NPC doing no damage?


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I'm not sure where else to post this, since it deals specifically with a mod I figure I could start here...

I'm using the latest RP (without Glovz ammo fix), Weapons Redone, and economy balance (without the weapon changes, or at least I think I have overwritten them with weapons redone). For some reason Cat Jules deals 0-5 damage with all attacks (from unarmed to bozar, near miss to critical), and I'm assuming it something to do with a mod conflict? Has anyone experienced this before?

Thanks for any help.
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My fix is not compatible with the Weapons Redone mod. The ammo values within the Weapons Redone mod are tuned for the original damage formula. This is most likely the cause of your issues.
I did a reinstall, and opted out of your mod (no offense, I've just been using WR and have my own tweaked files). It fixed the issue, though I was sure when I installed originally I didn't double the ammo fix and weapons redone.

Thank you!