Navigation and line of sight to ground

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    Apr 30, 2019

    This one is a bit hopeful, but I thought I'd ask anyway since theres a couple people in here with tremendous depth of knowledge about modding the game.

    Is it possible to get into the game engine to modify the navigation and line of sight checks?

    For line of sight, I'd like to add a parameter to check if the ground you are targeting is in line of sight for a standing character. What I'd like to fix here is the ability to huck grenades through walls into sealed buildings.

    For navigation, I'd like to substantially increase the iteration limit of the pathfinding procedure, similar to what was done in the Fallout 2 community patch, so that the game can plot a path past more than one corner (I suspect something to the order of 50 fold would let it navigate past at least 3 corners without causing too much of an issue, provided it is not already iterating close to the 32 bit integer limit).
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