Stealth and Silent Running: Ranged or Melee, Critical Builds only?

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    Oct 12, 2016
    I have been making many changes to my notes on specific build ideas for this game. I have made a list of all the important high-priority perks for each, as well as perks to take if they focus on VATS or not, and other optional perks to take when they have everything they need.

    But there is one perk that I am stumped on: Silent Running. Now I know that this perk is more important for characters that focus on Hand To Hand combat because they need to get closer to their enemies. All of my builds using either melee or ranged combat have the option to wear Light Armor if they choose, Tunnel Runner and Travel Light are taken together with Light Touch if light armor is the focus. Together with an installed implant from Old World Blues that further increases sneak speed, Travel Light and Tunnel Runner combine to result in the fastest sneak speed possible.

    So far, Silent Running is on the perk list for all of my Melee and Unarmed builds, but not on the ranged builds. Is it good for ranged builds as well? Should I take it if I do not focus on critical hits, such as if I take Heavy Handed or wear Power Armor? If not, should my Light Armor builds even take Tunnel Running?