRush_Message added
    ATX_Lunchbox_PlasticAnimals_Message added
    ATX_Lunchbox_Noisemaker_Message added
    ATX_Lunchbox_GiftBag_Message added
    ATX_Lunchbox_Fingertrap_Message added
    zzz_RECLAIM_Balloons_Message added
    ATX_Lunchbox_Antacids_Message added
    ATX_Lunchbox_Balloons_Message added
    ATX_Lunchbox_Confetti_Message added
    ATX_Lunchbox_SoMuchCake_Message added
    ATX_Lunchbox_ToGoPunch_Message added
    AbSpotlightTextDummyWeek008 deleted

    EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_FortifyJumpHeight
    AbilityTypeMutation, AbilityTypeMutation_PositiveEffect added

    POST_ATX_Lunchbox_VFXEffect EDID changed to zzz_RECLAIM_VFXEffect

    EDID changed to zzz_RECLAIM_AddConfettiPerk
    POST_ATX_Lunchbox_Confetti01 "Confetti Perk" was removed from Perk to Aply


    EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_PerkConfettiApply
    script Economy:LunchboxPerkFanfareScript added

    POST_ATX_Lunchbox_PerkConfettiEffect EDID changed to ATX_Lunchbox_PerkConfettiEffect

    Ontop of that theres one hell of a lot of code detailing Lunchbox opeing effects, JumpApplier (Jumping in the air?), Balloons, confetti, all the natural triggers that got people opening lunchboxes in Fallout Shelter.

    Any opinions?

    End post

    Sounds like Microtransactions to me. They are just revamping the lunch box system from fallout shelter to make a quick buck.
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    Apr 4, 2016
    Hmm, does 76 save your inventory locally just like shelter does?
  3. Highplainsdrifter

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    Dec 7, 2018
    I wouldn't be surprised if it does.