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    Jun 14, 2014
    There is headcanon on the Nukapedia for sure, I even posted one example of it here before. So I'm sorry but I can't accept that when I have stumbled upon plenty of headcanon stuff over the years there.

    About the Unity page, it's a work in progress to make it to the standards of the Independent Fallout wiki. It says so on the top of that same page, the content is commented out so they can rewrite it, properly source it and move all content that is only mentioned in the Fallout Bible into its own section or something like that.

    I can give examples using numbers too:
    The Independent Fallout Wiki (IFW) page about "Dog and God" has 41 referenced sources while Nukapedia's "Dog and God" page has 14 referenced sources.

    Here are More examples:
    • The Rex page on the IFW has 13 referenced sources, and the Nukapedia's has 4 referenced sources.
    • The IFW page for Lady Jane has 7 referenced sources and the Nukapedia's has 0.
    • Big Beard's IFW page has 4 referenced sources while Nukapedia's has 0.
    • Silver's Rush Crier IFW has 2 referenced sources while Nukapedia's has 0.
    • Max (FNV) IFW page has 8 referenced sources and the Nukapedia's has 3.
    • Jacob Hoff IFW page has 9 referenced sources and the Nukapedia's page has 4.
    • Santiago's IFW page has 9 referenced sources while the Nukapedia's has 0....
    Should I continue? Because there's more I can mention.

    It takes time and effort to write something while properly sourcing it, which is something the Nukapedia tends to skip in a lot of places and sometimes goes paragraphs without a single source.
    I wonder how the IFW's Unity page will be like once it's worked on.

    Like I said before, I'm a Fallout fan and a user of wiki's, I am spoiled and will always prefer things properly sourced so I can check their veracity. If things are not sourced, that's a big red flag for me.
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    Mate, the character pages from the IFW I posted are from Fallout New Vegas, that link you posted only covers Fallout 3 characters. They have nothing to do with what the IFW pages I posted at all.

    Also, it seems disingenuous that you accuse the IFW of butchering the Unity page while they publicly state they still have to work on it and then try to save face by posting that Nukapedia still has to work on the Fallout 3 character pages.

    The IFW is 1 year old, the Nukapedia was started in 2005 (as a MediaWiki), merged with The Vault in 2020 (so it contains information from two different fallout wikias), Fallout 3 was released in 2008 and you're telling me that after 15 years the Nukapedia still hasn't gotten to the Fallout 3 character pages? While the IFW in one year already rewrote, expanded and improved the sources of many pages by a lot compared to the Nukapedia? See how that only makes the Nukapedia look worse than the IFW?

    You're telling me to reserve judgment about Nukapedia because they plan on improving their Fallout 3 character pages, which they had 15 long years to do but only decided to do it one month after a new Fallout wiki became public? Do you think this will improve my opinion of Nukapedia? It made me even more suspicious of them now. Now I think they were lazy and didn't do the work that IFW is doing because they had the monopoly, but now they do have to put the work on it because they have competition. This matches perfectly with what I said about monopoly being bad and competition being good for the users.
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    Explain then why they haven't worked on the Unity page in a year. If Nukapedia had time to work on its pages, so does the Independent Wiki. There are also pages on the Independent Wiki which had important information like names removed due to the fact they don't have a 100% connection to their in-game counterpart.
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    Mar 2, 2013
    As a longstanding member and retired admin of the wikis (both Nukapedia and The Vault), I will definitely be staying away from the independent wiki.

    In theory, I absolutely love the idea of independently run wikis, as one of the main reasons my activity died off, is because I'm so very tired of our corporate overlords.

    But I cannot support this project in any way because of their management.

    Their leader, Kate Darrow, sexually manipulated multiple members into her inner circle of simp followers, and anyone that stood in her way, she fabricated outlandish claims against in order to have them permanently banned.

    How do I know this? Because I was one of those people. It took me over a year to clear my name and prove my innocence, and this was only made possible once she was globally banned off of the Fandom platform.

    This whole LGBTQ stance she's currently running is nothing but a manipulation tactic. One of the things that finally started turning people against her is when it was discovered that she was purging Nukapedia of any and all content related to LGBTQ content. This isn't disputable - there is an entire ongoing project that was started to clean up her mass vandalism, and her LGBTQ removals have been heavily documented.

    What she's doing now is nothing but a PR campaign to make herself look better, and her virtue signaling is disturbingly effective unfortunately.

    I'm not going to get into the content vs content discussion. While it's true that the independent wiki is gutting hundreds of their articles and then locking them to further edits, it's also true that Nukapedia has its issues as well.

    All I will say is that if you go to the independent wiki, to keep under the radar. Kate Darrow and her inner circle of boyfriends and ex-boyfriends, are more dangerous than they seem. Piss them off and they will run a smear campaign against you, whether it's accusing you of sexual harassment, pedophilia, woman abuse, or something new they decide to concoct up.
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    So is she hot?
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    I'll let you be the judge:

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    Eh, 5/10.
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    The time she had a nearly NSFW profile picture in the server she ran, which has/had Minors in it.
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    Jan 23, 2022
    6 with a bag over her head
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    There are wikis that integrate with XenForo. Can't we just have our own wiki here on NMA where members can add stuff. Then we don't need those other idiots in the global Fallout fan community.
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    If she flaunted herself in front of miners, I can dig that.
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    So is it normal to post private pictures of someone without thier permission? Seems like a pretty despicable thing to do.
    I've seen the logs of the conversations and have access to the conversations within discord and leon is not nearly as innocent as he claims to be.
    The mass vandalism that leon is talking about is also bullshit. When fandom invited a bunch of people who weren't a part of the independent wiki to a roundtable to discuss what happened, it was an almost unanimous voice that it was not vandalism. That story is just what keeps being used to try to rile people up.
    Leon can vouch for the fact that I have NEVER run any sort of smear campaign against anyone and have even actively pushed back against anything of the sort happening, including against him.
    The LGBTQ stance isn't a manipulation tactic. Multiple people who are on the independant wiki, including a good portion of the staff, and me, are part of the LGBTQ.
    Leon can have his issues with kate, I don't really care about that, but personal issues shouldn't be aired in this manner. I'm tired of the hate and all the stupid fighting back and forth that some people seem to think still needs to go on and shouldn't have to do anything like this. Be an adult and move on. It's a god damn wiki.
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    You should have gone a step further and said it was a reference to Uncle Leo from "Seinfeld".
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    “What kind of an idiot throws away a perfectly good vertibird blade?”
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    I know that Uncle Leo could not be a blood relative as mutants are important. Lily could get confused and think the player was her grandson.
    So the only viable way is to ask Lily when she is a bit more lucid.
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    Seeing what they say about NMA on Twitter and Reddit, I'd assume they don't particularly like us;)
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    Never heard of this Wiki, and thought, "Hey, Bethesdatards have wrecked the fandom one, so I'll check this one out." and immediately see the "Pride" crap all over the top of the page. No thanks. Women ruin everything.
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    what does women have to do with anything