The Emperor demands...


Ahoy, ye salty dogs!
... that all loyal subjects go to Steam effective imediately, and get the awesome Dawn of War franchise pack: ALL things DoW (core games, expansions, dlcs, etc etc) for less than 10 dolla, it's almost heresy!

But the true heresy it to do no get it... go, buy it and come to me, so that I may crush you in-game with my inquisitorial boot! :twisted:
sucks i already own them :D

i much prefer the first DOW, and before the final expansion soulstorm where they nerfed the hell out of the space marines.
Reinstalled DoW II: Retribution to get some Krieg on.
Still prefer the older one pre-Soulstorm which nerfed basically the game but it's easier to find peeps playing Retri.
Have them all too. Love the older games, even if the gameplay is incredibly chaotic. DoWII is nice too, especially since you can actually play multiplayer. That said, Retribution is worth it for the Ork campaign alone.

There's also Company of Heroes on sale. 12$ for such an amazing RTS, it's basically stealing. Gear up in time for the sequel I say.

Also, while we're into Steam sales, Of Orcs and Men looks interesting. Anyone played it?
I like DoW2 Retribution the most. In fact, everything that gives me more imperial army campaigns and stuff is great.
For someone like myself, who only played the first series on occasion, and who hasn't touched the second series, what is the consensus on DOW2?
If you want to give it a chance get Retribution, it actually has a pretty neat story and the factions are played out very well. DoW II and Chaos Rising were slightly hamstrung by spess mehreens being a bit boring and Blood Ravens being even more boring. The larger amount of factions to play as make it interesting to play and it's fairly balanced... well more balanced than Soulstorm which isn't hard.

Mechanics wise it takes some getting used to, your HQ produces all your units so you are mostly climbing a tech tree and dabbling with individual unit upgrades rather than building bases, Guard being a slight exception as they can airdrop bunkers, badass turrets and mine fields up the wazzo.

Smaller unit caps also encourages more use of cover and tactics rather than blob rushing like in the first one. Vehicles also tend to be used as mobile fire points due to the rather severe cap but are still effective if used correctly.
Upside of this is that it's less chaotic in fights, hero units have more to do and have many different ways to play them and games usually are quicker.
Yeah, the battles are less epic, but also much less of an incomprehensible clusterfuck, and none of that ''reinforce anywhere, anytime'' nonsense. Super units also don't automatically trump everything else down the tech tree; even heavy tanks can get turned to scrap very fast if you let heavy melee units get close.

It's also reasonably balanced (a claim DOW1 could never, ever make) except for some match-ups (Chaos just nukes Imperial Guard, for example). The campaigns are nice, really, yeah the spess mehreens are boring save for Thule, but the gameplay is sweet and you have a lot of options, and as I said Retribution is worth it for the Ork campaign alone.
I bought the Dawn of War franchise (i.e. all of them) in a Steam sale a year or so ago. I played +/- 10 minutes of the campaign of the first game before I uninstalled everything again.

IIRC, I got massively irritated by the 'hero' of the campaign, some bone-headed marine that kept on spouting nonsense on the glory of his emperor or something. Massively annoying.
You judged a book by its cover? 10 minutes? You have failed. Badly.

Gabriel Angelos may be pious and all, but he is badass, go past the 1st mission and you'll get increasingly better scenes, dialogues and his battle journals, which are ACE.

Check just the the first 03 minutes of this video and tell me what you think:
Lexx said:
I like DoW2 Retribution the most. In fact, everything that gives me more imperial army campaigns and stuff is great.

I love the IG but not so much in DW2..:|

And speaking of soulstorm. It's not bad except that the IG units seems to be dumber and get lost/clump up a lot more than before. And i do love the sisters of battle! But besides that it's not that great.
Mjolnir said:
Dawn of War II has the best rts multiplayer ever. Pure tactics, no bullshit.

Havent tried multiplayer yet in DW2 but DW1 actually lasted longer than my old CC games and even SC1-2. I was not expecting to love it so much when i first started :O
I want the Tau Empire back for DoW II - and the Tau Commander in Last Stand doesn't count. :smug:
What I've played of DOW2 I loved. I'm not great at RTS's so when they switched to a more tatictal RPG/RTS combo, it was easier for me to pick up. But the original DOW is one of the better RTSs I've played, it's easier than Starcraft but I still can't wrap my head a round what I need to do half the time to spawn this or that.
I love all the DoW games, from the original 4 all the way to Retribution. Still pissed that my computer can't run anything from DoW2 to Retribution though. God their such fucking awesome games.

RAM for the RAM god! Graphics for the graphics throne!... Fucking old computer. :evil: