No Mutant's Sky Season 4

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    Oct 13, 2010
    No Mutant's Sky
    Season Three
    Episode Four
    NOW eissa gets fucked

    Many Months Later...

    Millim hadn't been banned, instead Hass had just decided to post a reply on some thread (maybe one which got out of hand).
    Because of this, Millim had the power to post more often with the possibility of being an Olderite, but alas that wasn't to come as he hadn't posted in a while.
    And with that, the rain poured over the Community as Millim knew what he had to do.

    He run across the small Town to a Small Hutt with flowers and a bright yellow painted wooden door. He knocked and waited for an answer.
    eissa answered the door to see a soaking wet Millim standing.
    "Oh my... you're wet" eissa cried.
    "I'll make you wet in a minute" Millim winked.
    The door slammed in his face.
    A few second later Millim received a message with a sad face and a crying "no".
    He replied with a "I'm sorry, I'll change the name of this episode.


    No Mutant's Sky
    Season Three
    Episode Four
    The Grand Finale

    eissa liked the name much better.
    At that very moment, Todd Howard came running into the Town.
    Hass went out with TorontRayne to see what he wanted.
    "What do you want?" Hass asked, pointing his massive golden shotgun at Todd's head.
    "They are coming!" Todd cried as he fell.
    Hass and TorontRayne shrugged and fucked on top of Todd Howard's soaked body.
    Their bodies melted into one another as the rain washed away their sins.
    Their dicks touched, but it wasn't gay for Hass had said "no homo" before they made the transaction of power.
    So Millim had decided that the name needed to be changed again.

    No Mutant's Sky
    Season Three
    Episode Four
    The Big Climax

    Happy with this change, Millim walked off in the direction of the rainbow.

    Meanwhile, Hass was making TorontRayne his bitch as he made his slave call him "Führer".
    "Say it" Hass aggressively spat as his massive dick was deep inside TorontRayne.
    "F... Fu... Führer" TorontRayne moaned like a girl in a BDSM kink porno.
    At that moment, a sword went through Hass's chest as he came, leaving TorontRayne in a puddle of rain, cum and blood.
    Hass fell to the floor dead.
    Millim stood over his lifeless corpse, he had just remembered his mission.
    "I'm your Führer now" he smiled... looking at TorontRayne.

    The End!
    (Or is it?)

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  2. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    And we're back, the worst FanFic to ever be created is finally back after a two year hiatus. Hope you don't die before this Season Ends.

    No Mutant’s Sky
    Season Four
    Episode One
    Return of the Gay

    Hass looked at the graves of those who have left us. It had been two years since the end of No Mutant’s Sky and he was glad to have finally gotten rid of it. His unfinished dramatic reading had stayed in the hearts of those who had remained.
    In a nearby Cave, Millim crawled out, his bushy beard covered his feet.
    “Stay back!” Hass ordered, pointing a finger at Millim.
    “But Hass… the Show must go on” Millim cried.
    A bolt of lightning dotted out of Hass’ finger and struck Millim on the forehead, knocking him back into the Cave.
    Hass turned back to the Graves and sung a song of ice and fire.

    “Hey Hass” called a familiar voice.
    Has quickly turned round to see a clean shaven Millim in a freshly pressed suit.
    “I just killed you” Hass whined.
    “No you didn’t. By the way, I’m now a member of the Order” Millim smiled, as this much was true, very true indeed. He was now tramp stamped with the pink banner of gay.
    “But this means Season Four of your shitty fanfic” Hass shouted, raising his finger.
    “But Hass, this has always been Season Four, we’re just characters on word and now the gay sex will begin” Millim said as he clapped.
    R.Graves appeared, he was naked.
    “Yes master?” R.Graves asked.
    “You are now to be butt fucked by Hass” Millim ordered.
    “I’m actually okay with, your character development is unmeasurable, I’m more impressed with every season how sudden the U-turns are and how they help achieve enlightenment” Hass said as he pulled his 11 inch cock and inserted it into R.Graves’ tight hairless asshole.
    Thanks for the kind words Hass.


    The World was overrun by the Virus of Death, also known as Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, also known as the Virus that brought this FanFic back to life.
    TorontoReign re-entered the Town of NMA after saying he was leaving.
    He looked around the Ghost Town, in the place that once was.
    Memories of long ago came back to him, from the fight with Trump and Todd Howard to that time Rebel from that Fallout porno got married to R.Graves and fucked everyone else in Town.
    Those were the days.
    TorontoReign started to cry.

    Then he whipped his cock out and started to masturbate.

    And Now…
    Hass had finished in R.Graves’ tight hairless asshole.
    “Well that was fun, I’m glad this FanFic is back” Hass smiled.
    “Yeah, it’s really good how you came back and the first thing you did was look at a bunch of graves and then fuck our Graves. I thought it was very clever how the writer did that. Good work Millim” R.Graves smiled.
    Millim smiled.
    Everything was back to normal.

    Then R.Graves started coughing and died...

    Next: Attack of The Covid-19 virus outbreak in the Town of NMA

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    Apr 1, 2005

    Classic furious masturbation action.
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    Apr 21, 2016
    I've died like three times in this bullshit
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    Oct 13, 2010
    You're the key to all of this
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    Man, the memories of reading the first episode and thinking "What the fuck?".