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  1. Sublime

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    Jun 5, 2018
    You know, in the last few days I decided to pick up New Vegas for another run, this time with an energy-weapons only character (on very hard though) and it's rather impossible 'til the middle game: ammo are rare just like parts. And while it's true that are meant to be rarer they don't really give you any advantage over regular ranges weapons: even in the late game there are equivalents that are just as strong in the firearms category, despite the shortcomings of Energy weapons in the first phase of the game.
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    Feb 4, 2016
    You can get Basic laser pistol in Doc Mitchell house. Laser rifle in Nipton. If You want Infinite ammo just give Caesar Legion 100 ncr dogtags.

    You sell guns and ammo for regular guns. And if You sneak past black mountain You can get a plasma rifle and a combat armour in first hour of the game.

    Basically, get good. New Vegas is easy all things considered.

    Also ysc Gauss rifle is one of the most powerful sniping weapons in game.
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    Jun 5, 2018
    Yeah I really needed a get good.

    Laser pistol Is jackshit when compared to the rifles that you can more easily acquire at game start.

    The laser in Nipton in bad conditions and there aren't many others to repair It with

    Yeah, what if I didn't want to side with the Legion?

    Not sure you can pull that easily without sneak. And even if you could, from a gameplay design prospective you're still not meant to do It in at game start

    Yeah, but what about the anti-matter rifle?
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    Apr 29, 2017
    Do you have all DLCs?

    GRA gives access to many high-quality energy weapons from the start of the game.

    At level 6 you can get the Vigilant Recycler perk, which will alleviate a lot of ammo issues. Otherwise, the conversion of fission batteries is a great way of getting more ammo. Also the surplus Energy Cells will work alright in the beginning. Just buy whatever ammo you can get early game. You'll manage. By the time you get to New Vegas you'll have access to so many vendors you'll never be lacking.

    On the effectiveness of energy weapons; I find they are a lot more accurate at medium ranges than regular fire arms (especially lasers), have high ammo capacity and a fast rate of fire. I use them a lot myself in the JE Sawyer mod and I see nothing to complain about, to be honest.
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    Jun 5, 2018
    I'm playing a no-DLC run, so a lot of these are out of the table. Besides, you have to think about the design in the vanilla game.

    Of course I'm buying all the ammo I can find, but I would be lying if I said it sufficed. Even Jeckos take several shots before going down, not considering human enemies. Now, I agree that I can manage, but I still have to resort to regular firearms to compensate.

    I agree on ammo capacity, not so sure about differences in accuracy though. However, what I wanted to say isn't that they're overall bad weapons, just that initial disadvantages aren't compensated later on.